Ena Paribahan Bus: Schedule, Counters, Ticket Price, Online Ticket Booking 2024

Ena Paribahan Bus
Ena Paribahan Bus

Ena Paribahan ticket price starts from 300 TK. The ticket can be booked online by visiting their website or calling any counter. The ticket price may increase depending on the time and situation.

Ena Paribahan may charge additional fees or taxes for online ticket bookings, which can vary depending on the route, destination, and other factors.

Ena Paribahan Bus Information

Ena Paribahan is one of the bus operators providing the highest service for passengers on various daily routes in Bangladesh. Ena Paribahan has both AC and Non AC services. Ena Paribahan has introduced online ticket booking. Ticket booking can be done instantly by calling any counter according to the location.

Ena Paribahan Bus Route

Ena Paribahan runs from the Rangpur district of Bangladesh to Cox’s Bazar across the country. Among these, the roads that have the most traffic are mentioned.

  • Dhaka to Bogra-Rangpur
  • Dhaka to Sylhet
  • Dhaka to Biyanibazar
  • Dhaka to Srimangal-Moulivibazar
  • Dhaka to Chatok-Sunamganj
  • Dhaka to HobiGanj
  • Dhaka to Mymensingh
  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Cox’s Bazar to Sylhet
  • Cox’s Bazar to Shayestaganj
  • Chokoria to Sylhet
  • Shayestaganj to Chittagong
  • Sylhet to Feni
  • Sylhet to Comilla
  • Uttara to Chittagong
  • Gazipur to Rangpur

Ena Paribahan Time Shedule

Ena Transportation service is always concerned about their scheduled time. They give priority to the value of their customer’s time. The schedule starts at the same time every day. The time for the departure from Dhaka to other places is given below.

  • Dhaka to Mymensingh: 5:30 am and 5:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Netrokona: 6:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • Dhaka to Jamalpur: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Sherpur: 7:30 am and 7:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Tangail: 8:00 am and 8:00 pm
  • Panchagor To Dhaka: 07:45 am and 11:00 pm
  • Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar: 07:30 am and 10:20 pm
  • Dhaka To Bogura: 06:30 am and 10:30 pm
  • Dhaka To Kurigram: 07:15 am and 10:30 pm
  • Dhaka To Sylhet: 05:30 am and 11:55 pm
  • Dhaka To Rangpur: 01:00 am and 11:00 pm

Ena Paribahan Bus Ticket Price 2024

Before booking the ticket, knowing the ticket price is necessary. Ena Paribahan ticket price depends on distance, AC, and Non AC service. Here is the ticket price of Ena Paribahan as per the latest updated information. You can book tickets according to your budget and needs.

Ena Paribahan AC Bus Ticket Price

Ena Paribahan provides AC bus service on various routes to ensure maximum service. However, AC bus service is not available on all routes in Bangladesh. The AC bus ticket price for all routes with AC bus service is shown.

Departure Destination Price BDT
Cox’s Bazar Sylhet 1400
Cox’s Bazar Shayestaganj 1200
Chokoria Sylhet 1350
Chokoria Shayestaganj 1150
Chittagong Sylhet 1000
Feni Sylhet 800
Comilla Sylhet 800
Uttara Chittagong 650
Gazipur Rangpur 700

Ena Paribahan Non-AC Bus Ticket Price

Those who want to travel by Ena Paribahan but have less budget can choose non-AC. Ena Paribahan’s non-AC service operates on all routes in Bangladesh. The ticket price of non-AC service of all these routes is given in the table below.

Departure Destination Price BDT
Chittagong Sylhet 700
Feni Sylhet 600
Comilla Sylhet 500
Uttara Chittagong 480
Uttara Sunamganj 550
Uttara Moulvibazar 400
Uttara Feni 300
Gazipur Rangpur 500
Dhaka Sreemangal 400
Dhaka Sylhet 470
Dhaka Rangpur 500
Dhaka Chittagong 470
Dhaka Thakurgaon 600
Dhaka Panchagor 700
Dhaka Cox’s Bazar 800
Dhaka Kurigram 550

Ena Paribahan Counter List

If you want to book Ena Paribahan tickets online, book tickets by calling from any counter according to your location. Listed below are the names and numbers of the main counters in Bangladesh district-wise. You can call any counter according to your location to know about the transport service.

