E-Passport Fee in Bangladesh

E-Passport Fee in Bangladesh: Online E Passport Fee Payment (Bkash & Bank)

The E-passport is the recent most helpful work of digital Bangladesh. Department of Immigration & PassportsE-Passport Fee in Bangladesh. The E-passport fee is the same as regular MRP free, but some awesomeness about e-passport will blow your mind.

We have written several articles about e-passport Bangladesh including e-passport registration, passport correction, etc.

This article will make everything clear about the e-passport fee. Let’s find out how much it will cost to issue a new e-passport in Bangladesh and what kind of passport will be available in how many days.

Types Of E-passport In Bangladesh

Three different types of passports are issued in Bangladesh by the Department of Immigration & Passports: Government Passport, Normal Citizen Passport, and Diplomatic passport.

But here, in this article, we will talk about ordinary citizen passports. An ordinary passport comes with a green cover. We will get 2 types of normal e-passports based on their size.

  1. 48 Paged E-passport.
  2. 64 Paged E-passport.

And there are two types of passports based on validity. Both passports can be 48 pages and 64 pages.

  1. 5 Years Term, and
  2. 10 Years Term.

E-Passport Application Fee Bangladesh

E-passport fee varies based on passport pages, validity, and delivery time. Let’s see how much it will cost to get an e-passport based on different passport categories.

Passport With 48 Pages & 5 Years Validity

Based on regular, express, and super express delivery time, passport-free varies from BDT. 4025 to BDT. 8625.

SL No.Delivery TypeDelivery PeriodPassport fee Tk.VAT 15% Taka.Total Taka
1Regular DeliveryWithin 21 Days35005254025
2Express DeliveryWithin 10 Days55008256325
3Super Express DeliveryWithin 2 Days750011258625

Passport With 64 Pages & 10 Years Validity

64 pages passport for 10 years costs 8050 for regular delivery. The passport fee will increase based on delivery time.

SL No.Delivery TypeDelivery PeriodPassport fee Tk.VAT 15% Taka.Total Taka
1Regular DeliveryWithin 21 Days700010508050
2Express DeliveryWithin 10 Days9000135010350
3Super Express DeliveryWithin 2 Days12000180013800

Passport With 48 Pages & 10 Years Validity

48 pages passport for 10 years validity costs 5750 Tk as a regular delivery. And a super express delivery passport costs 10350 Tk.

SL No.Delivery TypeDelivery PeriodPassport fee Tk.VAT 15% Taka.Total Taka
1Regular DeliveryWithin 21 Days50007505750
2Express DeliveryWithin 10 Days700010508050
3Super Express DeliveryWithin 2 Days9000135010350

Passport With 64 Pages & 5 Years Validity

64 pages passport for 5 years validity costs 6325-12075Tk. Here are the detailed fee based on different types of passport delivery.

SL No.Delivery TypeDelivery PeriodPassport fee Tk.VAT 15% Taka.Total Taka
1Regular DeliveryWithin 21 Days55008256325
2Express DeliveryWithin 10 Days750011258625
3Super Express DeliveryWithin 2 Days10500157512075

E-Passport Fee Bank List

Many of us think that the fee we pay for e-passport applications can only be paid to government or a limited number of banks, which is a complete misconception. Many public sector banks, as well as private banks, accept e-passport fees. Below is a list of banks where we can pay fees for E-passport.

  1. ONE Bank.
  2. Premier Bank.
  3. Sonali Bank.
  4. Trust Bank.
  5. Bank Asia.
  6. Dhaka Bank.

Passport Fee Online Payment Bangladesh

To pay the e-passport fee, you can follow several ways. But now, you can pay the e-passport fee online. There is no offline, in-office passport fee payment available right now. The offline payment is paid through any registered bank listed in this article. So, if you want to pay the passport fee online, you can follow the bkash payment and bank payment processes online. Here we go:

Passport Fee By bKash

You can pay the e-passport and MRP passport fee through bkash from home. Paying the passport fee by bkash is not that hard; you can do it alone. To pay the bkash passport fee, you must go through e Chalan. Here is the process:

  • Pay passport fee through e Chalan.
  • Add your Chalan copy with your passport application.
Passport Fee By bKash
“Passport Fee By bKash.”

Sonali Bank Online Passport Fee Payment

There are several banks available by which you can pay the passport fee. Almost every registered bank pays a passport fee and gives you a Chalan copy. Sonali Bank’s online passport fee payment process is easy to complete.

You must go to any Sonali bank center, pay your passport fee, and add the Chalan copy to your passport application. You are done!

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