How To Change bKash Number?

How To Change bKash Number

Sometimes, we face complications with our phone numbers. By then, we have to change our number, even though we already have Bkash or another account attached to that number.

But don’t worry, changing Bkash’s number is not that tough. There are some simple steps for changing the Bkash number. In this writing, you will know how to change the Bkash Number.

There are some secret steps to change the Bkash number; here, you will learn about it.

Is it Possible to Change the bKash Number?

It is better to inform you that you can change the SIM operator; you can never change the Bkash number.

If you want to change the sim operator of the Bkash account, call the sim authority or the customer care service if you change the SIM operator. Only then can you get instructions to change the SIM operator from your SIM authority.

So now the question may have arisen in your mind: if I can’t change the account number, there is no other way to change the account.

If you close the account from the previous SIM number (Previous Bkash number), you can easily restart the account with the same ID card on another new SIM number (Prospective Bkash number).

The main resolution is that if you want to create a new Bkash account with another number with the same NID card, you have to close the account with the previous Bkash account number.

Whenever you can complete the task of closing the Bkash account number, you can easily change the Bkash number and convert it to another number if you want.

Why is it Necessary to Change the bKash Number?

You may need to change the Bkash number for several reasons, such as if the SIM on which you opened the Bkash account has been closed by the Bkash authority or you have forgotten your Bkash account PIN, etc.

Also, if a Bkash account is opened with the same NID card in multiple SIMs, then the Bkash authority will close all your Bkash accounts.

If your Bkash account is closed, contact their customer care on the Bkash helpline, or you can directly call 16247 to know why the Bkash account is closed. Bkash Helpline is open 24 hours and 7 days a week, to resolve any account-related issues.

If you want to know about a Bkash account, then there will be some verification issues to attend to for the authenticity of your Bkash account. The name on your ID card and NID card number will be asked for this.

After taking the necessary documents from you, they will be sure that the account belongs to you.

If you want to activate your old bkash account, then the customer officer will activate your bkash account if you can provide the correct documents that are asked for.

And if you can’t show the documents correctly, then you will be told sir, I’m sorry your information doesn’t match. Then, if you want to know the rules for opening a new account, the Bkash agent will tell you.

How to Close the Bkash Account?

To close your Bkash account, visit the Bkash customer care center near you.

While going to the BKash Customer Service Center, you must take the phone number and ID card that you used while creating the BKash account with the phone number and ID card.

Remember, the current balance of the Bkash account you want to close must be zero (0). Otherwise, the account will not be closed.

Also, you must carry one copy of a passport-size photograph in case of account closure.

Your account closure will be completed successfully whenever you go to the Bkash Customer Service Center with all these documents.

And whenever your Bkash account is closed, you can convert your account to a new number if you want. Or you can open a Bkash account on an unknown number.

So, finally, it can be said that you cannot change your BKash Account Number at will because there is no such policy in your BKash account through which you can change the account number.

If there is a desire to change the account number, then an alternative method is to close the previous account and create a new number account.

The Documents for Changing the Bkash Number

To change your Bkash account number, you need to go to Bkash customer care along with all the documents and other necessary things, such as:

  • Photocopy of the voter card of the account holder.
  • One copy of a passport-size color photo.
  • The SIM on which the account is active.
  • The SIM to which you want to transfer your account.

When to change the Bkash Number and When not to Change it?

You may not need to change your number because you want to change your bkash number. So, let’s see when to change the Bkash number and when not to.

If you lost your sim, changing your Bkash number is unnecessary. You can withdraw your SIM again. Then, you won’t have any problem running your Bkash account.

There is no need to change the number if the Bkash account is hacked or the pass is stolen. Just Contact customer care.

If you want to change your number permanently, you need to change your number.

If someone else has made an account on your number, you can take the initiative to change the number.

How to Change Bkash Number?

If you need to change your Bkash number, go to the nearest Bkash customer care, your documents, and the account owner (if you are you or whoever).

Because this change is done only from the customer care office, they will assist you once there.

If you don’t know the nearest Bkash customer care center, search on Google. Hopefully, you will find it.

After finding your nearest Bkash customer center, pay a visit there with all the necessary documents and ask them what you must do. The Bkash agent will help you there with proper initiatives. He will start working by justifying your Bkash account information.

You will also need to do the following things:

  • You must visit the BKash Customer Care Center with the original copy of your National Identity Card (photocopy is unacceptable).
  • After going there, you need to get a token with the Bkash account number. Wait till your serial arrives. You can speak directly with a Bkash customer care representative when your token number is called.
  •  A customer care representative will close your previous account. Also, scan your NID and open a new Bkash account on the number you want to open a new Bkash account on.

After doing all these, Your Bkash number will be changed.

A Personal Experience – How Did I Change My Bkash Number?

I opened multiple bkash accounts, so all my bksh accounts were closed individually. I contacted their customer care on the Bkash helpline but could not activate even one of my accounts.

From there, I was instructed to contact the nearest Bkash Centre.

Then I went to my nearest Bkash center office one day with all my documents. Then they told me I could open a Bkash account with my NID card.

I could not activate any of the old accounts as I could not provide the correct information for any of the old accounts. The customer officer told me to register my name and bring a new sim to open a Bkash account.

Per his instructions, I brought a new sim and gave him the necessary documents. The customer manager opened me a new Bikash account and said all your previous Bikash accounts have been closed.

This is how I changed my Bkash number.

I hope you all have understood how to change the Bkash number, so if you feel the necessity to do that, go to the Bkash center with all the necessary documents and talk to the Bkash agent. By their instructions, you will be successful in changing your Bkash Number.

Before going to the Bkash center, check that your current Bkash account balance is zero. Otherwise, you won’t be able to change your Bkash number or delete your account.

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