Ena Paribahan Dhaka Counter

  • Mohakhali Bus Stand: 01760-737650 (Non-AC), 01619-737650 (AC)
  • Kachukhet Bus Point: 01869-802732
  • Hotel Monolova: 01869-802726
  • Station Road: 01760-737653
  • BGB Market: 01760-737651
  • Shib Bari, Gazipur: 01941-714714
  • Gazipur Chourasta, Gazipur: 01776-191421
  • Mirpur- 11: Mirpur: 11/5 (Sahre 11) 01869-802731
  • Mirpur 10 no. circle: 01878-059201
  • Gabtali Terminal: 01958-135207
  • Abdullahpur Counter: 01958-135154
  • Jirani: 01973-586888
  • Asad Gate: 01958-135172
  • Savar: 01958-135175
  • Kalyanpur: 01958-135173
  • Nabinagar: 01958-135176
  • Chandra: 01958-135179

Ena Paribahan Sylhet Counter

  • Sylhet Bus Terminal: 01760-079986, 01619-737656 (AC)
  • Kadamtali, Sylhet: 01619-737656, 01958-135201, 01760-079986, 01760-079987, 01619-737650.
  • Shahjalal Mazar Gate: 01611-950750.
  • Subhanighat Point: 01680-292430
  • Humayun Chattar, Sylhet: 01958-135202
  • Sunamganj Dhaka Bus Stand: 01776-191418
  • Sunamganj Pagla: 01776-191417
  • Sunamganj Jaua: 01776-191412
  • Sunamganj Gobindaganj: 01776-191434
  • Srimangal: 01756-915198
  • Moulvibazar: 01768-321464
  • Goalabazar: 01615-465433
  • Aushkandi: 01722-215850
  • Sherpur: 01737-151184
  • Narsingdi Velanagar: 01916-278526
  • Biyanibazar: 01712-233364
  • Hotel Highway Inn: 01958-135203
  • Hotel Rajmoni: 01958-135208
  • Shayestaganj: 01747-926743
  • Ulipur: 01761-018125
  • Mazar Gate, Sylhet: 01611-950750
  • Habiganj: 01722-706075
  • Khattak: 01722-230348
  • Bishwanath: 01707-352391
  • Borolekha: 01815-257132
  • Juri: 01730-854448
  • Kulaura: 01837-083500

Ena Paribahan Chittagong Counter

  • Alangkar Counter: 01958-135164, 01869-802742.
  • Feni Mahipal: 01984-999673
  • Hotel Nurzahan, Kumilla: 01958-135140
  • Hotel Zamzam, Kumilla 01958-135139
  • BTRC Counter: 01958-135165, 01869-802744
  • Kumira: 01974-977275
  • Navy Gate Counter: 01869-802743, 01869-802743
  • Baraiarhat Counter: 01850-819273, 01872-625745
  • Freeport Counter: 01869-802749
  • Mireshwarai Counter: 01869-802747
  • Sitakunda Counter: 01869-802746
  • Bhatiari Counter: 01869-802745
  • Dampara Counter: 01958-135166, 01878-059209
  • Bayejid: 01711-969904
  • AK Khan Counter: 01617-242710, 01711-346177

Ena Paribahan Cox’s Bazar Counter

  • Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal: 01958-135214, 0188-059206.
  • Chakaria Old Bus Stand Counter: 01317-676707, 01838-333334.
  • Chakaria Bus Terminal Counter: 01687-774106, 01878-059210
  • Khutakhali Counter: 01875-1176
  • Eidgah Counter: 01734-703035, 01878-059208
  • Ramu Counter: 01872-508990
  • Cox’s Bazar Link Road Counter: 01819-843596, 01878-059207
  • Window Tirez Hotel Counter: 01878-059205
  • Ocean Paradise Hotel Counter: 01878-059204.
  • Sea Alif hotel Counter: 01621-499522
  • Long Beach Counter: 01958-135210, 01878-059203
  • Dolphin: 01958-135213
  • Sea Hill: 01958-135212
  • Sugandha: 01958-135211
  • Jhautala Counter: 01878-059202, 01958-135208, 01958-135209, 01721-282533

