Robi Recharge Offer – Talktime, Internet, And Bundle Recharge Offer in 2024

Robi Recharge Offer
Robi Recharge Offer

Robi offers special call rates for all its valued customers. To enjoy this fantastic deal, recharge your account with Tk 21, Tk 49, or Tk 166, or more, and you’ll become eligible for the offer.

With the Tk 21 recharge, you’ll enjoy the two-day special call rate, while the Tk 49 recharge validates five days.

Robi Recharge Offer Details

Robi offers various recharge offers, including recharge minute offers, recharge internet offers, and recharge call rate offers. All the offers have been mentioned below.

Look at the diverse selection of offers we’ve provided and choose the one that best fits your preferences. Recharge your mobile balance with the specified amount and indulge in the exciting benefits of your chosen offer.

Robi Recharge Minute Offer

Robi is giving all its customers a fantastic deal on talk time through recharge. This Robi Recharge Minute offer is for all prepaid customers, so you can quickly read our list here and see the offer without waiting.

Total Minutes Recharge Validity
23 Minutes Tk. 14 16 Hours
40 Minutes Tk. 24 24 Hours
52 Minutes Tk. 33 2 Days
70 Min Tk. 43 4 Days
95 Min Tk. 59 7 Days
105 Min Tk. 64 7 Days
170 minutes Tk. 99 7 Days
205 Min Tk. 118 10 Days
335 Minutes Tk. 194 30 Days

Robi Recharge Bundle Offer

Besides the Robi Minutes offer, Robi also provides a bundle recharge offer for its users. Here is a list of Robi’s bundle recharge offers.

Offer Recharge Validity
10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB 4G) 501 Tk 28 Days
1 GB + 75 Minutes + 30 SMS 149 Tk 28 Days
7 GB + 350 Minutes 499 Tk 30 Days
600 MB & 150 Minutes 104 Tk 7 Days
2 GB (1 GB +1 GB 4G) 130 Minutes +130 SMS 251 Tk 28 Days
80 Minutes (Postpaid) 53 Tk 7 Days
100 Minutes for 7 Days 64 Tk 7 Days
600 MB + 20 Minutes + 25 SMS 58 Tk 7 Days
2 GB + 50 Minutes 98Tk 7Days

Robi Recharge Call Rate Offer

Robi customers can enjoy exclusive call rates by topping up their mobile Robi numbers with a specific amount of Flexiload. Here, we bring to your attention the most budget-friendly call rate offers available through Robi Recharge.

Call Rate Recharge Validity
72p/min 21 2 days
1P/Sec 26 2 days
72p/min 28 3 days
72p/min 39 6 days
72p/min 49 15 days
1P/Sec 56 7 days
1P/Sec 97 30 days
72p/min 109 30 days
72p/min 166 60 days

Robi Recharge Internet Offer

Robi’s mobile recharge comes with exciting internet offers. We’ve gathered details about Robi Recharge Internet offers to make your choice easier.

Look at the options presented here and select the best internet offer that suits you best. Activate it to enjoy the benefits.

Internet Recharge Validity
10 GB 501 Tk 28 Days
5.2 GB 129Tk 7Days
1.6GB 239Tk 28Days
1.5GB 209Tk 30Days
1GB 48Tk 4Days
1GB 41Tk 3Days
500 MB 74Tk 14Days
250MB 46Tk 28Days

Robi bKash Recharge Offer

Robi customers can get various enticing offers by recharging their mobile phones through bKash Mobile Banking Services.

You’ll need the bKash app installed on your mobile phone and an active bKash account to get these offers. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Robi’s bKash recharge offers for your convenience, and you can find them attached here.

Offer Recharge Validity
1 GB 32 Tk 3 Days
1 GB + 0.5 GB 4G 41Tk 3Days
1.5GB + 0.5GB4G 54 Tk 3Days
2GB + 1GB4G 61 Tk 3Days
3GB + 1GB4G 69Tk 3Days
3GB 94Tk 7Days
2 GB + 50 Minutes 98Tk 7Days
4 GB 108Tk 7Days
4 GB + 2GB 4G 129Tk 7Days
6 GB + 2GB 4G 148Tk 7Days
2 GB + 100 Minutes 149Tk 28 Days
1 GB+ 1 GB 4G+ 100 Minutes 198Tk 28Days
4 GB 239Tk 28Days
7 GB 289Tk 30Days
4 GB + 225 Minutes 299Tk 28Days
7 GB + 3 GB 4G 349Tk 30Days
9 GB + 6 GB 4G 399T 30Days
20 GB + 10 GB 4G 449Tk 30Days

Final Words

Robi’s Lowest Call Rate offer is a fantastic deal for the general users. With the Robi Recharge offer, you enjoy attractive call rates and receive internet benefits.

Besides, for the convenience of bKash subscribers, you can recharge directly from your bKash account. You’ll get exclusive call rate benefits if you recharge the specified amount per Robi’s offer.

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