GP Number Check Code 2024

Grameenphone Number Check Code

Those who are GP SIM users often do not remember their own numbers. In this case, they may need to check their number during recharge or any other work. Be it prepaid or postpaid. To check the number, there are different USSD code numbers for prepaid and postpaid.

GP Number Check Code

With the GP number check code, you can easily verify your mobile phone number and stay connected with your contacts. Whether you’re a new GP user or have been using their services for a while, the GP number check code provides a quick and convenient way to access your mobile phone number information.

GP has three types of number check codes: GP Prepaid, GP Postpaid, and Skitto Number Check Code. These three types of codes are given below.

GP Prepaid Number Check Code

Bangladesh has the largest number of GP SIM users who use prepaid SIMs. They go to the dial option and dial *2# to check their prepaid SIM number. Just dial it, and your GP prepaid number will show.

GP Postpaid Number Check Code

Now come to GP postpaid number. Those who use GP postpaid SIM and want to check this phone number can check GP postpaid number by dialing *111*8#.

Skitto Number Check Code

Currently, another variant of GP SIM is Skitto. People using Skitto SIM may also need to check their numbers occasionally. If you need to check the Skitto SIM number, go to the dial option and dial *2#. Dialing it will show the Skitto number.


  • Is there any charge for checking my GP number?

Ans: No, checking your GP number using the GP number check code *2# is free of charge. You won’t be charged for receiving the message with your GP mobile number.

  • Can I check my GP number online?

Ans: No, the GP number check code *2# is a USSD code that needs to be dialed on a GP mobile phone to check the GP number. It cannot be checked online.

  • Is the GP number check code the same for all GP subscribers?

Ans: Yes, the GP number check code *2# is the same for all GP subscribers, regardless of the subscription plan or package.

  • What should I do if the GP number check code doesn’t work?

Ans: If the GP number check code *2# doesn’t work, you can contact GP customer service for assistance or visit a nearby GP service center for help.

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