Ena Paribahan North Bengal Counter

  • Rangpur Kamarpara (Dhaka Bus Stand): 01958-135218
  • Mokamtola: 01797-818757
  • Bogura B Block: 01771-424949
  • Polashbari: 01797-818753
  • Gobindaganj: 01797-818752
  • Shathibar: 01797-818754
  • Bagura Sherpur: 01797-818758
  • Chilmari: 01958-135186
  • Thakurgaw Bangabandhu Road: 01958-135190
  • Thakurgaw NC Road: 01728-541380
  • Kurigram: 01958-135184
  • Ulipur: 01958-135185
  • Birganj: 01958-135191
  • Ranir Bandar: 01958-135192
  • Syedpur: 01958-135193
  • Jaldhaka: 01958-135196
  • Dimla: 01958-135197
  • Nageshwari: 01958-135198
  • Nageshwari: 01958-135245
  • Vurungamari: 01958-135199
  • Hotel Food Village: 01958-135205
  • Pirganj: 01797-818756

Ena Paribahan Online Ticket 2023

Ena Paribahan, one of Bangladesh’s leading bus transportation companies, has taken a step towards modernization by introducing online ticketing services for the year 2023.

With the convenience of online booking, passengers can now easily purchase Ena Paribahan Bus Tickets Online 2023 from the comfort of their own homes or on the go using their smartphones. Besides, tickets can be booked by calling any counter according to the location.

Step-by-Step Process of Ena Paribahan Online Ticket Booking 2023

Ena Paribahan’s online ticket booking system provides a convenient and efficient way for travelers to physically book bus tickets without the hassle of visiting ticket counters.

Following the step-by-step process, you can easily book Ena Paribahan tickets online and enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience. Follow the step-by-step guide below to book your tickets without any hassle.

  • Visit the Ticket Booking website.

Open your preferred web browser and visit the Ticket booking website of Ena Paribahan at: https://www.bookaway.com/suppliers/ena-paribahan.

  • Select Your Present Location and Destination

Enter your source and destination cities or towns in the respective fields on the website’s homepage. Select the departure date, and click on the Find Tickets button.

  • Choose your bus and seat

The website will display a list of available buses for your selected route, departure time, ticket fare, and seat availability. Choose your preferred bus and seat, and click the Book Now button.

  • Provide passenger details

Enter the required passenger details, including name, contact number, email address, and any other information as prompted. Fill out the blank box correctly.

  • Make Payment

Select your preferred payment method from the available options, such as credit/debit card, mobile banking, or cash on delivery, and provide the required details. Verify the payment information and click on the Pay button to complete the payment process.

  • Get Confirmation

Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation message with your booking details, including the bus name, departure time, seat number, and ticket fare. You can print the e-ticket or save the digital copy on your smartphone for reference.

Suppose you do not receive a confirmation message after booking Ena Paribahan tickets online. In that case, you can contact the customer support helpline or check your booking status on the website using the booking reference number provided during the booking process.


  • How can I book tickets online with Ena Paribahan?

Ans: Visit their official website or mobile app to book tickets online with Ena Paribahan. You can select your travel route, date, and preferred seat and make payment using available online payment methods.

  • What routes does Ena Paribahan cover?

Ans: Ena Paribahan is a bus transport service provider in Bangladesh, covering various routes. You can check their website for the list of available routes and destinations.

  • What payment methods are accepted for online ticket booking with Ena Paribahan?

Ans: Ena Paribahan accepts online payment methods such as debit/credit cards, mobile banking, and other popular digital wallets. You can choose the payment method that is convenient for you during the online ticket booking process.

  • Can I cancel or modify my online ticket booking with Ena Paribahan?

Ans: Ena Paribahan allows cancellation and modification of online ticket bookings, subject to their terms and conditions. You can check their website for cancellation and modification policies and contact customer support for assistance.

  • Can I get a refund for my canceled ticket with Ena Paribahan?

Ans: Ena Paribahan’s refund policy for canceled tickets may vary. In case of a valid cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund, which will be processed per their refund policy.

Final Words

To ensure a smooth ticket booking process, reviewing Ena Paribahan’s terms and conditions and refund policies and following best practices for online transactions is important. Contact Ena Paribahan’s customer support is recommended for any queries or issues. Happy travels with Ena Paribahan!

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