Motorcycle Ownership Transfer: Process, Cost & Documents Required

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer

After buying an old motorcycle, motorcycle ownership transfer becomes necessary first, but not everyone knows exactly what it takes to change the ownership of a motorcycle.

We run into many problems at various times with changing ownership of motorcycles. Many people cannot afford a new bike, so they are interested in buying a used bike.

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Online 2024

But buying an old bike poses a problem of change of ownership which is time-consuming and troublesome. However, when buying a new motorcycle, ownership is provided by the company. But buying an old bike poses the problem of a change of ownership.

Today we will learn about the rules of change of ownership of a motorcycle. If you have already bought an old bike and are faced with the hassle of changing ownership, I hope today’s article will significantly help you.

So if you want to get rid of these hassles and know about the real procedure of change of ownership, follow this article with full attention until the end. So without further delay, let’s see the rules for changing ownership of motorcycles and learn about all bike ownership transfer costs.

Motorcycle Ownership Changing Cost 2024

If someone buys an old bike, that bike’s paper or number plate should be registered in his name as it becomes necessary to change ownership. We will first know how much CC bikes cost to change ownership. So let’s see the details.

Cost Per CC (Including Number Plate)

Motorcycle ownership changing cost for every bike per CC, including number plate, is below. All costs are included in the list.

For 00-100, CC

  • Bank Deposit For Ownership Changing Fee– 2,128/- TK
  • Digital Number Plate – TK 2,260/-
  • Digital Blue Book – TK 555/-
  • Copy Fee – TK 345/-

For 100-150 CC

  • Bank Deposit For Ownership Changing Fee– Tk 2,665/-
  • Digital Number Plate – TK 2,260/-
  • Digital Blue Book – TK 555/-
  • Copy Fee – TK 345/-

Cost Per CC (Excluding Number Plate)

The cost for motorcycle number plate changing, excluding the number plate given here for every motorcycle, is given below:

For 00-100 CC

  • Bank Deposit For Ownership Changing Fee– 2,128/- TK
  • Digital Blue Book – TK 555/-
  • Copy Fee – TK 345/-

For 100-150 CC

  • Bank Deposit For Ownership Changing Fee- Tk 2,665/-
  • Digital Blue Book – TK 555/-
  • Copy Fee – TK 345/-

Bike Name Transfer Fee BD 2024

Here is an example of a bike ownership transfer cost of a 150CC bike.


See this image with all fees:

Bike Name Transfer Fee BD 2023
“Bike Name Transfer Fee BD 2023”

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process

Be aware that some important and necessary documents will be required to change ownership. They will be except the ownership acquired through inheritance.

Among them, forms ‘TO’ and ‘TTO,’ sales receipt, their particular specimen signature form, and two stamps worth 150 TK containing all the details of the vehicle and the affidavit with all the details of the buyer and the seller will be required to write. It will be one for the buyer and another for the seller.

In case of transfer of ownership through inheritance, some necessary documents are required – such as a completed signed ‘TO’ and ‘TTO’ form and receipt of the deposit of inheritance certificate fee by the local government body.

However, it should be noted that if the bike has multiple heirs, the attested copy of the TIN certificate of the first heir must be required.

Also required are an Original Registration Certificate/ Digital Registration Certificate, Affidavit of Ownership of Heirs with Non-Judicial Stamp, Specimen Signature of Form, and other details including name in English, name of father/husband, full address, and three copies of stamp size color photograph.

Let’s discuss another important point. Apart from the proper required documents, the buyer and the seller have a few things to do separately. Let’s know about it.

What The Buyer Should Do

Completed and signed ‘TO’ and ‘TTO’ forms must be filled by the person buying the bike. Required fee deposit receipt, attested copy of buyer’s TIN certificate, digital registration certificate, and registration affidavit.

But note that if there are more than one heir and the title is given in the name of one, another affidavit must be given under stamp by the other heirs.

Besides, all other information should be provided in the form, including SPECIMEN signature, name in English, father/husband’s name, full address, and three copies of a stamp-size color photograph.

But if the buyer is an organizational person, the letter should be written on the official pad without an affidavit or the documents mentioned above.

What The Seller Should Do

In addition to what the buyer must do, the seller also has some things. TTO and sales receipt must be signed, and a sales affidavit must be given with a photo of the seller; if the motorcycle is owed to the bank or any other institution, then the loan clearance from the responsible institution must be collected and submitted.

So these are the proper rules for changing old motorcycle ownership. By following these rules, hopefully, you can transfer ownership of your motorcycle correctly. I hope the article will be useful to you.

You can also share the article with your friends, so they don’t face hassles or get into trouble regarding the change of ownership. Thank you very much for visiting our website from the beginning to the end. Please stay connected with us to get various online services.

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