Bangladesh Birth Certificate Verification Process 2024

Bangladesh Birth Certificate Verification Process

Bangladesh birth certificate verification is now easy, and you can do it online. Every citizen of a country goes through a process by the government. We also are the same. In Bangladesh, children have to be registered after birth.

This is a government order. After registering a birth, it is used for all purposes of a child or person. Birth registration has many benefits. Those benefits are not available without birth registration.

That is why we should register the birth of our children. Many people want to verify or download the birth registration of children. Today you will know how we check or verify birth registration.

Bangladesh Birth Certificate Information

Birth registration is the entry of a person’s name, sex, date, place of birth, parent’s name, nationality, and permanent address in a register by a designated registrar or computerized entry under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 2004. This is the registration, and it is called birth registration.

So it can be said that a child’s name and all the personal information related to their birth added to the government record is called birth registration. And the certificate contains various necessary information related to birth, called a birth certificate.

Birth Certificate Verification Process In BD

Many people want to know how to verify a birth certificate online. This discussion is for them. Today’s discussion will significantly help you if you want to do birth certificate verification.

Today’s discussion shows how you can do birth certificate verification and download it. Let’s know the details.

It would be best if you opened any mobile, computer, or laptop browser to verify birth registration. It would be best if you had an internet connection on your device.

By entering any web browser, you must visit the Office of the Registrar General, Birth, and Death Registration. After entering this link, you will see a page like the below image.

Birth Certificate Verification Process In BD
“Birth Certificate Verification Process In Bangladesh”

First, on this page, you will see an option named Birth Registration Number. Enter your birth registration number here. Then below, you will see an option called the date of birth. Enter your correct date of birth here.

Finally, a mathematical captcha will be provided. You must enter this captcha in the box below and click the search button. Only then can you verify and check the online copy of your birth registration on the next page.

If Matching Birth Records Not Found is written after clicking on the Verify button, you will understand that the birth registration number, date of birth, or any of the two given in the mentioned box, is wrong.

For this, you have to check the information given on the page once again, and if there is any mistake, then correct that mistake and click the search button again. Only then can you check the online copy of your birth registration certificate.

After clicking the search button, a page will appear that will show all the details of your birth registration. From here, you can check if all your personal information is correct.

If something doesn’t seem right and you want to make corrections, you should contact your nearest birth registration office.

Bangladesh Birth Registration Download

You cannot download birth registration at will because it can be official download only by the authority of the Bangladesh Election Office.

You cannot download it personally because it is not enabled in this system due to security reasons. But even if you can’t download it officially, you can print out this page and work with it.

When you check your birth registration with your birth certificate number and date of birth, a birth registration page will appear in front of you, showing all your details.

Now you can print it out. For this, you need to press Ctrl+P on the computer keyboard. After pressing this, you will get the print option. Print your birth certificate from this option so you can use it when it needs.

But if you want an official copy, you need to contact your nearest birth registration office.

I hope you have learned more about birth registration from today’s discussion. Today’s article will help you, especially with birth registration verification and its download.

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