E TIN Certificate Download BD

E TIN Certificate Download BD 2023

Currently, almost all the documents and certificates of Bangladesh are being digitalized. The TIN certificate is one of them. No one has to run to the revenue board office if…

BOESL Notice Board

BOESL Notice Board 2023

Many individuals dream of pursuing international job opportunities to enhance their careers and provide better prospects for their families. For citizens of Bangladesh, turning this dream into reality has become…

Student Unique ID Form Fill Up Online

Student Unique ID Form Fill Up Online

Filling out the Student Unique ID Form is very important for every student. The Unique ID will be a serial number for each student. In the 2023 academic years, sixth…

Car Tax In Bangladesh

Car Tax In Bangladesh 2023: Tax To Pay To Buy A Car In Bangladesh

Taxes are mandatory payments made by individuals or businesses to local, state, or federal governments. Car Tax In Bangladesh is now higher than other vehicles. All the tax revenues fund…

Bangladesh Visa Office in Kolkata

Bangladesh Visa Office in Kolkata, India in 2023

Prepare for your journey to Bangladesh easily, courtesy of the Bangladesh Visa Office in Kolkata. This guide will provide essential details, contact information, and valuable tips for a smooth visa…

Online MPO List

Online MPO List: Teacher MPO List Bangladesh

The July 2022 MPO list was unveiled at an event hosted at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Ganabhaban. To provide context, in 2010, 1,624 educational institutions were enlisted under the…

Bangladesh Govt Holiday

Bangladesh Govt Holiday 2023

Holidays are a time for celebration, reflection, and remembrance. In Bangladesh, a country steeped in history and culture, public holidays play a significant role in the lives of its people….

Peoplesoft HR Employee Self Service

Peoplesoft HR Employee Self Service Details

PeopleSoft HR Employee Self-Service is a user-friendly web-based application that allows employees to take charge of their personal HR-related information and perform various self-service tasks online. Employees can access and…