Car Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

Car Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh
Car Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

Are you looking to change car ownership? There are several rules to follow to change ownership of a vehicle determined by BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority). Following all these rules and principles, you can quickly transfer your ownership from one person to another.

In today’s discussion, there are step to step instructions for changing the ownership of the car from the beginning to the end; if you follow them, you can easily change the ownership of the vehicle. Let’s start the vital discussion today.

BRTA Car Ownership Transfer in Bangladesh

We often buy old cars due to financial constraints and to fulfill our dreams. Because many are in such a situation that they cannot afford a new car, in such a situation, many buy old cars to fill this shortage.

However, after buying an old car, the owner of that car has to be changed. After changing car ownership, one has to use that car; otherwise, one has to face various problems.

Changing the car’s ownership as soon as possible is essential to avoid these problems. For a change of car ownership, the buyer has certain duties, and the seller also has specific duties. Both parties must solve all these tasks and change car ownership from one side to another.

Many documents are required to change ownership. If you have purchased an old car, you must change the car’s ownership and stay with us till the end.

What to Do As a Buyer?

The buyer has some tasks that he should be completed in the right way. There are given these tasks-

  • 1. Buyer’s signature on the prescribed form “TO” and the buyer’s specimen signature should be taken at the designated place of “TTO.” This form is available on the BRTA website.
  • The original copy of the receipt should be submitted to BRTA after depositing the prescribed fee.
  • Required Documents-
    Buyer’s TIN Certificate, National Identity Card, Current Home Address, Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill, copies of the Original Registration Certificate (Blue Book), BRTA Digital CAR Registration Certificate, and updated Tax-Token, Fitness, and Route Permit documents must be attested.
  • 200 TK with a photograph or affidavit with a non-judicial stamp prescribed by the government. If the buyer is an organization, a letter on an official pad should be given instead of an affidavit.
  • The buyer’s signature on the form and three copies of stamp size color photograph along with all other information of the form should be filled in English capital letters and submitted.
  • The vehicle must be brought to the BRTA office for display.
  • If there is any problem with the seller’s signature, he should appear at the BRTA office.

Remember to check that the previous owner pays the car tax timely and that the car is registered under BRTA.

What to Do as a Seller?

Not only the buyer but also the seller has some tasks. There has been given the tasks below.

  • 1. Signature of the seller on the “TTO” form and sale receipt (with the signature of witness and revenue stamp)
  • 200 TK with a photograph or affidavit with a non-judicial stamp prescribed by the government.
  • If the seller is a company, the intimation, board resolution, and authorization letter should be given on the letterhead pad of the company.
  • If the vehicle is liable to a bank or any other institution, a loan clearance letter from the responsible institution, a loan adjustment statement, a request letter from the bank’s assistant manager, and an affidavit of Tk 200 or a non-judicial stamp prescribed by the government must be submitted.
  • Attested photocopy of the National Identity Card of the seller to be submitted.
  • If there is any discrepancy in the seller’s signature, he must appear in the office.

Required Documents for Ownership Transfer by Inheritance

These are the documents you must have with you if you are willing to transfer your car registration:

  1. Filled and signed “TO” and “TTO” forms
  2. Heirship certificate from the court or local government institution.
  3. Receipt of deposit of requisite fee.
  4. Attested copy of the certificate of the first heir in case of multiple heirs (in case of non-hire cars, jeeps, microbuses).
  5. Original Registration Certificate (copies)/Digital Registration Certificate (if required).
  6. Affidavit of heirs in non-judicial stamp with photograph, but if there is more than one heir and the owner is given in the name of one, in that case, other heirs have to provide another affidavit in non-judicial stamp with a photograph.
  7. Specimen signature form should give specimen signature and other details of the form including name in English, name of father/husband, complete address, and three copies of stamp size color photograph.

Car Ownership Transfer Process

There are several rules and regulations to be followed for changing vehicle ownership. All these rules and regulations have to be followed by both the buyer and the seller. Let us know what both parties must do to change the car’s ownership.

The first papers required for a change of vehicle ownership are the “TO” and “TTO” forms. Both these forms are available from the BRTA website. Download these two forms and provide the buyer’s signature on “TO” and a sample signature of the buyer on “TTO.”

Car Ownership Transfer Fee In Bangladesh

After that, the prescribed fee for the change of ownership of the vehicle shall be deposited, and the receipt of such deposit shall be submitted to BRTA. You can also make the fee deposit at the BRTA office.

You need to know about the fees for the transfer of car ownership. We have also presented the information related to the change of vehicle ownership from the official website of BRTA in the form of a PDF file in the link below. You can view all transfer fees here if you wish.

Car Ownership Transfer Fee (PDF)

Submission of Documents

All the work has to be solved and the documents submitted. The buyer and seller will need some documents separately, which are mentioned above. Also, the buyer will need some other documents like-

Buyer’s TIN certificate, copy of national identity card, attested photocopy of current address phone or electricity bill, etc. No vehicle registration is ever possible without these documents.

Letter Sending

Suppose the buyer is purchasing the vehicle for personal use. In that case, the standard form and if the buyer is using the vehicle for institutional purposes, then the official pad letter should be provided. Affidavit in judicial form with a photo or non-judicial stamp has to be submitted, the cost of which is 200 taka.

Vehicle Presentation

Before buying the vehicle, everything must be shown or seen, so the car must be taken to the BRTA office. After depositing the fee in BRTA, a signature has to be taken by showing the documents in room no.100.

Once you go to the inspection room with these documents, you say you want to change car ownership. An inspector will come and look at your car, stamp it, and sign the papers.

Now take the documents and show them to the second floor of the BRTA building. From there, a slip will be given, and next time will be informed when to appear at the BRTA office. Show this slip first in room no—100 before going out.

Solve all these tasks and do everything necessary to transfer ownership of the car per the instructions and the required documents.

Last Words

BRTA office will then issue you a certificate for the vehicle owner. They may take some time for this. You must go and collect your certificate on time.

So here is all the information regarding the change of car ownership. Hopefully, if you follow all this information as possible, you can change the car’s ownership quickly.

If there is any query related to the change of ownership, you can inform us through the proper comment box. Thank you very much for being with us.

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