Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh 2024

Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh
Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh

An Italy sponsor visa is a type of visa that allows a foreign national to enter Italy for specific purposes. The sponsor is usually an Italian citizen, legal resident, or organization that agrees to take financial responsibility for the applicant and provide any necessary support during their stay in Italy.

To apply for an Italy sponsor visa, the applicant must submit various documents, including a letter of invitation from the sponsor, travel and health insurance, and a completed visa application form.

Now let us know what you need to do for Italy Sponsor Visa, how you can apply, how much will be the application fee for this application etc.

Italy Sponsored Visa For Bangladeshi Citizen

Italy is a European Union country. Every year many workers and other citizens migrate from Bangladesh to this country belonging to the European Union for various purposes.

They moved to Italy on different visas. Italy has different types of visas, such as student visas, tourist visas, medical visas, sponsor visas, and many more.

Among these, our main discussion is about Italy Sponsored visas. Italy sponsor visa is when someone from Italy sends you an invitation letter or permission letter for a visa. Based on their letter, you can go to Italy on a sponsored visa.

Here you can apply for a sponsored visa from Bangladesh. But if you have any relatives or friends in Italy, then you can apply for a sponsored visa through them from their country.

You must apply from the Ministry of Home Affairs for an Italy Sponsor Visa. Italy Sponsors require an Italy SPID Electronics ID to use. That is why those living outside Italy cannot do it.

Benefits of Italy Sponsor Visa

Italy Sponsor Visa has various benefits. If you can get to Italy through a sponsored visa, you can enter without hassle. Here everything is done through your sponsor visa, as the sponsored visa is completely safe.

Sponsored visas are invited by Italian agencies or company owners looking to hire workers based on their company’s needs.

Sponsor visas facilitate employment in certain occupations. If a worker enters Italy, he is provided with food, other related facilities, and his salary.

If a citizen stays in Italy on a sponsored visa, he can apply for a work permit visa before the visa expires without any complex steps. In this case, he can be invited by various companies for a work permit visa.

Get Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh

When Italy hires new workers, the recruitment process is done through sponsorship by various companies. There are some caveats to getting an Italy-sponsored visa.

Contact a government agency directly if you want to apply for a sponsored visa here because you will not have any risk and will get more opportunities.

But if you have training in a particular job and are skilled, the preference will be more to go for that particular job, and your opportunities will increase. Therefore, if you apply according to the job in which you are skilled and trained, your application will be more accepted.

So according to your training and skills, you can apply for Italy sponsored visa by contacting the government agency.

Italy Sponsor Visa Application Rules

It would be best to remember a few things when applying for an Italy Sponsor Visa. That does not apply to agencies other than government agencies because government agencies sponsor Italy-sponsored visas.

If you are skilled and competent, you can visit the Italy visa website and contact companies from Bangladesh that match your job. In this case, the company will take your resume and work skills from you.

So when you show them your resume and provide proof of your work and certificates, the company can look at your work skills and invite them to hire you.

In that case, if the company is approved by the government and is operating by all government regulations, then the company will take measures through which the government intervention will help you get the visa to that country.

You will then get this visa with the company’s help, and in some cases, they will agree to bear the cost of this visa themselves after seeing your biodata.

But if they are unwilling to cover your expenses, you must collect their invitation letter and contact your government agency. In this case, they may ask you for certain costs. It is usually between 10 to 12 lakh TK. So if you can afford this money, you can apply for an Italy-sponsored visa.

But if you don’t apply yourself, you can talk to the government agency directly. They will help you with the application. In this case, your expenses may increase. Since the government agency will manage everything, you must pay your full expenses and get a valid visa.

There is another way to get Italy sponsored visa. If you have any relatives or brothers or sisters, etc., in the family, you can apply for a sponsored visa in Italy through them.

In this case, since they are staying in Italy, the acceptance of their application will be higher, and the chances of getting your sponsored visa will increase.

So as per the mentioned field, you need to apply for a sponsored visa in Italy. After applying, take a printout of the application form along with the required documents and contact your government agency.

But remember one thing, don’t contact any private company. Because private companies can never manage sponsor visas. So you have to contact the government agency.

Documents Required for Italian sponsor visa Application

When you apply for a sponsored visa in Italy, you must upload some necessary documents. In this case, they will accept or reject your application after considering your necessary documents. The documents you will need to apply are-

  • Valid passport photocopy of 6 months validity
  • 6 copies of passport-size color photographs
  • Photocopy of NID card
  • Photocopy of birth registration card
  • Proof of that is currently working
  • Proof of working abroad

Italy Sponsor Visa Applying Tips

There are some important things to remember when you apply for a sponsored visa in Italy. These are about your biodata and documents. Those important suggestions are given below.

  • You must add your contact details, such as your name and phone.
    Also, include your nationality in the CV. This will help an employer see which work visas may apply to you.
  • Provide all your professional experience in the CV. Also, make sure your list starts with your most recent work experience. This list should contain all your education details, such as university degrees and other relevant qualifications.
  • Create your CV in English if your CV applies to your related field or position in a particular company.
  • Don’t forget to include your language skills, especially if you know Italian. Knowing Italian on your CV can sometimes make a huge difference.

Interview For Italy Sponsor Visa

Before going to Italy on a sponsored visa, you must interview with an Italian company or agency. When you apply to the sponsoring office, after checking your application, if you are selected, they will interview you. In this case, they can interview you online.

Even if the interview is online, you must dress well to impress culturally. Find out what Italians like to dress like. Make sure to maintain eye contact during the interview.

It would be best if you tried to appear on your online interview board at least 10 to 15 minutes before the interview time. Because if there is any time manipulation, your application may be canceled first.

Italy Sponsor Visa Cost

It is not possible to say the exact cost of Italy Sponsored Visa. Because the cost of Italy sponsored visa varies from company to company. If a company invites you to their company and they cover all the costs of your visa, you will not have to pay for your Italy sponsor visa. It may cost you to do some additional work.

On the other hand, if a company likes you and they don’t pay, you have to join their company with your money. In this case, you can talk to the government agency. But in this case, it may cost you 10 to 12 lakhs.

But if it is a seasonal visa and with the special help of the government, many people get visas between 3 to 4 lakhs. You need to contact the best agency considering everything.

Warning For Italy Sponsor Visa

Some caveats exist before applying for or paying for the Italy Sponsored Visa. Your intentions are correct if you have an Italy sponsor visa managed by a government agency.

But you are at risk if you apply through a private agency or a scammer. Because government agencies can only manage Italian sponsor visas, no private agency can arrange Italian sponsor visas.

In that case, they will give you a fake visa and take money from you, and if you somehow manage to get to Italy with it, you will have to flee from there. Because they can never give you a valid visa, be especially careful in this case.

You need to keep a regular check on getting Italy sponsored visa. This visa usually starts the application in March of the new year. So, in this case, check regularly when the Italian sponsor visa application starts. Look in the newspaper.

But yes, never fall for a scammer. Whatever you do, do it with the help of government agencies. Then you will be successful in getting an Italian sponsor visa.

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