Banglalink All Service Off Code 2024

Banglalink All Service Off Code

Many Banglalink SIMs are used in different places across the regions of Bangladesh. However, the feature of every SIM company is to inform each customer of various services through SMS.

Most of the time, The customers are informed about a service by calling and requesting to activate that service by dialing a specific number.

Many customers turn on all those services knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, money is deducted for starting that service after a certain time.

If you understand that a service has been activated on your phone and is being deducted from your recharge after a certain period, then you can stop this service very easily.

If you think your Banglalink service is being charged, find out how to stop that service below.

BL  All Service Off Code 2024

Banglalink has more than 5 crore Bangladeshi subscribers. This Banglalink network has spread to almost villages and cities in Bangladesh. Sometimes while providing services to Banglalink customers through SMS, customers activate the services themselves.

Later, money is deducted from those who do not stop these services. Sometimes these customers cannot understand how to stop receiving SMS. So this post is written for them, so let’s go down and know:

All services Code/ SMS Dial/Send
Missed call alert service STOP 622
Radio service STOP 2001\ *121*7*1*2*1#
Call block service STOP 8118
Sports news service *2002*2*2#
International news service *6297*6*7*1*2#
My tune service off STOP 4000
Hospital service off STOP 2200
Entertainment service off *6397*2*2*2#
Music service off STOP 5858
Love and jokes service off STOP 4636
High-intelligence sms service off *2077*2#

BL Missed Call Alert Service Off Code

This post is very important if you are looking for ways to turn off these alerts. Missed call Alert is a very common service. Which many people usually use. Many have benefited from this miscall alert.

Customers can turn these alerts on quickly and find a code to turn them off when they are no longer needed. Because if the alert is on, the specific charge will be deducted every month. So you can turn it off by following the below steps:

  • Go to your message option.
  • Type STOP.
  • Send to 622.

Radio Service Off Code

You used to listen to the radio in the previous era. Now you don’t even listen to it. Even if there is a radio, you don’t use it. Now smartphones have come onto the market, your entertainment of this radio is disappearing.

Now those who love to listen to the radio can listen by calling on their mobile phone or sending it through SMS.

Sometimes, you forget to stop the radio service, even though you don’t listen to it daily. For this service, a charge gets deducted from your account. So, you need to of that service immediately. Now you will know how to stop the radio service.

There are two ways to stop the radio service.

Radio Service Off Through Text

Go to the message option on your mobile phone, and after that select Banglalink SIM; if you have two SIMs, type STOP there and send it to 2001.

If you want you can easily stop radio service through the USSD code.

  • Go to the dial pad of your mobile phone.
  • Dial there *121*7*1*2*1# By dialing this code you can stop the radio service and stop deducting the charge.

Banglalink Call Block Service Off Code

Sometimes, you use a call block service to avoid unnecessary calls from unknown numbers.

You get charged a certain amount for this, but you don’t always need this service. So, in some way, you feel the necessity to stop it.

  • To stop this, go to the message option on your mobile. After that write STOP in the message box
  • send it to 8118.

BL Sports News Service Off Code

People in Bangladesh are crazy freaks about cricket and football. Banglalink gives you the service to keep updated on cricket and football.

Cricket News Service Off Code 2024

Most people in Bangladesh watch sports zone cricket. So it can be said that when there is a problem with electricity in Bangladesh, how will you watch the cricket game in this sports zone? Many people go crazy for watching this game.

Then you thought to watch this sports zone cricket game on mobile. So you turn on cricket in this sports zone. Banglalink all service off code 2023. When the match is over, you need to stop the service. Otherwise, you are going to be charged for that.

  • To stop this service, Open the dial pad in your mobile option.
  • Then dial *2002*2*2# and get your cricket service off. Banglalink all service off code 2023

Football News Service Off Code

Sometimes, you may activate the football news service to stay updated with the latest news, but all the time you don’t need this; you need to stop unless you want to get charged monthly for this.

  • To stop the football news service, Open the dial pad in your mobile option.
  • Then dial *2002*2*2# and get your football news service off.

International News Service Off Code 2024

Many people in Bangladesh listen to international news. Banglalink offers an international news service by which you can get news daily. But you don’t always need this news, so you have to stop the service.

  • In order to stop the service, go to your phone’s dial pad.
  • dial the USSD code*6297*6*7*1*2# and get the service off.

Some Other Services Off Code

If you have started the hospital service in Banglalink SIM, then stop it according to this rule. Go to the message option of your phone and write stop and send it to the 2200 number.

If Banglalink SIM entertainment news is activated on your phone, you need to dial *6397*2*2*2# to stop the service. This is how you can turn off your entertainment news service.

If Banglalink Music Station or Music Station has been activated on your phone, you can stop this service. You must write stop and send an SMS to 5858 to stop this service.

If the service called Love and Jokes Portal is running on your phone and you don’t want to continue this service, you can stop it. For that, you have to go to your phone’s message option, write stop, and send an SMS to 4636. Then the love and fun portal service on your phone will stop.

If the High Intelligence Chat service is running on your phone and you want to stop it, then stop it by following the rules. To stop this service, you must go to the phone dial option. There you have to dial *2077*2# to this chat service.  

Last Words

Hopefully, you have known Banglalink all services off code 2023. Apart from stopping all the services mentioned above, if you have any problem with your phone and the money is deducted repeatedly, you can take the help of customer care service.

Or you can mention your problem in the comment box on our website. We will let you know what will solve your problem. Until then, all Banglalink SIM users and those viewing this post, stay well and stay healthy.