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Robi Call Rate Offer 2023

If you’re a business professional, a student, or someone who loves staying connected with friends and family, Robi brings special call rate offers for you; these offers have something for everyone.

Know Robi’s Call Rate Offer, 48P/minute Call Rate Offer, 69P/Min Call Rate Offer, and 1 P/Sec Rate Cutter Offer in detail so you can make the most of these fantastic deals.

Robi 48P/minute Call Rate Offer

With the Robi 48P/minute Call Rate Offer, you can enjoy an incredibly low rate of 48 Poisha per minute for calls to any local number between 11 PM and 9 AM.

This offer has a 15-day validity period, making it perfect for night owls and those who appreciate budget-friendly calling during off-peak hours.

TimeCall RateValidityActivation Code
11 PM- 9 AM48 Poisha/minute15Days*123*48#

Robi 69P/Min Call Rate Offer

Robi introduces the 69Paisa/Minute Rate Cutter Offer for those seeking flexibility in their call rates.

Recharge with the specified amounts, and you can enjoy a competitive rate of 69 paise per minute for calls to any local mobile number.

Call RateValidityRecharge Target (BDT)
69p/min2 days26
69p/min7 days56
69p/min30 days106

Terms & Conditions for This Offer

  • This offer is available to all Robi Prepaid customers.
  • The special call rate applies to local numbers only.
  • Lower call rates will be applicable for FnF and Priyo numbers.
  • A 10-second pulse rate applies for BDT 26, 56, and 106 rate cutter offers.
  • Applicable taxes include 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff (inclusive of SD), and a 1% surcharge on the base tariff.

Robi 1 P/Sec Rate Cutter Offer

Robi has you covered with the 1 Paisa/Second Rate Cutter Offer. By recharging with specific amounts such as 21 Tk, 49 Tk, or 166 Tk, you can enjoy a call rate of just 1 paisa per second to any local operator.

Whether you need this rate for 2 days, 15 days, or even 90 days, Robi has a suitable option. Stay connected without worrying about high call charges.

Recharge Target (BDT)Call Rate (Any Local Number)Validity
21 Tk1 Paisa/Second2 Days
49 Tk1 Paisa/Second15 Days
166 Tk1 Paisa/Second90 Days


  • Can I avail of the Robi 48P/minute Call Rate Offer multiple times during the campaign?

Ans: You can enjoy the offer multiple times, and the longer validity will prevail in case of multiple recharges.

  • What happens to my previous offer/package after the special tariff validity period ends?

Ans: You will return to your previous offer/package once the special tariff validity period expires.

  • Are taxes applicable to these call rate offers?

Ans: Yes, taxes such as 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff (inclusive of SD), and a 1% surcharge on the base tariff apply.

Final Words

Robi’s Call Rate Offers are brought to provide you with affordable call rates and the flexibility to choose the offer that is best for you.


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