BRTA Driving Licence Renewal Online Full Process

BRTA Driving Licence Renewal Online
BRTA Driving Licence Renewal Online

Renewing a driving license in Bangladesh is an important process that every driver must go through to ensure they can continue driving legally.

A driving license is a legal document that certifies that the holder has the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a vehicle safely and responsibly. BRTA is responsible for issuing and renewing driving licenses.

Steps for Driving License Renewal?

Things to note while filling out the renewal form are – If you are married, you must give your wife’s name and mobile number/husband’s name and mobile number. If unmarried, then give your father’s name or mother’s name. You can fill out this form online if you want.

According to the check-up list of the medical form, the form should be checked and submitted by an MBBS doctor after a medical test. You can get this form at photocopy shops around BRTA. 1 copy of these two forms should be attested.

After filling out the renewal form and medical form, a photocopy of the national identity card, photocopy of the driving license, photocopy of bank slip, photocopy of a civil certificate, and original copy of the medical certificate should be submitted together.

If you have all the documents in order then on the same day or the next day, you will get a duplicate driving license with which you can drive a motorcycle temporarily until you receive your biometric SMS.

Documents Required For Driving License Renewal

When you go to the BRTA Office to renew your Driving license, you have to collect some documents and deposit them with the fee payment receipt at the BRTA office. Which document will be required, Mentioned below?

  • Application Form
  • Medical certificate by a registered doctor.
  • Attested photocopy of National ID Card.
  • Educational qualification certificate.
  • Receipt of deposit of prescribed fee.
  • Police investigation report for professional driving license.
  • 1 copy of passport and 1 copy of stamp size photograph taken recently.

BRTA Driving License Renewal Online

Many people ask how to renew a BRTA license online. There is no method to renew it online. It would be best if you renewed it officially. You need to download a form online and fill it out. After that, you have to go to the office of BRTA and submit it along with the required documents.

In this case, they will check all your application forms and provide the information related to driving license renewal through your mobile. The bottom line is that you cannot apply for driving license renewal online even if you want to. It would be best if you did this officially offline.

Driving License Renewal Procedure

After all these discussions, we will go to the main discussion, which is how to renew a driving license. There are two types of driving licenses.

One is a professional driving license, and the other is the amateur one. The procedures for renewing professional and amateur driving licenses are different. In this case, you must go to the BRTA office and collect a form for a driving license.

You must fill out this form correctly. But you can also print the form by clicking the link below. You can complete it at home and submit it to the BRTA office with the necessary documents.

Amateur Driving License Renewal Procedure

First, we will know how to renew an amateur driving license. In the renewal of an amateur driving license, the customer must pay the prescribed fee first.

You can deposit this fee by going to the bank, or you can deposit through mobile banking. Once the fee has been paid, you should get a copy of the fee payment invoice.

Print it and apply it along with this copy to the designated circle office of BRTA and the necessary documents. If everything is in order with the application form and attached documents, your biometrics will be accepted.

After receiving the biometrics, you will be informed about your driving license renewal through SMS. Then you can collect your driving license on the specified date.

Procedure for Renewal of Professional Driving License

As the professional driving license is superior to the amateur one, some different procedures are adopted for a professional driving license in this case.

To renew his license, the person must again take a practical test. By participating in the practical test, they can get verified and renew their driving license.

In case of a professional driving license renewal, all the above documents should be attested along with the police investigation report. In this case, 3 copies of passport size and 1 copy of stamp size photograph and re-practical test should be given.

If you have all the above documents in order, you will get a duplicate driving license on the same day or the next day. With which you can temporarily ride a motorcycle until your biometric SMS arrives.

If Biometric SMS is received or given a specific date, you have to go there and take your fingerprint and photograph according to that date. You will receive a computer copy on the same day.

After 3 months of fingerprinting and photographing, you can collect your driving license smart card by going to the concerned BRTA office with that computer copy.

Driving License Renewal Application Form

If you want to renew your driving license, Then you have to fill up a form and deposit the form along with the required document in the BRTA office. But remember that the form should be filled up with the correct information. The form you will get in the BRTA office. But we have already added here the form below. You can download the form from here and print it.

Driving License Renewal Form

Driving License Renewal Fee

Now let’s move to an important point which is the driving license renewal fee. The renewal fee is different depending on the driving license. We have presented it in point form below.

Renewal Cost of Amateur Driving License

In the case of an amateur driving license, if you renew your license within 15 days of the expiry of the driving license, then it will cost you 2427 TK. But if 15 days pass, you will have to pay the fee calculated as TK 200 per year, the principal cost, and the penalty.

Cost of Professional Driving License

Now let’s know the professional driving license renewal cost. In case of renewal of professional driving license, if you renew within 15 days of expiry, then you will be charged a fee of Tk 1565. But if your term expires, you have to pay the fee of TK 200 per year in addition to the principal cost.

Driving License Renewal Fee Payment Method

Driving license fees can be paid in different ways. You can pay it through Sonali Bank. In that case, you must go to Sonali Bank and collect a challan by paying your fee through a bank draft. On the other hand, you can pay it through mobile banking.

For example, you can pay this fee through your Bkash, Nagad, Rocket account, or Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking. For this, you have to open the app and go to the pay bill option, and from here, you have to select the driving license option and pay.

After paying the fee, you must take a printout of the fee payment page with the transaction ID and submit it along with the application form.

So at the end of such a huge discussion, we can say that by adopting the above methods, you can easily renew your driving license. If there is any problem with driving license renewal, you can contact the BRTA office.

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