Online Birth Certificate Check Bangladesh 2024 Full Process

Online birth certificate check is now available in Bangladesh too. Smart countries already have this process by how they can check and count the birth and death of their citizens. Today’s article discusses online birth registration forms and how to verify birth certificates with the date of birth.

Nowadays, almost everyone checks this thing. Many people resort to various difficult methods to verify birth registration. Today’s discussion is about how to verify a birth registration certificate in a very easy way. Let’s know the details.

Online Birth Certificate Check Process

You will need two pieces of information to verify birth registration. That is the birth registration number and date of birth. Through these, you can check your birth certificate and know whether your birth registration is digital.

Process for Verification of Birth Registration

So let’s know the methods to verify the birth registration. First, you must visit the Government Birth & Death Registration website to verify the birth registration. Here an interface will appear in front of you where you have to enter your 17-digit number and date of birth.

Note that if your birth registration is not 17 and 16 digits, you need to make it 17. To do that, you need to append a 0 before the last 5 digits of the birth registration number. You need to add 0 to make it 17 digits. Then you enter it in the specified option.

Next, you will see an option to enter the date of birth. Give the correct date of birth there. You won’t get your birth certificate if the birth date is wrong.

Then below, you will see a mathematical question or captcha given. Enter it correctly in the answer box and click on the search button.

After clicking the search button, if your birth registration number and date are correct, you will see all the information, including your birth registration certificate. You can download it if you want.

Process for Verification of Birth Registration
“Process for Verification of Birth Registration”

Download Birth Registration Certificate

Many people want to download birth registration online. One thing to mention here is that you cannot download the official birth certificate online. But from here, you can download an online verification birth certificate.

To download an online verification birth certificate, you need to extract your birth registration again as before with your birth registration and date of birth. Then you can print out your birth certificate by pressing the Ctrl+p button on the computer that will appear on the interface. You can also save it as a PDF and do various things with it.

What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Birth Registration

If birth registration information is unavailable online, you must first ensure that your birth registration number is correct and 17 digits long. The first 4 digits of the registration number will be your year of birth. In your Union Parishad/Municipality/City Corporation office for an exact birth registration number, you will get. If still not available, new birth registration must be applied for.

Make Corrections if There is a Mistake in Birth Registration

After searching the birth registration information, if you find any mistake in your registration certificate, apply for birth certificate correction as soon as possible. Because if there is a mistake in the birth registration certificate, it can cause various problems later.

Nowadays, revising birth registration has become very difficult and troublesome. However, you can apply for the correction of birth registration online.

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