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Robi Weekly Internet Pack
Robi Weekly Internet Pack

Renowned for its appealing data packs, Robi continually updates its offerings to meet users’ needs. Whether you’re seeking 3G or 4G services, Robi’s extensive network coverage spans every corner of Bangladesh.

Recently, Robi introduced weekly packages that can provide seamless browsing for a week.

Robi Weekly Internet Pack

Robi, one of the leading mobile network operators, offers this package to keep you connected to the digital world throughout the week.

With the Robi Weekly Internet Pack, you can enjoy a generous amount of data at an affordable price.

Whether you need to stay active on social media, stream videos, or complete work-related tasks, this package will be perfect.

Robi Weekly Internet Package List

Robi Weekly Internet packages provide you with varying amounts of data at affordable prices so you can stay active in the internet world or browse the internet without worrying about running out of data.

Look at Robi’s Weekly Internet Packages list and choose the one that aligns with your data usage needs.

Internet Recharge BDT Validity
26 GB 208 7 days
7 GB (1GB Daily) 144 7 Days
20 GB 198 7 Days
6 GB 148 7 Days
11 GB 168 7 Days
14 GB(2GB Daily) 178 7 Days
1.1 GB 101 7 Days
3 GB 108 7 Days
4.5 GB 129 7 Days
10 GB 199 7 Days
7 GB 123 7 Days
5 GB 114 7 Days
2 GB 108 7 Days

Robi Weekly Social Internet Package List

With the Robi Weekly Social Pack, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite social networks throughout the week. Whether you want to chat with friends, share updates, or stay informed, this package meets your social media needs.

Pack Recharge BDT Validity
10 GB (5 GB Facebook + 5 GB Instagram) Pack 129 7 Days
5 GB+5 GB Streaming 158 7 Days

Robi Weekly Bundle Internet Pack List

With this exclusive package, you can indulge in a week-long journey of uninterrupted internet access at an incredibly affordable price.

Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a video streaming aficionado, or someone who values work productivity, the Weekly Bundle Internet Pack has been introduced to all Teletalk users.

Bundle Recharge BDT Activation Code Validity
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 Min 58 *123*058# 7 Days
800 MB (600 FB+200MB) 49 *123*049# 7 Days
1 GB+50 Min+100 SMS 98 *123*098# 7 Days
600 MB + 20 Minutes + 25 SMS 58 7 Days
2 GB + 50 Minutes +100 SMS 98 7 Days

How to Check Robi Weekly Internet Pack Balance

After activating any package, we want to check the internet balance occasionally. It is also very simple. Just dial *3# and get the full report of your data plan.

Final Words

Robi’s data offerings are versatile, catering to users in 2G, 3G, and 4G network environments unless specified otherwise.

Conveniently, subscribers can check their internet balance by dialing *3#, on-net minutes by dialing *222*2#, and off-net minutes by dialing *222*9#. These weekly internet or combo packs are available for all prepaid customers.

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