Rocket Cash Out Charge 2024

Rocket Cash Out Charge
Rocket Cash Out Charge

The rocket cashout charge is 0.9% and will apply to general users. But the charge varies to the account type. There are commonly two accounts under Rocket mobile banking. One is an available account, and the other is a salary account. Different types of charges will be applicable for those accounts.

Rocket Cash Out Charge Info

Many people take their online income money in rockets, so it is important to know about rocket charges. Rocket is a service of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. Its cash out cost depends on how you want to withdraw your money. Rocket offers its customers 2 types of personal accounts.

  • Simple personal account
  • Rocket salary account

You can receive and use the Rocket Salary Account service only if you are an employee and your company pays your salary to Rocket. In this case, the withdrawal cost varies according to our Rocket account type. We have described all the Rocket cash-out charges below.

Rocket Cash Out Charge From Agent

First, how much money is charged to cash out the Rocket from the agent? A cashout charge of 1.67% will apply to general customers when cashing out Rocket from agents. On the other hand, a 0.9% charge will be applicable for cashing out from the agent for those using the Rocket Salary account.

Rocket Cash Out Charge From DBBL Branch

At this point, I will highlight how much money will apply in the Rocket Cash Out Charge case from the DBBL Branch. There are two rules in this case too. One is for general customers; the other is for those with salary accounts. A 0.9% charge will apply to cashing out from DBBL branches for general Rocket customers.9 TK per thousand.

On the other hand, there is no charge on cash out from the DBBL for those with a salary account. However, an amount of Tk 10 will be applicable for each cashout.

Rocket Cash Out Charge From DBBL ATM

Now let’s talk about a widely used cash-out system DBBL ATM. A 0.9% charge will be applicable for general customers to cash out from Rocket at DBBL ATM.

On the other hand, no charge will be applicable for cash out from the DBBL ATM in the case of a salary account. Cash out from Rocket’s DBBL ATM is free for salary account customers.

Rocket Cash Out Charge List

As mentioned, there are three types or three ways to cash out from Rocket, and Rocket generally has two types of customers. One is a regular customer, and the other is a salary account customer. Cashout charges for general and salary account customers are presented below in tabular form.

Rocket General Customers Cash Out Charge

Below are presented in tabular form the cashout charges of typical Rocket customers. I hope you can easily understand the cashout charges from here.

Cash Out Charge (Per Thousand)
DBBL Agent 16.70 TK
DBBL Branch 9.00 TK

Rocket Salary Account Cash Out Charge List

At this point, it is presented what amount of charge will be applicable in case of cash out for those with a salary account. Check it from the table below.

Cash Out Charge
DBBL Agent 9.00 TK (per thousand)
DBBL Branch 10 TK (any amount)

Final Words

Rocket Cash Out Charge is a fee imposed on users who wish to withdraw their funds from Rocket, a popular digital wallet and payment platform. This fee is applied to each cash-out transaction and varies depending on the withdrawal amount and the user’s location.

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