BRTA Driving License Check BD Online: Motor Driving Licence Check

Driving License Check BD Online
Driving License Check BD Online

To check your driving license status, go to the message option and type DL and reference number with a space between. Then send this SMS to 26969. Then a return SMS will show your driving license status.

To check it online, visit and input your driving license reference number. Then you will get your driving license and full report.

BRTA Driving License Check Online Copy Bangladesh

Driving license checks help employers to make informed hiring decisions and maintain safety standards in the workplace. The convenience, speed, and accuracy of online driving license checks make them indispensable for anyone seeking safety on the roads or in the workplace.

There was a time when you had to rush to BRTA for various driving licenses or related trifles or issues, but with time everything has changed, and our country has also moved towards digital.

Due to this, BRTA registration check or driving license, smart card check, or all these things can now be checked at home in a few seconds. You don’t have to run around wasting time on this.

Driving License Status Check BD

A driving license is integral to bike riding life, enabling us to commute, run errands, and travel long distances. However, care must be taken to ensure that all drivers have valid driver’s licenses and are not disqualified from driving for previous offenses.

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to check your driving license status online. This article will explore the online driving license checking process and discuss this approach’s benefits.

There are three ways to check a driving license one through SMS, another through the DL checker app, and another online. You can check your driving license at your convenience. The three methods are detailed below. So follow the below steps to know them.

WWW BRTA Gov BD Driving License Check

You can follow several methods to check the BRTA gov BD driving license. You can easily check your driving license online through mobile SMS and software.

But if you want to check your driving license online through mobile android, you must install the DL checker app from the play store, and after opening the app, you must submit by writing DL or Reference no and Date of birth.

After that, you can get your driving license photo and status from the BRTA server and other information about your driver’s license. You can check our detailed information below to see the complete procedure.

BRTA Learner Driving License Online Check

A learner driving license application from BRTA is required before getting a smart card driving license. After applying for a learner’s driving license, one has to attend a test. A learner’s driving license is issued after passing the test.

However, the license is not issued immediately after passing the test; it takes some time to issue it. During this period, many people want to check the BRTA Learner Driving License to see if their license has been generated or is ready for delivery.

You can follow the below procedure to check your BRTA Learner Driving License. The slip issued from the BRTA office at the time of your license application contains a reference number.

You can check the learner’s driving license status with this reference number. To check it, follow the procedure given below. You can check it through mobile SMS, online, or through the BRTA DL ​​checker app.

All the processes mentioned below are step-by-step. So you can check your BRTA learner driving license very quickly according to your choice.

Driving License Smart Card Check Online

The smart card driving license is the last stage of BRTA’s driving license. It is a chip card like a NID card which can be carried everywhere.

The Smart Card Driving License Learner application is available next. Application for smart card driving license is done after learner application. After applying for a smart card driving license, the candidate has to pass a test.

After passing the test, he is issued a smart card driving license. But after passing the test, you must wait for a long time for a driving license. During this time, you can know when your smart card driving license will be ready for delivery or if it is ready. You can collect it from the BRTA office if it is ready for delivery.

But to know this, you need to check your smart card driving license online. You can easily check your smart card driving license status online or through mobile SMS. So to check it, follow any of the methods given below. But for this, you will need your reference number on the slip provided by your BRTA office.

BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh

Now we will explore the process of checking for a driving license online whether you are a hiring manager or owner of your vehicle and looking to verify a candidate’s driving credentials or want to ensure that your license is up-to-date.

This guide will provide all the information you need to perform a thorough and efficient driving license check online. Check the step below to verify your driving license online.

BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh
“BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh”
  • After entering this link, enter your driving license or driving license reference number here.
  • Then enter your date of birth below.
  • Then click on submit button.
  • Then your driving license information will appear in front of you. You can print your online copy from here.

BRTA Driving License Check SMS

After completing the biometrics for your driving license, the reference number is given on the acknowledgment slip of BRTA. And to know whether your license has been issued with that reference number, follow the procedure below.

  • First, you need to enter the message option from your phone.
  • Then type DL.
  • Then put a space.
  • Then type your driving license reference number here.
  • After typing the information, send this SMS to the 26969 number. Follow the below example if you feel difficulty understanding.

DL 524589657478 and send it to 26969.

After sending the SMS, you will get a return SMS. The return message will then inform you of the current status of your smart card driving license.

DL Checker Bangladesh – Motor Driving License Check With DL Checker App

If you want to check the driving license online through the software or download the driving license online copy, then follow the procedure shown below.

  • First, go to the play store of your Android smartphone and search by writing DL Checker.
DL Checker Bangladesh
“DL Checker Bangladesh”
  • Open the app after installation, then input your driving license or reference number.
Motor Driving License Check With DL Checker App
“Motor Driving License Check With DL Checker App”
  • Then click on the Get Data button.
  • After one moment, you can view your driving license online with your name, date of birth, and license validity.

FAQs About Driving License

Many people ask several frequently asked questions about Learner Driving Licenses and Smart Card Driving Licenses. We have collected all these questions and answered them below. If you have any questions, then you can check the answer below.

  • How to collect a copy of my driving license online?

The easy way to collect a driving license copy online is when you check your driving license online; you can easily download your online copy from there.

  • What is the fee to pay for an online driving license check?

There is no fee to pay for Driving License Check online.

  • How to check my driving license through mobile?

You can check your driving license by downloading the DL Checker app from Play Store through mobile.

  • Why is it important for the BRTA gov BD driving license check?

The purpose of the BRTA gov BD Driving License Check is to verify the validity of your driving license.

  • What is required to check my driving license through mobile SMS?

The reference number is required to check your driving license through mobile SMS. When you do biometrics for your driving license, you will be given an acknowledgment paper and a reference number.

The ability to verify your driver’s license online has revolutionized the way you verify your driver’s license. It provides a convenient and efficient way to ensure that all drivers have valid driver’s licenses and are not disqualified for previous offenses.

By using his online platform, individuals can easily check their license status or that of any candidate, employee, or another person of interest.

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