NID Download: NID Card Download Bangladesh For New & Old Voters 2024

NID download

Today’s discussion is mainly about NID download online process. I hope this discussion will be very useful for those who want to download a NID card or register a NID card and know about various other NID-related issues and solutions. Read today’s discussion carefully till the end to know about your problem.

In Bangladesh, the National ID card is called the NID card. The Bangladesh Election Commission issued the NID card required for voting and other activities. To download the NID card, read the discussion below:

Download NID Card Online Checklist

First, let’s discuss how to download an online copy of the NID card. When we do the NID registration, there is a little delay by the election office to get the NID card.

Therefore, if we need any urgent work, we can download an online copy and carry out our work through it. For this, we may need to download an online copy of the NID card.

We can download the copy and run our work through it. For this, we may need to download an online copy of the NID card. But if you want to download an online NID card copy, it is impossible to do that. For this, you need to know some important rules. Not knowing those important rules.

To download the NID card, you must do online registration first. When your NID registration is completed, then a few days later, you will be able to download your NID online copy. So, you have to register your NID first. Now, let’s learn how to register the NID card online.

NID Card Online Registration System 2024

Everyone has to register for a NID card when they turn 18 because a NID card is required for living in a country and doing various jobs.

Without the NID card, we cannot do our important work. For this, the NID card must be registered. To register the NID card, you have to follow some system.

You can do this at home or visit your nearest election office. Today I will discuss some processes through which you can register your NID at home. Let’s get started.

Eligibility you need for NID Card Registration

For NID card registration, you will need some qualifications like

  • Must be a citizen of Bangladesh
  • Age should be 18 years or attain the age specified by the Election Commission of Bangladesh
  • He should be a person who has not registered before
  • All the documents required for online registration

Required Documents

You will need several documents for NID registration, without which you cannot register. Let’s know those documents from below.

  • Print copy of online submitted form S.S.C. or equivalent certificate (for proof of age)
  • Birth Certificate (for proof of age).
  • Passport / Driving License / Teen Certificate (for proof of age)
  • Photocopy of ID Card of Father, Mother, Spouse (Mandatory)
  • Copy of Utility Bill/House Rent Receipt/Withholding Tax Receipt (as proof of address)
  • Citizenship Certificate (as applicable)

After completing the registration process, you must submit the above documents to the election office. So keep these in your collection beforehand.

NID Registration Process

You can complete the NID registration process at home or visit your nearest election office. But if you want to do it at home, you must follow the following rules.

First of all, you need to visit this link for registration.

After entering this page, you will see a page like the image below.

NID Registration Process - Step 01
“NID Registration Process – Step 01”

This page will have two options. One is to register, and the other is to apply for new registration. You will click on the marked tick option Apply for New Registration.
After clicking here, you will see a page like the image below.

"NID Registration Process - Step 02"
“NID Registration Process – Step 02”

On this page, you must enter your name and date of birth, and below you will see a captcha. Fill in the captcha correctly and click on the submit button. Then after clicking submit button, you will be taken to a new page for registration.

On the next page, you have to do mobile number verification. You have to give an active mobile number; after verifying, it will take you to a new page, and there you have to verify. You must complete the registration process by entering your name, password, and other required information.

An account will be created for you after completing the registration process. From this account, you can register for NID or modify NID or resolve various issues related to such NID.

Once the registration process is completed, you will see an option called Profile in your account. By going to this option, you can complete your registration process.

First, you need to click on the profile option to complete the registration process. After clicking on the profile option, a page will appear regarding your personal information, other information, and address information. You have to enter all the information very carefully.

There are three steps. There are three types of information you have to give in three steps, which you must give very carefully.

A little mistake will become a problem for you and must be corrected later. But correcting it is very difficult and time-consuming. So check your documents at the time of registration and fill in these details very carefully.

After filling in the information, you will see an option called submit on the right side of the page. Click this button. Now, after clicking here, you have to upload some documents.

But since these documents cannot be given here, you have to submit these documents to your nearest election office and download and print an online copy of the registration process you have completed.

Then go to your nearest election office and submit all necessary documents; your registration process will be completed.

