Online Nationality Certificate Bangladesh – Apply Now!

Online Nationality Certificate Bangladesh

To apply online for a Nationality Certificate, open an account using a National Identity Card, date of birth, and active mobile number by visiting the website

Once the registration is completed, the Nationality certificate can be applied and downloaded online by updating all the information related to the person.

Applying and filling out the form for a Nationality certificate online at home is arranged in several steps.

By following the steps very easily, you can apply online for Nationality Certificate and download your Nationality Certificate.

What is a Nationality certificate?

A Nationality certificate is a written document that certifies a person’s Nationality or residency in a state. The role of a Nationality certificate is extensive to ensure that the country’s Nationalities can enjoy various government services.

An understanding between the public and service providers about the quality of government services that reflects public expectations and service provider commitments.

Necessity For A Nationality Certificate

Most government services now require Nationality certificates. From changing the information on the National Identity Card to applying for a new NID card to getting a new passport, the role of the Nationality Certificate is extensive.

Some of the government services that require a Nationality certificate are mentioned below:-

  • Online National Identity Card Application
  • NID card correction
  • Generate new passport
  • Amendment of passport information
  • Government Allowance

Online Nationality Certificate Application Rules

If you want to get a Nationality certificate online, first visit the official website Online Certificate System.

If you are a new user, you must register your account using your National Identity Card, date of birth, and active mobile number, or if you already have an account, you must log in using your username and password.

A Nationality certificate can be applied for and downloaded from the dashboard.

The Nationality certificate online application is divided into several steps to simplify the application process. Each step is beautifully illustrated with pictures of the steps to be taken.


You need to open an account on the website to get various government certificates, including civil certificates online.

After entering the given link, you will see the Bangladesh Online Certificate System official website, which will look like the image below.

Online Nationality Certificate Application Rules
“Online Nationality Certificate Apply – Step 01”


After entering the online certificate system or attestation site, you will see two buttons on the top right: log in and Open Free Account. As a new user, we need to register an account.

When creating an account, two types of accounts will appear: There will be required information, such as

  • National Identity Card / Birth Registration
  • Date of birth
  • Active mobile number

It is better to open an account using a national identity card number while creating an account for a Nationality certificate. If no NID card exists, an account can be created using an online birth registration number.

Create an account by clicking the register button using your NID card number, birth year, date of birth, and mobile number.


If the account opening information is correct, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone, and you have to enter and verify it on the website.

Once the verification process is completed, another SMS will be sent to your mobile, through which a username and password will be sent.


To apply for a Nationality certificate, you must update your profile by providing a lot of information. The first step of the profile update is to complete one with general and personal information.

This form is usually filled with information such as the person’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, mobile number, blood group, etc.


The second step in completing the profile is filling the form with current and permanent address information. Fill the form with your current address information as required by the form.

If the current and permanent addresses are the same, then there is no need to rewrite the cell to the permanent address.

If the current and permanent addresses are the same, clicking this option will automatically set the address.


The last step to complete the profile is to upload a photo of the person and a photo of the National Identity Card or Online Birth Registration Certificate.

You must upload a photo if you have opened an account using your National Identity Card name. Now, if you use birth registration, you have to upload the birth registration photo.

Nationality Certificate Application

We have come to the last stage of applying and downloading the Nationality certificate online. Not only the Nationality certificate, but also now you can apply for all the necessary certificates online.

If you want to apply for a Nationality certificate, select the services option from the top menu and then click on the Nationality certificate option.

After that, you can apply for a Nationality certificate online by clicking the Apply button.

Online Nationality Certificate Application
“Online Nationality Certificate Application”

Getting Nationality Certificate

You can easily apply for a nationality certificate online through the above rules. If the application for a Nationality certificate is accepted, you should contact the Union Parishad digital service or the chairperson’s office.

If it is a municipality, collect the Nationality certificate by contacting the councilor’s office at city hall. According to the latest information, all types of certificate services have not been launched online in all parts of Bangladesh through the website.

If the Online Application for a Nationality Certificate is unavailable in your area, you will be notified through notice at the time of application.

Online Nationality Certificate Fee

The Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh has a prescribed fee set by the authorities overseeing the issuance process.

The fee amount varies and is subject to type and location. It is designed to cover administrative and processing costs involved in verifying and granting the certificate.

So, to pay the fee, first know about the fee online. When you apply for the nationality certificate, the fee will be shown here, and there are some payment gateways through which you can pay the specific fee.


  • Can I download the Online Nationality Certificate once it is approved?

Ans: Yes, once your Online Nationality Certificate application is approved, you will generally receive a notification with instructions on how to download the certificate.

  • Is there a fee for applying for an Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh?

Ans: There is typically a prescribed fee for applying for an Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh.

  • What is the processing time for an Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh?

Ans: The processing time for an Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, such as the volume of applications and the efficiency of the verification process.


The Online Nationality Certificate in Bangladesh provides individuals with official proof of their citizenship or nationality.

By following the application process outlined by the Bangladesh Nationality certificate, applicants can apply for the certificate online and submit the necessary documents.

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