Bkash Add Money Offer 2024

Bkash And money offer
Bkash And money offer

Bkash always amuses us with amazing benefits and offers. The company proved it once again at the beginning of 2024. In this new year, 2024, you will get cashback if you pay from a card or bank.

So to get Bkash cashback, use Bkash add money offer now from card or Bkash. Let’s know the details about the Bkash Add Money offer 2024.

Bkash Add Money Offer 2024 46 Tk

At the beginning of the new year 2024, Bkash brought add Money offer 2024. Pay 2,023 taka in Bkash from a bank or card and get 23 taka cashback bonus (can be redeemed twice).

Let’s dig into the details.

Bkash Cashback Bonus of Rs.24 is available on the Bkash Add Money offer of Tk.2,024. Tk. 2,024 add money can get Tk. 24 cashback twice, through different channels, once from the card and once from a bank.

Tk. 2,024 Add Money on Card to Bkash from Bikash App Tk. 24 Cashback (Initiator will get)
Tk 2,024 in Add Money from Bkash App to Bank to Bkash Tk 24 cashback (receiver will get).

For this Bkash Add offer, you need to install the Bkash app on your phone.

To get this Bkash Add money offer Tk 23  2023, you have to follow the following terms and conditions:

  • To get 23 taka cashback offer, add money of 2,023 taka from card or bank through the Bkash app.
    Bkash add money offer is applicable for all customers.
  • In the case of Card to Bkash, the cashback will go to the Bkash account of the person who makes the added money.
  • In the Bank to Bkash Add Money offer, the cashback will go to the account of the person whose account the Add Money will be deposited.
  • You will get the cashback within the next working day after completing the transaction.
  • The account must be active to get cashback after the transaction is completed.
  • Due to any system issue or unknown reasons, if Bkash fails to provide cashback in time, it will try to cash back within the next 7 days. If Bkash fails, the customer will no longer get the bonus.
  • A customer can avail of this Bkash add money to offer a maximum of once during the campaign period.
  • Bkash reserves the right to shorten or extend the campaign’s duration or change or modify the terms or conditions without prior notice.
  • If a customer is found to have created any reasonable doubt, the customer will be deemed to have misused the offer, and the customer will not get the cashback benefit.
    In the mentioned way, you can easily get a 2023 Tk cashback bonus by adding 2,023 Tk from a card or bank, which can be taken twice from different channels. That means you can get a total bonus of Tk.46.

Bkash Add money offer 2024 62tk.

Recently, on the 11th anniversary of Bkash, you can get double cashback maximum of Tk 62 by adding money from the card to Bkash.

Bkash has just completed 11 years of its journey. Bkash, Bangladesh’s most used mobile financial service provider, often introduces new services to provide more convenience to its customers.

If you add Tk 4,100 to your Bkash account from your card through the Bkash app, you get a Tk 41 bonus. And if you add 2,100 taka ad money, you will get 21 taka cashback. Thus, you can get 41 + 21 = 62 tk through two separate transactions. Bonus.

You can get both offers together. The offer can be availed only once per customer between 21st and 30th July.

Conditions for availing of Bkash Add Money Offer

  • Offers can be redeemed between July 21st and 30th of July, 2023.
  • Transaction initiator will get cashback.
  • Cashback will be received within the next working day of the transaction.
  • Customers will get a maximum cashback of Tk 62 during the offer period.
  • To get cashback, customers need to add money at once from the card through the Bkash app for a specific amount as per the offer.
  • The customer’s account must be active to enjoy cashback.

Bkash Add Money Offer  Bonus by Saving the Card for the First Time

If you save your bank’s Visa card in the Bkash app, it will not take even a minute to make added money. You can add money to Bkash with just a few taps as needed. As a result, you don’t have to enter the card details repeatedly.

Again, you will get a bonus of Tk 50 if you add Tk 2,500 to your Bkash account by saving the card. Compensation will be available within 3 working days.

The conditions of Bkash Add money offer through saving Visa card

  • You will get a bonus of Tk. 50, if you add 2,500 tk to Bkash, add money from the Visa card.
  • The offer will be available only if you add money to your number from your bank;
  • This offer cannot be availed from any Visa card already saved in Bkash app
  • A customer can enjoy the bonus only once during the offer period.
  • Bonus will be credited to the customer account within 2-3 working days of transaction completion.

Other Conditions of Bkash Add money offer.

If disbursement of cashback fails due to any system problem, then Bkash will retry disbursement of cashback after 7 working days of campaign completion. If that fails, the customer will no longer be considered for the cashback offer.

Bkash reserves the right to reduce/extend the campaign period, change/amend the campaign terms and conditions, or cancel the entire campaign at any time without any prior notice.

Bkash reserves the right to cancel the customer’s cashback benefit if any transaction activity creates a reasonable suspicion that the customer has misused this offer.

Bkash has brought about so many changes in our transaction life. This Bkash Add money offer adds a new dimension to it. Hopefully, all of you have a clear idea of the Bkash Add Money Offer 2023.

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