Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2024

Airtel Emergency Balance Code
Airtel Emergency Balance Code

You will be glad to know that, like the other operators, Airtel offers their customers an emergency balance. It also provides Airtel emergency balance code to take an emergency loan, and you can get your emergency balance by dialing *141#.

If your balance runs out during any important conversation, you can dial for an emergency balance code and take an emergency balance.

You can choose the amount for the emergency balance; for this, you must dial a different emergency balance code. In this post, you will learn about the Airtel emergency balance code.

Check Airtel Emergency Balance

Like every mobile company, Airtel companies have created an opportunity for customers to take emergency balance through an emergency balance code.

Any Airtel customer can take an emergency balance from a minimum of Tk 10 to a maximum of Tk 200. However, how much money you get to pay will depend on its usage.

The Airtel emergency balance code is *141#.

How to be Capable of Airtel Emergency Loan

Not everyone can take an Airtel emergency balance loan by dialing Airtel Emergency Balance Code if they want to. You must be a regular user to take an Airtel emergency balance loan.

That means you have an Airtel SIM but do not use the sim much; then, You cannot take emergency balance with such a SIM. You have to use the sim regularly.

To make your SIM eligible for Airtel Emergency Balance Loan, you have to use that SIM for 3 consecutive months. And the amount of recharge for the last three months should also be kept consistent.

In fact, through this process, Airtel wants to ensure that your SIM is a regular SIM. Once your SIM is eligible for Airtel Emergency Balance Loan, you can easily take the balance by dialing the Airtel emergency balance code.

First, you will be given a loan of Tk 12, and later the loan amount will be increased by about Tk 200 according to your transaction type.

Airtel Emergency Service Fee

However, some operators in Bangladesh do not charge any service fee on Airtel emergency balance. However, Airtel still accepts a certain amount of money as service fees from its customers based on the emergency balance amount.

Let’s look at the emergency balance service from Airtel. Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Amount of loan Service Charge The total amount of money
12 tk 2.67 tk 14.67 tk
15 tk 2.67 tk 17.67tk
22 tk 2.67 tk 24.67 tk
25 tk 2.67 tk 27.67 tk
32 tk 2.67 tk 34.67 tk
50 tk 2.67 tk 52.67 tk
100 tk 2.67 tk 102.67 tk

The above table shows that no matter how much money you take in emergency balance, the service fee will always be the same. You must pay by adding Rs 2.67 to the amount you have accepted.

However, Airtel can change the above loan amount and service fee. Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Like other operators, Airtel also offers an Airtel emergency balance code. And by dialing the codes from your mobile, you can take an emergency balance loan, emergency minute loan, or emergency internet balance.

At present, all the services related to the emergency balance of Airtel SIM can be availed through this Airtel emergency balance code. You can take Airtel Emergency Balance, Emergency Minutes, and Emergency Internet Package by dialing this Airtel emergency balance code *141# on your Airtel SIM.

Dialing the Airtel emergency balance code *141#  will take you to the main menu of Airtel Emergency Balance. If you select option 3, ‘account’ from the main menu of Airtel Emergency Balance, you will see the amount of your current emergency balance.

Airtel also provides a code to check emergency balance that is *778# or *1#. By dialing this code, you can see how much emergency balance you have left to use.

How to Get Airtel Emergency Balance?

Following the steps, you can take Airtel emergency balance by dialing Airtel Emergency Balance Code.

#Step 1: go to your mobile’s dial pad and dial *141#.

#Step 2: Now, you can see a menu. Select the package of your choice from here. Click on the ‘More delete option to take the minute pack and select the minute pack.

Of course, airtel’s emergency loan amount is fixed, and you must pay it along with a service charge through subsequent recharge. If you haven’t paid off the previous loan, you won’t get a loan later.

The option of the Airtel emergency balance comes at first of the menu, select 1 and click next to get the emergency balance.

Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Airtel customers can take the emergency balance from Airtel Emergency Balance Code by dialing Airtel Emergency Balance Code and dial those codes to avail of emergency services.

  • To get Airtel credit, dial *141*1#
  • To check Airtel emergency balance, dial *778#.
  • To get Airtel’s emergency internet, dial *874#
  • To check Airtel Emergency Internet, dial 8444*88# or 3 #.

Airtel Emergency Balance My Number Offer

Airtel users can get tax account talk time and web crisis balance. You can dial your own to get it.

To get the balance in advance, dial *141*10#, or for the operator, dial 20141.

Airtel Emergency Balance Loan Offer

Airtel offers loans as emergencies on their ground. Below are the long-term offers that customers can easily accept.

Amount of loan Service Fee Total Amount
12 tk 2.44 tk 14.44 tk
15tk 2.44 tk 17.44 tk
22 tk 2.44 tk 24.44 tk
25tk 2.44 tk 27.44 tk
32 tk 2.44 tk  34.44 tk


Finally, Airtel Emergency Balance is a very important service. However, Airtel charges a little more than the actual loan. But you can use it if you need to by dialing the Airtel Emergency Balance code.

In this post, we have tried to discuss all the issues related to the Airtel Emergency Balance code and hope you have answers to all the questions related to Airtel Emergency Balance. But if you have anything to know, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading this post! Stay tuned with BDsheba.