Banglalink Point Check & Activation Guide

Banglalink Point Check
Banglalink Point Check

Banglalink is proud to introduce Banglalink Priyojon, an exclusive loyalty rewards program for all Banglalink customers who spend a minimum of 150 TK monthly on the Banglalink network.

This program is a testament to our appreciation for your loyalty, and it offers a range of special offers and services at significantly reduced prices.

Banglalink Proyojon Point

To enjoy all the exciting offers and services provided by Banglalink Priyojon, you don’t need to go through a separate activation process.

Banglalink customers are automatically enrolled in Priyojon, and their eligibility for different Priyojon is determined based on their average usage over the last 3 months.

As a Banglalink customer, you will be entitled to various Priyojon benefits without additional registration.

Your loyalty and usage on the Banglalink network automatically qualify you for the corresponding Priyojon Tier and its associated perks.

Banglalink Proyojon Point Offer Details

This offer is open to all Banglalink prepaid, Call and control, and SME customers, and a wide range of their valued subscribers can benefit.

Customers who have a monthly usage of more than Tk. 150 in a given month will be automatically enrolled in the program.

This registration takes effect in the following calendar month, and customers will begin accumulating loyalty points from that point forward.

Upon initial registration, all new customers will be placed in the Silver Slab tier of the program.

Customers’ tier status will be determined based on average usage over the last three months. As customers continue to use Banglalink services, their loyalty may evolve to reflect their usage patterns.

Activate Banglalink Priyojon Point

To unlock all the exciting offers and services Banglalink Priyojon offers, no specific activation process is required.

Banglalink customers become eligible for different Priyojon offers based on their average usage over the last 3 months. This means you automatically gain access to Priyojon benefits without additional registration steps.

Banglalink Priyojon Point Check Code

To check your Banglalink Priyojon points on your loyalty rewards, dial *6000# from your Banglalink number. Confirm your Banglalink Priyojon points through this code.

Banglalink Priyojon Gifts

As a part of Banglalink Priyojon, eligible customers can enjoy various exciting gifts. Currently, the ongoing gifts are mentioned below.

Mug: You can get a Mug for 1,200 Priyojon points. To claim your Mug, SMS ‘M’ to the specified SMS code.

Backpack: Another option is the Backpack, which you can acquire for 1,800 Priyojon points. To claim your Backpack, SMS ‘S’ to the designated SMS code.


  • Do I need to register separately for Banglalink Priyojon?

Ans: No, there is no need for additional registration. Banglalink customers are automatically selected in the Priyojon program based on their monthly usage, and they can enjoy the benefits without any extra steps.

  • How can I check my Banglalink Priyojon points?

Ans: To check your Banglalink Priyojon points, dial *6000# from your Banglalink number, and you will receive information about your accumulated points.

  • What gifts are currently available through Banglalink Priyojon?

Ans: The ongoing gifts include a Mug, which can be redeemed for 1,200 Priyojon points, and a Backpack, available for 1,800 Priyojon points. You can claim these gifts by sending the respective SMS codes.


Banglalink Priyojon is a customer loyalty rewards program that automatically rewards Banglalink customers based on their monthly usage.

There’s no need for separate registration; customers become eligible for different Priyojon Tiers considering their average usage over the last 3 months.

By dialing *6000#, customers can conveniently check their Priyojon points and acquire the available gifts.

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