How to Open Rocket Account?

How to Open Rocket Account
How to Open Rocket Account

To open a Rocket account as a new user, dial *322# or install the Rocket app, enter your phone number and new PIN, use your NID/Birth Certificate, fill out the KYC Form, and submit it to the agent.

Nowadays, life has become very flexible due to the progress of mobile banking. Rocket mobile banking is one of the mobile banking systems that helps you in every transaction. In this post, you will learn how to open a Rocket account.

What is DBBL Rocket?

Before digging into how to open a Rocket account, knowing the Rocket mobile banking system is essential.

Dutch-Bangla Bank’s mobile banking service is called Rocket. Dutch-Bangla Bank was the first to launch mobile-based digital banking services in 2011. At first, it was called Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking.

Later, in 2016, the name of Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking was changed to Rocket. Like bKash, Rocket has its app.

With the help of this, you can do all banking activities, including cash in, cash out, ATM withdrawal, and bill payment. The account you open in the Rocket app is called the Rocket account.

Why Open a Rocket Account?

In Rocket, you will get some benefits that you will not get in bKash or Nagad. For example, On a rocket, you can send up to 25,000 taka in a day without any fee.

However, a 0.9% send-money fee will apply to the DBBL bank account or card transfer from Rocket.

How to Open a Rocket Account?

To open the Rocket account, the customer fills out the form and submits the copy and photo of the national identity card to the agent/DBBL branch or any DBBL mobile banking office; then, they will open your account.

DBBL branch, any DBBL mobile banking office or agent opens the rocket account by auditing your application form, national identity card, and photo.

Now, you can easily open a Rocket account without any trouble with paperwork. A few days ago, Rocket announced that it had launched rockets on every mobile in Bangladesh. You can start a Rocket account only by setting the PIN.

  • Dial *322# to set up a Rocket account.
  • Enter your PIN code (four-digit PIN).
  • Re-enter the PIN code. This way, your Rocket account will open.

Open a Rocket Account Online

First, you must go to the Play Store and search by typing Rocket. Then, download the app from the Play Store. Then, install the app and open it up. After that, they will be asked to select the language.

In this case, you can choose Bengali or English language. It is straightforward to open an account in Rocket; you must have an Android phone and a national identity card.

You can open a Rocket account in 2 minutes by installing its app from the Play Store on mobile. After installing the app, open it; first, you will ask for permissions, such as phone calls, contacts, and locations.

Add them, and then the app will be ready. Then, you have to give the number at which you open your Rocket account.

Then, a verification code will come to your number. You have to give it to your Rocket app. After that, you have to open an account with a national identity card.

Before taking a selfie photo of yourself and uploading it, read some rules for opening the Rocket app.

Open a Rocket Account Using a Birth Certificate

If you want to open a Rocket account with birth registration, take a photocopy of your birth certificate and a passport-size photo, then go to the nearest customer care. This way, you can open your Rocket account.

Open a Rocket Account at Home

If you want, you can easily open a Rocket account at home. The rocket banking system has provided such a facility.

To open a Rocket account at home, firstly, Go to the Google Play Store, search for Rocket, and download and install the Rocket app. When opening the app, ask for permission, give permission, and proceed.

  1. Select language: Now, you will get the option to select the language. Select the language in Whichever language you want to see the Rocket app. How to open a Rocket account
  2. Input number: Enter the phone number you want to open the Rocket account after selecting the language. Now, you will be asked for permission to call and manage your phone number. This time, too, you have to move forward with permission.
  3. Give permission: Now you will have a message saying you are not registered to mobile banking. This means you do not have a Rocket account on this number. Do you want to open a Rocket account? Since we’re talking about account opening rules, you’re willing. So, click on the Yes button.
  4. Operator Selection: Your mobile number will be shown on the next page, and the operator will be asked to select it. Choosing whether your number is Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, or any other operator would be best.
  5. Enter pin: Now you will get a call or message. Receive the call and write a secret 4-digit PIN on the dial pad. If you get a notification, copy the pin.
  6. Security code and PIN: When the call is cut, you can see some numbers in the security code option of your apps. If not, copy the security code received in the message that came to you at the end of the call and paste it here. You can see the PIN option below the security code. Here, it would be best if you gave the 4-digit PIN given during the phone call or message. Then, click on the Verify button.

If you want access to your location, click the Allow button and proceed. Now, you must click the login button with the PIN again.

7. National Identity Card Submission: You can see the text Update Your KYC, by clicking the button. You can see some terms and conditions on this page. If you want to read the policy, read it; if you do not wish to, click on I Agree and go to the next step. On the next page, please take pictures of the front and back of your National ID card and submit it.

After submitting the National Identity Card, you can see a page with all your information, which will match the National Identity Card exactly. Now click on the next button, and you can see a page.

  1. Rocket Information Form: Click the following button to fill out your gender information here: male or female, married or unmarried, religion, occupation, and what to use the rocket account for.
  2. Take a picture: You must take a picture with a voter ID card. Close and open your eyes three times very quickly while taking pictures.

After taking the photo, you will get the Rocket customer information form, where you can see all your information with pictures.

  1. Wait: Now you’ll have to wait a while. Suppose everything is correct by verifying the account information within a few minutes or hours. In that case, you will get a message from Rocket saying that your Rocket Account has been approved, which means that your Rocket account opening has been successfully verified. At the same time, rocket’s new customer offer will be added to the bonus account of Tk 25.

Open a Rocket Account From Rocket Agent Point

You must take some necessary documents to open a Rocket account from the Rocket agent point.

  • Please fill out the KYC form and submit it to the agent along with a photograph and National Identity Card (NID)
  • You will now receive a call, where you enter a 4-digit PIN (remember your PIN).
  • You will receive an account confirmation SMS containing the Rocket account number on your mobile. Here, you will see that your number has been added to another number at the end, and the total is 12 digits. The last digit is the check digit (remember your check digit).


Hopefully, the How to open a Rocket account post will also be helpful to you. If you have anything to know about the Rocket account, please comment. Stay tuned with BDsheba.