GP Call Waiting Code- Activate Call waiting in GP SIM

GP Call Waiting Code
GP Call Waiting Code

GP Call Waiting allows you not to miss important calls when you are already on the phone. Users can activate or deactivate GP Call Waiting using specific dialing codes or dialing customer care number.

Grameenphone Call Waiting Service

GP Call Waiting is a telecommunications service that allows users to receive incoming calls even while they are already engaged in a phone conversation.

When Call Waiting is enabled, if someone tries to call you while on a call, you will be notified of the incoming call through a beep or tone.

You can then choose to either put the current call on hold and answer the new call or ignore the incoming call and continue your ongoing conversation.

GP Call Waiting On/Off Code

GP is introducing a new call-waiting service for all its users, regardless of whether they prefer having call-waiting enabled or disabled. GP has made it easy for users to toggle this feature on and off using simple codes.

If you wish to activate the call waiting service, you can do so by dialing a specific code. Conversely, if you don’t want a call waiting, you can deactivate it with another code. For more detailed information, please read the following carefully.

GP Call Waiting ON Code

Here, we will guide you on how to activate GP’s call-waiting service. If you’re interested in using the call-waiting feature, follow the instructions.

To activate GP Call waiting, then dial the code *43#. After dialing the code, the welcome tune service will start automatically.

GP Call Waiting OFF Code

GP has introduced the call waiting service, which is very interesting, but there is a bit of a charge for using the service. For this reason, many want to turn on this feature after using it for some days or months.

There’s a solution if you don’t prefer GP’s call waiting service. GP has introduced a call waiting stop code. You can opt out of the service by dialing the code #43#.


  • What is GP’s Call Waiting Service?

Ans: GP introduced a call-waiting service for all GP users; it allows you to receive calls even when you are on another call. Whether you like call waiting or not, GP provides a simple way to manage it.

  • How can I turn off GP Call Waiting?

Ans: To turn off GP Call Waiting, dial the following code: #43#.

  • How can I turn on GP Call Waiting?

Ans: If you want to enable GP Call Waiting, dial the following code: *43#. The service will be activated automatically.

  • Can I switch the GP Call Waiting service on and off as needed?

Ans: Using the provided codes, you can easily switch the GP Call Waiting service on and off based on your preference.

  • Is there a charge for using GP Call Waiting?

Ans: GP provides this service for your convenience, and a few call charges are associated with it.

Final Words

Just dial *43# to activate call waiting and #43# to deactivate the service. Whether you prefer to have a call waiting on or off, GP offers an easy and accessible solution to your needs.

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