Robi Call Waiting Code | How to Activate Call Waiting In Robi

Robi Call Waiting Code
Robi Call Waiting Code

To activate Call Wait and Call Hold, press *43#, and to deactivate Call Wait and Call Hold, press #43# and press the call button. To check if Call Wait and Call Hold are activated or deactivated, press *#43#.

There’s no charge for either of these services. But please look at your mobile phone manual to find out how Call Wait works on your mobile phone.

Robi Call Waiting

Robi Call Waiting and Call Holding services are introduced to simplify communication. These services facilitate you to manage multiple calls efficiently so you never miss an important conversation.

This guide will discuss the Robi Call Waiting, covering activation and deactivation processes and charges.

Robi Call Waiting Code

To get the service of Robi Call Waiting, you need to be familiar with the activation and deactivation codes. These codes are the key to activating or deactivating the services.

Robi Call Waiting Activation Process

Robi Call Waiting activation process is straightforward. Activate Robi Call Waiting with the following steps:

Dial *43# and press “SEND” to activate Call Waiting. Now, you’re all set to receive notifications about incoming calls while on another call.

Robi Call Waiting Deactivation Process

If you wish to deactivate Call Waiting temporarily, follow the method below.

Dial #43# and press “SEND” to deactivate Call Waiting. After that, you can enjoy an uninterrupted conversation without interrupting incoming calls.

Robi Call Waiting Charges

The good news is that Robi does not impose charges for the Call Waiting and Call Holding services. You can enjoy the convenience of managing multiple calls at no additional cost.

But You may be charged for accessing your voicemail and retrieving voice messages unrelated to Call Waiting.


  • What is the difference between Call Waiting and Call Holding?

Ans: Call Waiting notifies you of incoming calls while on another call, allowing you to decide whether to take the second call. Call Holding lets you put your current call on hold and switch between two calls without ending.

  • How do I activate and deactivate Robi Call Waiting?

Ans: To activate Call Waiting, dial *43#, and to deactivate it, dial #43#, both followed by “SEND.”

  • Are there any charges for Robi Call Waiting?

Ans: There are no additional charges for using Robi Call Waiting and Call Holding services. These services are provided to enhance your communication experience.

Final Words

Robi Call Waiting and Call Holding services are your tools for managing calls easily. Whether you want to activate, deactivate, or explore other features like call divert, this guide has provided all the necessary information.

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