Airtel Call Rate Offer In 2024

Airtel Call Rate Offer
Airtel Call Rate Offer

The Airtel Call Rate Offer is one of the best offers for Airtel users. Nowadays, you can enjoy the lowest service by availing of the Airtel Call Rate Offer.

For instance, you can enjoy 48 Paisa Min and 1 Paisa / Second. You can enjoy these offers by recharging. Moreover, you can enjoy the call rate for calling any local number.

Airtel Call Rate Offer

Airtel provides a 1p/Sec or 48p/Min call rate offer for its customers. Airtel is offering so many special 1 Paisa per second call rate offers. That is to say, you can enjoy unlimited talk time, which will cost only 60 paisa or 48 paisa per minute.

Likewise, the 1 Paisa per second is available at 16, 26, 39, 84, and 99 Taka Recharge. Besides, all these offers come with both short and long validity. Moreover, you can avail of them multiple times.

Airtel All Call Rate Offer Packages

Now, let’s go to the main point of the discussion. We have collected all the call rate offers from Airtel’s official website and presented them here. So, choose the best pack for you and take action.

Call Rate Recharge Validity
1 p/sec 16 TK 3 Days
1 p/sec 26 TK 5 Days
1 p/sec 39 TK 7 Days
1 p/sec 84TK 30 Days
1 p/sec 99 TK 60 Days
48 p/min 24 TK 3 Days
48 p/min 42 TK 15 Days
48 p/min 94 TK 30 Days
48 p/min 133 TK 60 Days

Final Words

Thus, it is all about the Airtel Call Rate Offer. So, it would be best to avail yourself of the Airtel Call Rate Offers to enjoy the cheap call rate. But, first of all, you must know the offers’ details and validity.

You can easily avail them by recharging the exact amount. We have included all the offer’s details, prices, and validity. Otherwise, if you have any queries or issues about the Airtel Call Rate Offer Service, dial 121 and take services.

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