How To Deactivate TIN Number – Cancel TIN?

How To Deactivate TIN Number
How To Deactivate TIN Number

TIN numbers are essential in the financial sector. You have to create a TIN number for your business, borrow more money from the bank, or for various useful purposes. But, your income capacity may not always be equal.

Income decreases or sometimes increases due to time or various needs. The TIN may have to be deactivated or changed if the income decreases permanently or as per the requirement.

Do You Know What the TIN Number Is?

The full meaning of TIN is Tax Identification Number. The government of Bangladesh issues TIN numbers to individuals and organizations to track charge installments. TIN numbers are issued by the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in Bangladesh. You can apply to NBR physically or electronically for a TIN in Bangladesh.

But sometimes, due to income issues, you must consider deactivating the TIN Number.

I am now wondering how to cancel the TIN/TIN. In such a question, many people think, first of all, where and how to apply for the cancellation of TIN / TIN registration. Is it necessary to deactivate the TIN? In this article, you will get all these answers.

By this time, you may think you must file an income tax return only after registration of the TIN. All these ideas are not correct. For this, you have to check online whether your income tax return is within the limit of filing.

Firstly, if the monthly income exceeds Rs 16,000, the TIN/TIN number must be created, and only the returns must be filed. But in this case, income tax will not have to be submitted.

On the other hand, if your 1-year income exceeds Rs. 3,00,000/-, you will have to file a minimum income tax return of Tk. 3,000 in the case of the upazila. If your income falls below the income tax limit, you will only file returns, not income tax.

Law of Income Tax for Deactivating TIN Number

Even if you do not have taxable income, you may have registered tin for some special needs. But now you want to deactivate the TIN. So now know the rules for deactivating the TIN.

You cannot easily deactivate the TIN because there is no rule to cancel the TIN directly from NBR.

Moreover, there is no clear information about the deactivation of TIN certificates in the Income Tax Ordinance 1984.

Section 75(1b) of the Income Tax Ordinance 1984 states that if a person has a taxable income within 3 consecutive years, including in an income year or the year preceding, he must file a tax return.

If you do not have any taxable income within 3 consecutive years, you will not have to file an income tax return.

But you don’t have an annual taxable income (rs 3 lakh for a man and Rs 3.5 lakh for a woman). You have to submit the said 3-year return as proof.

In this case, since you do not have income, you will submit zero returns. From then on, i.e., for the 4th year, you will no longer have to submit income tax returns.

If you want, you can apply to your Tax Circle Deputy Tax Commissioner for cancellation of the TIN after the 4th year.

You must comply with certain conditions to cancel the tin certificate. If these conditions are met, then you can apply to cancel the tin certificate.

Terms of Deactivating of TIN Number

Although TIN numbers are not usually deactivated. Although it can be deactivated in the field, there are some conditions. The conditions for the deactivation of the TIN are as follows.

  • If the taxpayer dies and there is no activity to keep the TIN running. In this case, he has to apply by his heir. In this case, the tin registration will be stopped permanently.
  • Non-resident foreign nationals who have no permanent basis in Bangladesh.
  • Even if you take TIN Number for some particular reason, if the taxpayer’s income is zero in the present and future, or if there is no taxable income. The TIN Number can be deactivated.

Deactivating TIN Number – When & How!

To deactivate the TIN certificate, you must first file a zero-income tax return for 3 years in a row. You will then have to apply in writing to the Deputy Tax Commissioner of the Tax Circle with the appropriate reasons for deactivating the TIN.

Along with the application, submit a receipt of your previously filed return and a copy of the National Identity Card. The Deputy Tax Commissioner will cancel the TIN if he deems your application appropriate.

There can be two reasons for deactivating the TIN, 1) if the taxpayer dies, 2) if there is no taxable income.

In this case, how to deactivate the TIN is explained below.

When The Taxpayer Dies!

If a taxpayer holding a TIN dies and the TIN is not used in any organization or business activities in the future, the TIN can be deactivated.

And suppose the TIN is used for any business or organization established by the taxpayer. In that case, his heir/representative/in-charge will file income tax returns and pay income tax (if applicable) annually. # Income Tax Ordinance 1984 Section 75 (2b).

If there is no need for a TIN of the dead person, the heirs will apply to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes for the deactivation of the TIN. The Deputy Commissioner of Taxes may suspend or cancel the proceedings of your TIN through inspection or hearing or based on the application.

The required documents are:

  • Written application by the heir
  • Copy of Tin Certificate
  • Receipt/Certification Copy of Previous Income Tax Returns
  • Copy of taxpayer’s death certificate
  • Copy of taxpayer’s national identity card

If There Is No Taxable Income?

Despite no taxable income, submitting income tax returns yearly is a hassle for many. So many people want to cancel the TIN.

If you do not have taxable income, you must file zero returns for three consecutive years to deactivate the TIN. Then you must make a written application to the Deputy Tax Commissioner of the Taxes Circle mentioned in your TIN certificate.

The required documents are:

  • Written application
  • Copy of TIN Certificate
  • Receipt/Certification Copy of Previous Income Tax Returns
  • Copy of taxpayer’s national identity card

It is logical to deactivate the TIN when the person dies. But I don’t think there is any need to close or deactivate TINs if there is no taxable income. If you do not have taxable income for 3 consecutive years, you will not have to submit a return from the following year.

You can still apply. If your application has a valid reason and is satisfactory, your TIN will be deactivated.

I hope you’ve got the answer to what you want to know. If you have any questions, write in the comments.

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