E Passport Correction Online: Passport Correction Process

E Passport Correction Online
E Passport Correction Online

A passport refers to the passport the Government of Bangladesh issues its citizens for international travel. The passport is an essential document containing the traveler’s personal information, photo, and biometric data.

Sometimes we find some errors in our passports. For this reason, we must correct the passport immediately if we leave the country. Today, we’ll share the passport correction in this discussion.

E Passport Correction Online Application

In Bangladesh, the Department of Immigration and Passport issues passports to eligible citizens. To obtain a passport, the applicant must complete an online application form and submit it with the required documents, such as a birth certificate, national ID card, and other supporting documents.

After applying, the applicant must schedule an appointment with the passport office for biometric data collection and photo capturing. The processing time for a passport in Bangladesh is typically 7-21 working days, depending on the type of passport application.

Several types of passports are available in Bangladesh, including regular, official, and diplomatic passports. The validity of a regular passport is ten years for adults and five years for minors. The cost of a passport in Bangladesh varies depending on the type of passport and processing time.

E Passport Correction in Bangladesh

A passport with incorrect information can cause issues when traveling internationally. A passport containing incorrect information, such as a wrong name, birth date, or other important details, may be considered invalid or fraudulent.

Traveling with the wrong passport can lead to various issues, such as being denied entry to a foreign country, being detained by immigration officials, or being subject to legal penalties. Additionally, if incorrect information on the passport is discovered during the travel process, it can cause delays and inconvenience for the traveler.

Therefore, it is essential to correct any errors on a passport as soon as possible. If the passport was issued with incorrect information, it is important to contact the issuing authority to have it corrected. Sometimes, the passport may need to be reissued with the correct information.

E Passport Correction Form

To amend the passport, you first have to apply for an amendment, then apply online for the re-issue after paying the prescribed fee in print and submitting it along with the necessary documents to the passport office on the prescribed date. Complete the passport correction process by following the steps below.

You must complete the amendment form to apply for an amendment of your passport. Without filling out this form, you cannot apply for a passport amendment in any way.

E Passport Correction Form
“E-Passport Correction Form”
E Passport Correction Form
“E Passport Correction Form”

You can download the answer form online. There is given a link below where you will download the application form. So, download the form from the below link and fill it out correctly.

After filling out the form, you must attach some documents with the application form and submit them to the passport office. The required documents are mentioned below.

Passport Correction Application Form

Documents Required to Amend the Passport

You must submit some documents with the application form to the passport office. The required documents are mentioned below.

  • Print copy of the summary of the application form
  • Print a copy of the online application form
  • Passport Amendment Application Form
  • National Identity Card or Online Birth Registration (Main Copy & Photocopy)
  • Fee deposit receipt
  • The main copy of the previous passport and print copy of the data page
  • Go/NOC in case of Govt Servants

Documents required for correction of information

  • Marital Status (Nikahnama)
  • Copy of Electricity Bill, Copy of Telephone Bill, Police Clearance
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Self Name, Age Affidavit, Certificate
  • Name of Father/Mother affidavit, Certificate. Parent’s NID
  • In case of a lost passport: Original copy and photocopy of GD
  • If below 18 years own online birth certificate and NID of parents
  • 3R Size Gray Background Photograph in case of application below 06 years of age.
  • If below 15 years, a passport-size photograph of the parents
  • Chairman Certificate

After filling out the form correctly, the applicant who wishes to change or correct the information in the application form, according to the information, the applicant should submit all the necessary documents to the passport office.

The applicant can collect the passport from the office if the message is sent to the mobile number in the application form.

Passport Correction Fee Bangladesh

Now come to know the passport correction cost. You must pay the fee for correcting your passport. The application fee is charged through Sonali Bank, Bank Asia, Dhaka Bank, Premier Bank, One Bank, and Trust Bank.

After depositing this fee, a receipt is issued, which will be required later while filling out the form. 3,400 should be paid for getting the passport at the normal time of 21 days.

And if someone needs a passport urgently, he has to pay 6,900 to get the passport within 7 days. Application forms for correcting information should be filled out and submitted online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about passport correction that are asked by many people at different times through different channels. Below are those questions with answers.

I forgot the password for the online application. Now how can I recover my password?

If you have forgotten your password and want to recover it, first you need to go to the sign-in option of your account. After signing in to the account, you will see Forgot password written here. Click here to enter your email address. Then provide some information here and submit. Later the password will be sent to your email.

Can I change the mobile number in my online application to another mobile number?

Yes, you can. To do this first you need to log in to your passport account and from there you need to select data.

Then from here, you have to deactivate the notification option from the SMS notification menu. Then here you can provide a new mobile number.

Can I change the email address I used while applying online?

The answer is no. You cannot change the email address you have provided while applying online. But you can open a new account and apply there with your required email.

I did not get the account activation code in my email. Now, what can I do in that case?

See, in many cases, some of our important messages do not come to our email inboxes. It goes to the spam box and gets deposited. In this case, check your spam box to see if your activation code has gone there.

How can I check the status of my passport application?

To check the status of your passport application, you must first log in to your passport account. Here you need to click on Status Check from the menubar. Then you can check the status of your application by clicking on the search option with your application serial number and date of birth.

So, this is all about passport correction in Bangladesh. If you find any error in your passport, then amend it immediately. If you have difficulty understanding this whole article, please let us know by commenting below. Thank you.