Motorcycle Tax In Bangladesh 2024 (Updated News)

Motorcycle Tax In Bangladesh
Motorcycle Tax In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, motorcycle tax is a fee levied by the government on the ownership or use of motorcycles. The tax is imposed as a means of raising revenue for the government and as a way to regulate the number of motorcycles on the road.

The amount of motorcycle tax in Bangladesh can vary based on several factors, including the engine size, the type of motorcycle, and the owner’s location. The tax may also be levied annually or biennially, depending on the specific regulations.

Motorcycle Tax In Bangladesh In 2024

It’s important to note that paying motorcycle tax is mandatory for all motorcycle owners in Bangladesh, and failure to pay the tax can result in fines or other penalties.

To pay motorcycle tax, owners may be required to visit a government tax office or an authorized agent and provide proof of ownership and other relevant documentation.

In general, the motorcycle tax in Bangladesh is designed to be an essential source of revenue for the government, as well as a means of regulating the use of motorcycles and ensuring that all owners comply with the law.

How Much Taka Have to Pay As Bike Tax?

The motorcycle tax you must pay in Bangladesh depends on several factors, including the make and model of your motorcycle, its engine capacity, and the year it was manufactured.

The general formula for calculating motorcycle tax in Bangladesh is Engine Capacity (CC). The tax rate varies depending on the engine capacity of the motorcycle and can range from 1.5% to 2.5% of the motorcycle’s value.

If you want to know the motorcycle tax cost in Bangladesh, then you can follow a simple way. You can calculate your motorcycle tax with your registration number. Notice that I have given a link below where you can calculate your motorcycle tax easily.

You must enter your registration number and tax type; then, fill up a captcha in the specified box. After filling in the captcha, click on the calculate button.

It will take a few moments, and you will get the tax fee on this page. After knowing the tax fee, you must pay the specified rules above. Then your motorcycle tax payment will be completed.

Keeping a copy of the receipt and any other relevant documentation is essential in case you need to verify your payment.

Please note that the exact steps may vary depending on the website and the payment portal you are using, so it’s a good idea to double-check the information on the NBR website or to contact them directly if you have any questions.

Bike Tax Tocken In Bangladesh By CC

Motorcycle tax in Bangladesh was first paid when we registered our bike under BRTA. Based on BRTA’s rule, bike tax varies based on the CC of the bike engine. Here is the bike VAT list based on the bike engine’s CC.

Although the road tax and registration fee remain unchanged, motorcycle owners can register their vehicle by paying only one-fifth of the tax in addition to the full registration fee. The remaining tax can be paid in four equal installments, each due every two years.

  • 50-100cc bike Tax is BDT 5000-5,750 for 10 years.
  • 101-150cc bike Tax is BDT 5750-11,500 for 10 years.
  • Over 150cc bike Tax in BDT 12,000 plus.

Bike Import Tax By CC

In Bangladesh, the motorcycle’s engine displacement or CC (cubic centimeters) determines the bike import tax. The higher the CC, the higher the tax rate.

The government imposes this tax to protect the local motorcycle industry and to generate revenue for the country.

As of 2021, the import tax rates for motorcycles in Bangladesh are as follows:

  • Up to 100cc: 45% tax
  • 101cc to 150cc: 61% tax
  • 151cc to 200cc: 100-150% tax
  • 201cc to 250cc: 200% tax
  • Above 250cc: 250% tax

This means that if someone wants to import a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 150cc, they will have to pay 61% tax on top of the cost of the bike. For example, if the bike costs 1,00,00 BDT, the tax would be 61,000 BDT, making the total BDT 1,61,000.

Motorcycle Tax Calculator Bangladesh

To calculate the total motorcycle tax, one must add all these taxes, including the engine capacity tax, the applicable supplementary duty, the VAT, and the registration fee.

In Bangladesh, motorcycle tax is calculated based on engine capacity, model year, and other applicable taxes. The motorcycle tax is an important source of revenue for the government and is collected by the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

The engine capacity is the most crucial factor in calculating the motorcycle tax in Bangladesh. The tax rate varies depending on the engine capacity, as per the following link:

Motorcycle Tax Calculator

How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online?

Now come to know the payment system of motorcycle tax in Bangladesh. Here you will get a step-by-step process and understand it easily. To pay your motorcycle tax online in Bangladesh, follow these steps-

First, visit the National Board of Revenue link- BRTA Online Payment Gateway for Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees.

Then you will get a page like the image below.

How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online?
“How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online?”

You must click the “User Login” option if you have an account. But if you have an account on this page, you must create one. So, click on the Create account option. Then a page will appear for creating a new account.

You will get a form you must fill up correctly with accurate information. Then a password should be given on this page. So, set a password and click on the next button.

On the next page, you must enter the OTP, which will be sent to your given phone number. So, enter the password here and click on the submit button.

After completing these tasks, an account will be created, and you can pay your motorcycle tax here. You have to click on the payment option from the main menu.

Then a page will appear, and you have to give the vehicle type and choose the payment option here. Then you have to enter here your account information. Then your tax will be deducted from this process.

In conclusion, the import tax on bikes in Bangladesh is determined by engine displacement or CC, with higher CC bikes being subjected to higher tax rates.

This tax policy is designed to protect the local motorcycle industry and generate revenue for the country. However, it has been criticized for making it difficult for individuals to afford their dream bikes.