GP All Service Off Code 2024

GP All Service Off Code

Grameenphone is a leading SIM company in Bangladesh, known for its excellent service quality and customer satisfaction.

They continually introduce new services and features for their esteemed customers, including special calling rates, international SMS facilities, call-blocking options, and more.

To help you conveniently deactivate unwanted services, we have compiled a list of GP Service Off Codes below.

GP All Services 2024

GP offers a plethora of services designed to its customer diverse needs. Whether you seek real-time updates, the latest cricket scores, daily news highlights, or more, GP has covered you.

To effectively manage your subscriptions and take appropriate actions, it’s essential to identify the active service. Typically, the message deducting your balance mentions the name of the service. Below, we present an extensive list of the remarkable services available on GP SIM.

  • Welcome Tune
  • Icche Tune
  • Music Radio
  • Music News
  • Entertainment Box
  • Bengali Lifestyle Service
  • Kitchen Tips
  • Jokes
  • Beauty Tips
  • Book Info Service
  • Fashion Tips
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Social Alert
  • Happy Life
  • IT Tips
  • Informative Query
  • Self Development
  • Namaz & Hadith Alert
  • 5 Times Namaz Timing Alert
  • Religious Video
  • Amol
  • Fazilat
  • Ifter – Sehri Alert
  • Hajj Services
  • Ijtema Services
  • Cricket Alert
  • Football Alert
  • Sports Alert
  • Sports Celebrity Gossip
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Call Block

GP Services And Stop Code

While deactivating all services with a single message is unavailable, GP provides a convenient alternative. Instead of enduring the potential boredom of waiting on hold to speak with customer care, you can directly deactivate specific services using the following dial codes.

This way, you can customize your subscription and promptly deactivate the services you no longer wish to use. Here are the desired dial codes to shut down each service.

Service Off Method
Welcome Tune Type Stop and send to 24000
Icche Tune Type IT<SPACE>Stop and send to 24000
Dial *24000*2*5#
Music Radio Type STOP and send SMS to 24040.
Music News *111*3*5*1*5#
Entertainment Box Type STOP <space> FL to 21234
Bengali Lifestyle Service Type STOP <space> NYP to 22666
Kitchen Tips Type STOP <space> KT to 22666
Jokes Type STOP <space> J to 22666
Beauty Tips Type STOP <space> B to 22666
Book Info Service
Type STOP <space> BK to 22666
Fashion Tips Type STOP <space> CG to 22666
Social Alert
Type STOP <space> SA to 22666
IT Tips Type STOP <space> IT to 22666
Informative Query Type STOP <space> IQ to 22666
Self Development
Type STOP <space> SD to 22666
Namaz & Hadith Alert
Type STOP <space> NH to 22321
5 Times Namaz Timing Alert Type STOP <space> NA to 22321
Religious Video Type STOP <space> RV to 22321
Amol Type STOP <space> AMOL to 22321
Ifter – Sehri Alert
Type STOP <space> IS to 22321
Hajj Services Type STOP <space> HA to 22321
Cricket Alert Type Stop Cric to 22321
Football Alert Type Stop FT to 22321
Sports Alert Type Stop Sports to 22321
Sports Celebrity Gossip Type Stop SG to 22321
Job News STOP<space>JOB CATEGORY to 23003
Call Block *121*6*4*4#
Breaking News

GP All Service Off Code

GP understands that sometimes you may want to halt all value-added services simultaneously. With GP’s convenient solution, you can swiftly end unwanted services, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Follow these steps to get rid yourself of all unnecessary subscriptions.

  • First, enter your Message box and type “Stop all
  • Send this SMS to 2332.

After sending this sms, a confirmation will be sent to your mobile for all service unsubscriptions.


  • How can I determine which GP services are currently active on my SIM?

Ans: GP usually sends a message mentioning the service name when deducting your balance. You can also check your active services by dialing *121*1*5# and following the on-screen prompts.

  • Can I deactivate all GP services at once?

Ans: GP does not provide an option to deactivate all services with a single message. It would be best to use the specific dial codes mentioned for each service to deactivate them individually.

  • Is there a charge for deactivating GP services?

Ans: Generally, there is no charge for deactivating GP services.

  • How long does it take for a service to be deactivated after using the dialing code?

Ans: Service deactivation is usually immediate or may take a few minutes.

  • Can I reactivate a service after deactivating it?

Ans: Yes, you can reactivate the service at any time by using the respective activation method or dial code associated with that particular service.

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