Car Tax In Bangladesh 2024: Tax To Pay To Buy A Car In Bangladesh

Car Tax In Bangladesh

Taxes are mandatory payments made by individuals or businesses to local, state, or federal governments. Car Tax In Bangladesh is now higher than other vehicles.

All the tax revenues fund state operations, including Social Security and Medicare, and public works and services like roads and schools. For every product we buy, we pay the tax directly or indirectly. This article will discuss car tax in Bangladesh.

TAX – What Does TAX Stand for?

Taxes are paid by whoever bears the tax burden in economics, whether this is the entity being taxed. This includes a business or the cessation of purchasers of the items produced by the firm. Accounting-wise, there are various taxes to consider, such as payroll taxes, federal and state income taxes, and sales taxes.

Types Of Tax Bangladeshi Citizens Pay

 There are two main types of tax we pay. As Bangladeshi citizens, we pay two main types of taxes: Direct and indirect taxes. Here they are:

  • Direct Taxes: you pay them directly.
  • Indirect Taxes: Taxes deducted from goods and services are called indirect taxes.

Other Types Of Taxes In Bangladesh

 There are some other types of taxes. Bangladeshi citizens pay per year directly or indirectly. Because for every product we import, export, and sell to the market, we pay tax to the government. 

  • Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Corporate Tax rate
  • Tax holidays
  • National board of revenue

Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Taxes are the primary source of revenue for most regimes. This cash is spent on facilitating and maintaining public infrastructure, including the roads we peregrinate on, and funding public accommodations, such as schools, emergency accommodations, and welfare programs.

Tax cash is used in building any installation within the country. It withal the benefits of ascertaining the roads you peregrinate on are safe and well-maintained. The regime needs a sustainable funding source for social programs and public investments to foster economic magnification and development.

Taxes are not only paid for public goods and accommodations; they are the main integrant in the gregarious contract between residents and the economy. It can be verbally expressed that you have to pay tax for your benefit.

Car TAX In Bangladesh

For car owners, Bangladesh is not the ideal location. Taxes and road safety will not be in your favor. You still have to pay for it, though. There isn’t any other option. The amount of tax you must pay when purchasing a new car or the yearly tax is very substantial. And today, I’ll try to explain the amount of tax on cars in Bangladesh.

Car Tax In Bangladesh Per Year

Due to their increasing popularity, the government may decide to include electric vehicles (EVs) in the tax net in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year (FY).

Due to a missing provision in the finance laws, the Bangladesh Road Convey Ascendancy (BRTA) can now not apply Advance Income Tax (AIT) on electric vehicles.

The AIT rates under the current finance act are adjusted based on the vehicles’ CC (cubic centimeter) engine capacities, yet EVs don’t have any engines. Kilowatts are the unit of measurement for EV motor power.

In the FY 2021–2022 budget, the tax officials expressed their intention to include EVs under the AIT net.

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has recently received a letter from the BRTA demanding that the rule relating to AIT on private cars be changed.

The finance laws mandate that owners of private vehicles pay AIT at various rates, ranging from TK 25,000 to TK 0.2 million.

According to official sources, the Motor Conveyances Regulations of 1984 have already been modified to convert kilowatt equivalent to CC. A kilowatt of EV is equal to 20 CC in terms of power.

The BRTA verbally requested that the NBR change the Finance Act-2020 to require the AIT of EVs. This action follows the amendment to its regulations in its letter to the NBR. When a fitness certificate is issued, the BRTA collects the AIT from private vehicle owners.

Car Buying Tax By BRTA

The amount of tax is TK 25,000 for vehicles with engines under 1500 CC, TK 50,000 for engines with engines between 1500 CC and 2000 CC, TK 75,000 for engines with engines between 2000 CC and 2500 CC, and TK 125,000 for vehicles with engines between 2500 CC and 3000 CC.

Owners must pay TK 150,000 for a car or jeep with an engine capacity between 3000CC and 3500CC, TK 0.2 million for a vehicle with an engine capacity over 3500CC, and TK 30,000 for a microbus.

Car Import Tax in Bangladesh

Dealers and importers in Bangladesh must spend a significant sum of money to import an automobile. It may surprise you that we must pay a lot to get a new car. So, based on the car’s CC, here is the list of car import tax amounts.

Complete build unit (CBU)

These automobiles are entirely imported and manufactured. After being imported, no components are added. These automobiles are taxed-

  • 0 to 1800 cc 128%
  • 1800 to 2000 cc 221%
  • 2000 to 3000 cc 365%
  • 3000 to 4000 CC 628%

Completely Knocked Down (CKD)

These cars’ components are sent separately and then put together in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Proton automobiles fall under this group.

  • 0 to 1600 cc: 69%;
  • 1800 to 2000 cc: 1200%;
  • 2000 to 3000 cc: 212%;
  • 3000 to 4000 cc: 519%;
  • 4000 CC and above: 642%

Hybrid Car Import Tax In Bangladesh

The CKD category also includes hybrid vehicles. Like all others imported from Japan, these automobiles are taxed, except hybrids.

  • 0 to 1600 cc: 69%;
  • 1800 to 2000 cc: 1200%;
  • 2000 to 3000 cc: 150%;
  • 3000 to 4000 cc: 212%;
  • Over 4000 CC: 519%

These are the tax rates for CBU. A tax is also levied on some automobiles.

The abrupt increase of 50–67% in the annual income tax on cars has generated a lot of uproars. It can often be challenging to pay BDT 25,000 annually for the 1500 CC vehicles the middle and lower middle classes utilize. In addition, car owners will worry about implementing the new tax policy.

How Do I Pay My Car Tax in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) created this website as a project to make it easier for people to pay their fees and taxes for vehicles online. The fees paid through this site are identical and similar to those paid in authorized bank branches and booths.

The portal also has the added benefit of allowing interactive tracking of Vehicle Registration activity.

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