Verification and Biometrics

After completing your registration process, you must submit an online copy of it and the required documents to your nearest election office. After submitting it to the election office, they will verify your ID and call you for a biometrics procedure.

For this, you have to go to the election office and get your photo verified along with your fingerprints. Then your registration process will be completed, and you will wait for your smart card to arrive.

NID Card Download Online

The online copy download of the NID card is crucial for various reasons. It provides individuals with a digital version of their NID card that can be easily accessed and used for various official purposes without the need to carry the physical card at all times.

The online copy download of the NID card serves as a backup in case the physical card is damaged, stolen, or misplaced. It allows individuals to have a readily available digital copy that can be used as proof of identity when needed. So, check below how you can download your NID card.

Bangladesh NID Online Copy Download Mobile

For Bangladesh NID Online Copy Download Mobile, you can follow the instruction below. Here is discussed nicely how you can download or print your NID Card online copy through your Smartphone.

  • So from here click the register button fill in your national identity card number date of birth and captcha code and click submit button.

  • In the next step, you have to enter the current address and permanent address correctly.
  • After selecting all the details about your current address and permanent address click on the next button.
  • You have to provide your mobile number on the next page.
  • After providing a mobile number click on send message option.
  • A verification code will then be sent to your mobile phone for account verification.
  • Enter this code on the next page to verify your account.
  • To complete this registration process you need to install an app called NID Wallet on your phone. Because through this you have to provide your picture.

  • So install the NID Wallet app on the Play Store and click on tap to open the NID Wallet button here.
  • As soon as you click on this button, your NID wallet app will open and there will be an option for face verification.
  • Here you have to click on the Start Face Scan option.

  • Clicking here will open the camera, here you have to verify your face by turning right and left in front of you.
  • Once the face verification is done correctly, your NID information along with your name and photo will be displayed.
  • When you see this you will know that your face verification is done. If not seen then complete your face verification properly again.
  • To access this profile later, you can set up a password by clicking the Set Password button.
  • Password setup is not mandatory but set up a password for your security.
  • Place a password of your choice and re-enter that password in the box below.
  • Then click on the Update button.
  • Username you want to give or not. It is not mandatory.

Once the password is updated, your NID information along with your profile and your photo will be seen here. Here is the download button below from the dashboard. By pressing this button, your voter ID card will be downloaded to your mobile. This ID card will look like your original ID card at once. You can print it from any online servicing or studio and do any work with this ID card.

NID Smart Card Download

After completing the registration process, you have to wait for some time for your smart card. Smart cards are usually a bit late in arriving.

You must wait until the specified time and regularly keep in touch with the election office. If the smart card is issued at the specified time, you must go to the election office and collect the smart card.

  • You can check your Smart NID card status by visiting the NID application system’s Smart Card StatusImage attachment 01.
  • Now you will see your Smart Card Status.
NID Smart Card Download
“NID Smart Card Download- Attachment 01”

Note: Smart Card is not allowed to download; you can get your NID smart card from your nearest election commission office.

NID Card Download

Now, we will discuss how to download the NID copy online. After completing your registration, you can download your NID copy for any NID-related work. Follow these steps to download the NID card online now easily:

  •  Visit the Bangladesh NID Application System website.
  • Enter your NID card number, Password, and Captcha correctly – Image attachment 01. (If you can’t remember your password, you can get back to a new password using the ‘Forget Password’ option).
  • Now scroll down and download your NID card by clicking the “Download” button – Image attachment 02.
  • Print your NID card.
  • DONE!
Bangladesh NID Application System website
“Image Attachment 01”
NID Card Download
“Image Attachment 02”

Smart Voter Card Service Bangladesh BD

The smart card is an identity card we need to live in the country. Even without a smart card, we can’t live all our life properly. The smart card is required in every aspect of our life.

That is why a smart card or NID card is very necessary. It is also required to participate in the election process when elections are held in the country.

So it is very necessary for us. Without it, we will be unable to do our daily activities properly and will be hindered in every way. So it should register us and keep the card in the collection.

The NID card is an important document in Bangladesh. It is required for voting, registering for a new job, and other activities. If you do not have a NID card, you can follow the steps above to download and print one.

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