How To Apply For Recovery Of Lost Or Stolen NID Card

Apply For Recovery Of Lost Or Stolen NID Card

Do want to Apply For Recovery Of Lost Or Stolen NID? The process is much easier than you thought. A National Identity card or smart card is a very important document for Bangladeshis. But many times, due to our negligence, it gets lost or ruined. Nowadays, we cannot do government or private work without a national identity card or smart card.

Only those who have lost their National Identity Card or Smart Card know how much we would suffer without Smart Card or National Identity Card. However, the national identity card or smart card is no longer a golden deer.

If our national identity card or smart card is lost or stolen, we can quickly get it back by following some steps. We can apply for the re-issuance of a National Identity Card or Smart Card in two ways. Let’s find out the ways.

Offline Application For Lost Or Stolen NID Card

Offline Application is the fastest way to get a Lost or Stolen NID Card. Here is how:

Getting your NID from the Election Commission office is the fastest way if you lose your NID. If you want to get your thoughtful card back very quickly, then you need to collect your smart card from the Election Commission Office, Agargaon, Dhaka, in person by following a few steps. the steps are given below.

Step:1 – Make a GD (General Diary)

First, if you have lost your NID or smart card, you must file a GD at the police station where your NID has been lost or stolen. If your National Identity Card or Smart Card is lost, a GD copy is required and in this case, you must make a GD at the police station where your Smart card is lost or stolen.

Step:2 – GD Submission To Election Commission Office

After getting the copy of the GD, you have to go to the NID section of the Election Commission office in Agargaon, Dhaka. The exact location is the Ground floor of the Islamic Foundation, Agargaon, Dhaka. Once you are there, you have to collect a National Identity Card or a Smart Card reissue Form from the NID Section of the Election Commission Office; it’s free.

Step:3 – Pay 368 Taka To Reissue NID

Now you have to pay 368 Taka to the government for re-issuing a National Identity Card or Smart Card. One of the issues here is that if you want to pay for reissuing a smart card, You have to know your smart card number.

If you don’t know your smart card number, then you can find out your smart card number at the Election Commission office. After making the payment you will get a tax or transaction number, Mention the transaction number in the form.

Step:4 – Attach Required Documents

Now attach the required documents like-

  1. GD Copy.
  2. Smart Card Number.
  3. Transaction Number.
  4. And if you have received any application or other document from the Election Commission office.
  5. Attach your birth certificate.

Your form and then submit it along with the documents to the Election Commission office before 12 PM.

Step:5 – Get Your NID Card

After submitting your form with the required documents to the Election Commission office within 12 PM, Your smart card or NID card will be delivered to you within one to two hours or a maximum of one to three days.

Online Application For Lost Or Stolen NID Card

If you want to recover lost, stolen, or damaged NID online through reissue. First, you must register using your NID’s information on the election office’s website, then apply for reissue by paying the prescribed fee. Let’s see how we can do all the work step by step.

Online Registration For New NID

To register online, you must first Go to the Bangladesh NID Application’s Website. After entering the website, fill in your NID number, date of birth, and capture code,e and click on the submit button. Then select your current and permanent address and click the Next button.

Then click the Send Message button with a mobile number. Immediately a code will come to your mobile and click on the validate button. You will then be asked to set a password. You can set the password if you wish or avoid it. Now the registration is complete with all the information you need.

If your NID card is lost or stolen or damaged then you need to apply for reissue by depositing the required fee online. If it is lost, you first have to go to the police station and do GD, then apply for an online reissue with your GD copy.

In case of loss and theft, GD has to be done at the police station and GD information has to be given online. And if you give the other two, you don’t have to do GD, but you have to upload a copy of your NID card.

To apply online, register in the system shown above, log in to your NID, and see there is a resume button; click on it. Then you have to fill in some information. First reprint because you have to select why you want to apply for reissue.

There are usually 4 options; such as:

  1. Lost.
  2. Stolen.
  3. Destroyed.
  4. Address Change.

From here, select your desired option and fill in all the required information. Then click on the next button. Will then show up to submit your required fee. If you click the Next button again, the screen will show how much you have to pay. You have to deposit as much money as you show.

How do I pay my NID correction fee?

If you want to get the card again through reissue online, you must submit the election office fee of 230 Taka. If this fee is 230 Taka for the first time, then 345 Taka for the second time, the more times you apply, the more the fee will increase.

Money can be deposited through –

  1. Dutch-Bangla Bank and Rocket Mobile Banking.
  2. One Bank Limited and OK Wallet Mobile Banking.
  3. Trust Bank Limited and T-Cash Mobile Banking.
  4. Mutual Trust Bank Limited.
  5. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited.

However, it is best to use the rocket. After depositing money, click on the Next button again. The next step is to add all the necessary documents. If lost or stolen, add a GD copy, and if you select the other two options, you will have to pay your NID.

After adding, click on the Next button again. In this step, a final review of your Application will show what documents you are adding. If everything is ok, then click on the submit button. Diameter is the end of your work.

Finally, Get Your Lost Or Stolen NID Card

Clicking on submit will take you to the home page of NID. When you click on the profile you will see that it is written that you have an application pending. There will be a download option next to it. In it, you may collect your NID.

Now you will have to wait for the day when the message will come on your mobile, then login to your ID again and click on download, and you will get your modified NID card. And later, when your smart card arrives at your local Upazila Parishad after a certain time, you can collect your smart card from there.

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