Online MPO List: Teacher MPO List Bangladesh

Online MPO List
Online MPO List

The July 2022 MPO list was unveiled at an event hosted at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Ganabhaban. To provide context, in 2010, 1,624 educational institutions were enlisted under the MPO scheme.

However, after that initial enlistment, the process was halted for an extended period, leading to protests from teachers and staff.

Online MPO List

The Online MPO List in Bangladesh has been announced, featuring 2,716 newly enlisted educational institutions.

Effective July, These institutions will receive government support through the Monthly Payment Order (MPO) scheme. This list is available for easy access via their website.

Online MPO List by Category

Educational institutions across various categories have been included in the MPO List, including schools, colleges, and madrasahs.

The newly enlisted MPO educational institutions will benefit from receiving their basic salaries and a portion of their allowances from the government every month.

Under the MPO scheme, teachers and other employees of non-governmental schools and colleges receive a portion of their salary from the government.

The enrollment of educational institutions is based on merit, and qualified teachers from these institutions become eligible for the MPO scheme upon meeting certain criteria.

As of July 2023, the updated MPO list comprises 2,716 approved institutions, categorized as given.

  • Total Schools & Colleges: 1,651
  • Madrasah Institutes: 557
  • Technical Institutes: 522
  • Under Secondary Schools: 439
  • Secondary Schools (Classes 6 to 10): 666
  • Secondary Schools (Classes 9 to 10): 1,022
  • School & College (Combined): 68
  • Higher Secondary Colleges: 136
  • Degree Colleges: 56
  • Dakhil Madrasahs: 358
  • Alim Madrasahs: 128
  • Fazil Madrasahs: 42
  • Kamil Madrasahs: 29
  • Agriculture Institutes (Technical): 62
  • Vocational Institutes (Technical): 129
  • BM (Individual) (Technical): 175
  • BM (Combined) (Technical): 108

Pre School MPO List

The Pre-School MPO List is now accessible online. This list reflects the government’s commitment to supporting educational institutions at the root level. Check the pdf file below for the school MPO list.

Pre School MPO List [PDF]

Secondary School MPO List

The Secondary School MPO List showcases numerous secondary-level educational institutions in the MPO scheme. This initiative aims to provide financial stability to these institutions and their staff. Download the pdf file and learn the list of Secondary school MPOs list.

Secondary School MPO List [PDF]

Higher Secondary School MPO List

The Higher Secondary School MPO List highlights the government’s dedication to enhancing higher education accessibility and support. Educational institutions at this level will now receive MPO benefits. There has been given the Higher secondary school MPO list below.

Higher Secondary School MPO List [PDF]

College MPO List

The College MPO List includes 18 degree colleges, signifying the government’s commitment to higher education. These colleges are now part of the MPO scheme, ensuring financial support for their operations. Check the list below to get the list of College MPO list.

College MPO List [PDF]

Dakhil Madrasha MPO List

Madrassas, such as Dakhil Madrasha, have also been included in the MPO scheme. This inclusion demonstrates the government’s recognition of the importance of diverse educational institutions. There is given the pdf MPO list of Dakhil Madrasa.

Dakhil Madrasha MPO List [PDF]

Alim Madrasha MPO List

The Alim Madrasha MPO List signifies the government’s support for religious education institutions. These madrasahs are now eligible for MPO benefits. Check the pdf file below for getting the Alim Madrasah MPO list.

Dakhil Madrasha MPO List [PDF]

Fazil Madrasha MPO List

Fazil Madrashas is among the educational institutions enlisted in the MPO scheme, further diversifying the scope of supported institutions. Follow the pdf file below and get the Fazil Madrasah MPO list.

Fazil Madrasha MPO List [PDF]

Final Words

The expansion of the MPO scheme in 2023 to include 2,716 educational institutions is a significant step towards bolstering the education sector in Bangladesh. This move ensures financial stability for schools, colleges, and madrasahs, benefiting educators and students.

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