Airtel Recharge Internet Offer 2024

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer
Airtel Recharge Internet Offer

Airtel presents its latest internet packages for 2G/3G/4G users. Enjoy excellent Airtel internet packages for prepaid users.

Recharge your Airtel number with the mentioned price list to avail yourself of exciting internet offers for 2023, including 7GB, 10GB, 20GB, and 30 GB internet offer.

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer 2024

Airtel’s extensive network coverage across Bangladesh delivers lightning-fast speeds in urban areas. With widespread popularity in every city, Airtel offers a range of enticing internet packages available to all customers.

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer List

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer List below features an array of enticing deals and packages to keep you connected with your world.

Take the perfect internet offer that suits you and enjoy uninterrupted browsing with Airtel. Check out the list now and choose your preferred offer.

Data Recharge BDT Activation Code Validity
1GB 22 *123*022#
3 days
1.5 GB 38 *123*038# 3 days
1.5GB 89 *123*089# 7 Days
2GB 44 *123*044# 3 days
2GB 59 123*059# 5 days
3GB 54 *123*054# 3 days
5GB 159 *123*159# 10 days
10GB 101 *123*101# 5 days
10GB 149 *123*0199# 7 days
10GB 399 *123*052# 28 days
20GB 599 *123*053# 28 days
30GB 998 *123*998# 30 days
7GB 179 *123*179# 10 days

Airtel 1GB 22 Tk

Airtel introduces an exclusive and budget-friendly internet offer for its 4G network. For just 22 Tk, you can enjoy 1GB of high-speed data. This incredible deal is available to all 4G SIM users. To activate the offer, dial *123*022# or recharge 22 TK and enjoy the benefits with a validity of 3 days.

2GB 44 Tk Airtel Offer

Airtel brings you the ultimate 2GB internet offer at an unbeatable price of just 44 Tk. This exclusive deal will become the most sought-after choice for all customers.

With Airtel’s 2GB internet offer, you can enjoy seamless browsing and downloading experiences. Enjoy the offer by dialing *123*044# or recharge 44 TK on your phone. The data pack is valid for 3 days.

Airtel 5GB 129 Tk Offer

Airtel is providing an incredible 5GB internet package for only 129 Tk. With just 129 TK, you can enjoy 5GB of super-fast internet.

To avail of this offer, dial *123*129# or recharge 129 Tk. The offer comes with a generous validity period of 7 days, ensuring you have enough time to make the most of your data.

59 Tk for 2 GB Internet

Airtel has an exciting deal just for those seeking daily offers. Recharge your account with only 59 Tk and enjoy 2GB of internet.

This offer provides affordability and ample data for your everyday needs. To avail of this offer, dial *123*059# and start enjoying browsing with a validity of 5 days.

7GB Internet Offer 498 Tk

Are you looking for a popular monthly package with abundant data? Airtel brings you the highly sought-after offer of 7GB internet for just 498 Tk. Airtel customers widely prefer this package due to its excellent value.

Activate this offer by dialing *123*498# or recharge 498 TK on your phone. With a validity period of 30 days, you have ample time to make the most out of your data allowance.

30 GB Internet Package for 998 Tk

Airtel presents an exclusive offer tailored to meet your needs. Get ready to experience uninterrupted browsing and seamless online transactions with the 30GB internet package for just 998 Tk.

Designed with heavy internet users in mind, this offer provides you with comprehensive data to stay connected and conduct business effortlessly.

Dial *123*998# and unlock a month-long journey of high-speed internet access with a validity period of 28 days.

Last  Words

Airtel brings a diverse range of attractive internet packages for Airtel users. Airtel ensures uninterrupted browsing on 2G, 3G, or 4G.

Recharge specific money on your Airtel number to enjoy swift and dependable internet access.

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