Application for Dual Nationality Bangladesh

Application for Dual Nationality Bangladesh
Application for Dual Nationality Bangladesh

Applying for dual nationality in Bangladesh opens up a world of possibilities, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of being citizens of two countries.

You can pursue dual nationality by meeting certain requirements and providing the necessary documents while keeping your Bangladeshi citizenship. Collect the application and fill up the form with the correct information for dual nationality in Bangladesh.

After that, pay the required fee and complete the application. The full process of the application has been discussed below.

Dual Nationality In Bangladesh

Obtaining dual nationality is a consequential decision for individuals seeking to embrace the privileges and rights of being citizens of multiple countries.

Bangladesh acknowledges the importance of this aspect and extends the opportunity for its citizens to apply for dual nationality under specific conditions.

The application process for dual nationality in Bangladesh begins with meeting the prescribed eligibility criteria.

While these criteria may vary depending on the specific circumstances and requirements set forth by the government, they involve factors such as length of residency, marriage to a foreign national, or professional ties to another country.

Applicants will be asked to provide proof of Bangladeshi citizenship, such as a valid passport or national ID card.

Additionally, supporting documents such as marriage certificates, employment contracts, or proof of residency demonstrate the individual’s connection to the second country.

Each document should be carefully prepared and submitted according to the guidelines provided by the Bangladesh authorities.

Dual Nationality Requirements In Bangladesh

To be eligible for dual nationality in Bangladesh, individuals must meet specific criteria set by the government. Some common eligibility requirements are mentioned below.

  • Being a citizen of Bangladesh by birth or descent.
  • Possessing valid proof of current Bangladeshi citizenship.
  • Being of good character and not having a criminal record.
  • Residing in Bangladesh or having a significant connection with the country.

Required Documents

When applying for dual nationality in Bangladesh, applicants must submit several documents to support their application. The following documents are mentioned-

  • Completed application form for dual nationality.
  • Copy of the current Bangladeshi passport.
  • Proof of Bangladeshi citizenship (birth certificate, national ID card, etc.).
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of residence or significant connection with Bangladesh (employment letter, property ownership, etc.).
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Affidavit declaring the intention to retain Bangladeshi nationality.

Dual Nationality Application Process In Bangladesh

The application process for dual nationality in Bangladesh is given below. If you want to apply for dual citizenship in Bangladesh, follow the procedure carefully below.

  • First, collect the dual nationality application form from the consulate of Bangladesh. The pdf application form is given below.
Application for Dual Nationality Bangladesh
“Dual Nationality Application Process In Bangladesh”
  • Fill out the application form accurately and ensure all required fields are completed.
  • Gather all the necessary documents as mentioned in the application form.
  • Submit the completed application form and supporting documents to the designated authority.
  • Pay the required application fee as specified by the government.
  • If all the tasks are done, provide additional information if requested.
  • Finally, we await the decision on the dual nationality application.

Dual Nationality Application Form PDF

Dual Nationality Cost

To initiate the application process for dual nationality in Bangladesh, it is necessary to fulfill the requirement of submitting a processing fee. The processing fee amount is set at US $77.00.

It is essential to ensure that the payment is made through money order, bank draft, or certified check payable to the ‘Bangladesh Consulate General in the country.’Personal checks and cash payments will not be accepted for this purpose.

Dual Nationality Processing Time In Bangladesh

The processing time for dual nationality applications in Bangladesh depends on various factors, including the application’s complexity and the authorities’ workload.

It can take several months for the application to be processed and a decision to be reached. It is essential to be patient throughout the process and follow up with the authorities if necessary.

Benefits of Dual Nationality

Acquiring dual nationality in Bangladesh brings several advantages to individuals. Some of the benefits are mentioned here-

  • Full rights and privileges of being a citizen of Bangladesh and the second country.
  • Ability to travel visa-free or with more straightforward visa requirements to both countries.
  • Access to social welfare benefits and healthcare services in both countries.
  • Expanded opportunities for employment and business ventures.
  • Protection from deportation or forced removal from either country.

Limitations of Dual Nationality

While dual nationality offers numerous advantages, it also comes with certain limitations. Some of the limitations have been mentioned here-

  • Some countries may not recognize or accept dual nationality, which could restrict travel or residency rights.
  • Obligations and responsibilities of dual citizens may differ between countries, requiring compliance with multiple legal systems.
  • Depending on the tax laws and agreements in place, dual citizens may be subject to taxation in both countries.
  • In certain situations, the second country’s laws may take precedence over the rights granted by Bangladesh, potentially affecting legal matters.


  • Can I apply for dual nationality if I do not reside in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for dual nationality even if you are living abroad. You must provide proof of your significant connection with Bangladesh.

  • Will I lose my Bangladeshi citizenship if I acquire dual nationality?

Ans: No, acquiring dual nationality in Bangladesh does not result in the loss of Bangladeshi citizenship. You retain your citizenship in Bangladesh while gaining citizenship in the second country.

  • Can I apply for dual nationality if I have a criminal record?

Ans: Generally, individuals with a criminal record are not eligible for dual nationality in Bangladesh. The government requires applicants to have good character.

How long does it take to process a dual nationality application in Bangladesh?

Ans: The processing time can vary, but it typically takes several months to receive a decision on the application.

  • Can I travel visa-free with dual nationality from Bangladesh?

Ans: Dual nationality may provide visa-free travel or easier visa requirements to certain countries, but it is advisable to check each country’s specific regulations.

  • Can I apply for dual nationality if I am married to a citizen of another country?

Ans: Marriage to a citizen of another country does not automatically grant dual nationality. The application process and eligibility criteria still apply.


Applying for dual nationality in Bangladesh is a significant step that allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of being citizens of multiple countries.

Individuals can pursue dual nationality by providing the necessary documents while retaining their Bangladeshi citizenship.

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