Robi All Service Off Code 2024

Robi All Service Off Code

Robi empowers customers to manage and deactivate specific value-added services (VAS) easily. By dialing a specific code, users can regain control over their subscriptions.

With options to unsubscribe from various VAS offerings such as Muslim Life, Robi Ibadat Portal, Women Zone Service, Cricket World, and Shorgol, customers can customize their mobile experience. Let’s learn the Robi All Service Off Code and the steps to deactivate these services.

Robi All Service Off Code 2024

Robi, a top telecommunications provider, prioritizes a smooth customer experience, enabling effortless deactivation of specific services. Introducing the Robi All Service Off Code, customers gain a convenient solution to manage and deactivate unnecessary or unwanted services.

Robi all unwanted service off codes are given below. Here are some SMS codes for the other services that can not be stopped with the USSD Code. So follow the instruction and turn off your disturbing service.

Robi All Service List

Now come to learn all services from Robi here. By knowing the Robi All Service, customers can explore and access a wide array of services, ensuring they can access everything they need for a seamless mobile experience.

Robi All VAS Service Stop Code

There may come a time when you want to deactivate specific VAS subscriptions. With the Robi VAS Service stop code, you can regain control and easily manage your value-added services.

This feature empowers Robi customers to stop or unsubscribe from various VAS offerings by dialing a simple code. To stop Robi all VAS services, dial 123 and press 7, and then your all VAS stop within 24 hours.

Robi All Service Off Code List

In this section, we will present an extensive Robi all-service off-code list, providing codes for deactivating various services.

Whether you want to disable caller tunes, unsubscribe from specific content services, or deactivate any other service Robi offers, this comprehensive list will serve effortless service deactivation.

Service Off USSD Code
Missed Call Alert  *140*2*1*2#
Phone Backup *140*2*2*6#
Call Block *140*2*3*6#
Breaking News Alerts *140*8*1*2*3#

Other SMS Services Off Code

For managing SMS services, Airtel provides an easy solution with SMS code services. Customers can deactivate various SMS services they no longer wish to receive by sending specific SMS.

This gives users better control over the messages they receive, ensuring a more personalized mobile experience. These Services and deactivation SMS are given below.

Services Deactivation SMS
Goongoon Service Type “OFF” and send it to 8466
Facebook Service Type “Stop” and send it to 32665
Locator Service Type “Off” and send it to 1818
Robi Circle Type “CSTOP” and send it to 8880
Fun Portal Type “Joke Off” and send it to 4636
Kid-Zone Type “Off” and send it to 8543
Muslim Life Type “OFF” and send it to 21279
Women Zone Service Type “STOP WZ” and send it to 8378
Cricket World Service Call 8274 and follow the instruction
Robi Shorgol Type “Stop” and send it to 9090

Last Words

Robi prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering convenient solutions for service deactivation. The Robi All Service Off Code enables users to manage and deactivate unnecessary services easily.

The VAS Service stop code allows customers to regain control over their value-added services. Airtel’s SMS code services provide a simple way to deactivate unwanted SMS subscriptions.

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