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GP Buddy Tracker – Grameenphone Location Tracker

GP has introduced the Buddy Tracker service so that we can track our friends, family members, and near & dear ones anytime we want, and the best part is the charge is only BDT 2/per 100 SMS (SD & VAT & SC applicable).

From the 101st SMS & onwards, customers will be charged BDT 2.55 per SMS. To track your friend, type LOCATE<space >Friend’s number or Friend’s name and send to 23020; the return SMS will tell you your friend’s location.

GP Buddy Tracker Info

In Bangladesh, GP offers a convenient service called GP Buddy Tracker, introduced to help you stay connected with your friends and loved ones.

Let’s learn how to use this service, explaining each step thoroughly in simple terms for all GP users.

GP Buddy Location Tracker Registration Process

Before getting the GP buddy location tracker service, you have to register first. Starting with the GP Buddy Tracker is a simple task. Follow these steps for quick registration:

  • Begin by typing START <Your Name>.
  • Send the SMS to 23020.

Once you’ve done this, watch for a confirmation message. This will let you know that your registration is completed.

GP Buddy Friend Adding Method

You can add friends to your tracking list now that you’re registered. Here’s how to do it:

Compose a message in the following format: ADD <Friend’s Mobile Number> <Friend’s Name>.
Send this SMS to 23020.

By following these simple steps, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your friends and family members.

GP Buddy Friend Request Accepting

What if you receive a friend request and want to accept it? No worries; it’s a simple method. Just follow the steps below to accept the GP buddy friend request.

  • Type Y <Friend’s Mobile Number> in a message.
  • Send this SMS to 23020.

This process will allow you to accept your friend’s request and quickly track their location.

How to Find a Friend’s Location

Sometimes, you may need to locate a friend for various reasons. When you want to find a friend’s location, take action in the simple steps below. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a message using LOCATE <Friend’s Mobile Number or Name>.
  • Send this SMS to 23020.

Shortly afterward, you’ll receive an SMS with the location details of your friend.

GP Buddy Location Tracker Charges

GP Buddy Tracker is incredibly affordable. You’ll only be charged BDT 2 for every 100 SMS you send, and this includes the applicable SD (Service Charge), VAT (Value Added Tax), and SC (Supplementary Duty).

If you go beyond 100 SMS, the charge remains at BDT 2 per SMS, including the relevant taxes and fees.

GP Buddy All Services

You must follow some keywords to get any service from the GP Buddy tracker. Here’s a handy list of essential keywords and examples for using GP Buddy Tracker effectively. The service shortcode is 3020.

ServiceAccessible to Registered UsersAccessible to Unregistered UsersKeywordExampleDescription
STARTYesYesSTART <Your Name>START MukitTo activate Buddy Tracker Services
ADDYesNoADD<space><Friend Number><space><Friend Name>ADD 017xxxxxxxx AbidTo Add friend
Y(Accept)YesYesY <space> friend’s mobile numberY AAAAATo accept a friend request
N(Reject)Yes YesN <space> friend’s mobile numberN AAAAATo Reject a friend request
STOPYesNo STOP STOPTo Deactivate Buddy Tracker Services
LOCATEYesNoLOCATE <ME> or <Friend Number> or <Friend Name>LOCATE 017xxxxxxxxTo Locate a friend or yourself
HIDEYesYesHIDE or HIDE <Friend Number> or <Friend Name>HIDE 017xxxxxxxxTo hide the location from users
SHOWYesYes SHOW or SHOW<space><Friend Number> or <Friend Name>SHOW 017xxxxxxxTo show the location of users
LISTYes NoLIST LISTTo see a list of friends that I can track
LIST SHOWYesYesLIST<space><SHOW>LIST ShowTo see a list of users who are tracking me
LIST HIDEYesYes LIST<space><HIDE>LIST Hide To see a list of users, I kept myself hide
DELETEYes NoDELETE<space><Friend Number>or<Friend Name>DELETE AbidTo delete a friend from the friend list
HELPYesNoHELPHELP To get help from customer care.
VIEWYesNoVIEW VIEWTo know what services you subscribe to.
INFO YesNo INFOINFOTo contact customer care
INDEX YesYesINDEX INDEXTo get help from Buddy Tracker services.


  • What exactly is GP Buddy Tracker?

Ans: GP Buddy Tracker is a valuable service that enables you to track the locations of your friends and family members through simple SMS messages.

  • How much does the GP Buddy Tracker cost?

Ans: The cost is incredibly budget-friendly at BDT 2 per 100 SMS, including SD, VAT, and SC charges. Beyond 100 SMS, each additional SMS is also priced at BDT 2, with the applicable taxes and fees.

  • How can I add friends to my tracking list?

Ans: To add friends to your tracking list, send an SMS with the format “ADD <Friend’s Mobile Number> <Friend’s Name>” to 23020.

Final Words

GP Buddy Tracker is more than just a service; it’s a reassuring way to stay connected with your loved ones in Bangladesh.

It makes it a go-to choice for those who want to know where their friends are. With GP Buddy Tracker, you’re always just an SMS away from peace of mind.


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