Teletalk All Service Off Code 2024

Teletalk All Service Off Code
Teletalk All Service Off Code

Teletalk Deactivation Codes for Effortless Management. Gathered directly from Teletalk’s official sources, these codes provide a hassle-free way to turn off specific services.

Follow today’s curated information for seamless control over your Teletalk SIM. Experience the convenience without hesitation.

Teletalk All Services 2024

Teletalk, Bangladesh’s esteemed government-owned telecommunication company, offers various services to enhance your communication experience.

While these services are designed to cater to various needs, it’s important to determine which ones are truly relevant to you. Teletalk offers the services given below-

  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • News updates
  • Call Management Services
  • Teletalk Audio Book

Teletalk All Service Off 2024

Teletalk, a government-owned telecommunication company in Bangladesh, caters to official and personal communication needs.

Teletalk offers a range of services that can benefit everyone. However, some services deduct balances regularly until deactivated. To safeguard your balance, it’s crucial to deactivate unnecessary services promptly.

At this point, we provide you with a comprehensive list of code numbers that make the deactivation process hassle-free and efficient. Let’s learn the unwanted services and their subscription methods.

Service Off Method
TELEFLEX Type STOP FLIX and send it to 9494
Dial *9494*2#
Missed Call Alert Type STOP and send it to 22455
RTV News Type Stop and send to 4141/ 24141
Prothom-Alo News Type Stop and send it to 2221
Sweet Talk Type STOP<space>ST and send it to 16235
Love Tips Type STOP<space >LT and send it to 16235
Cricket Type STOP<space>CRIC and send it to 16235
Football Type STOP<space>FTB and send to 16235
Taroka News Type STOP<space>AT and send it to 16235
Bollywood Gossip
Type STOP<space >BG and send it to 16235
Fashion & Lifestyle Type STOP<space>LS and send it to 16368
Happy Cell Portal Type STOP<space>HC and send it to 16368
Content Bazar Type STOP<space>CB and send it to 16235


  • Can I temporarily deactivate a Teletalk service without permanently canceling it?

Ans: Generally, Teletalk does not offer temporary deactivation options for services. You can manually activate or deactivate services as per your requirement using the provided codes.

  • Are there any limitations on the number of services I can deactivate using the Teletalk deactivation codes?

Ans: There is typically no limit on the number of services you can deactivate simultaneously using the respective Teletalk deactivation codes. You can deactivate multiple services.

  • Can I receive notifications or reminders before my Teletalk services are automatically renewed?

Ans: Teletalk may provide notifications or reminders before the automatic renewal of certain services.

  • Is there any special deactivation code to turn off all services?

Ans: The deactivation code for unsubscribing from all the Teletalk services is unavailable. You can unsubscribe from the services with the individual codes given above.

Knowing Teletalk’s service deactivation codes empowers users to control their mobile services more.

Users can conveniently and efficiently turn off unnecessary services that may incur charges or unwanted deductions by accessing the provided codes.

After unsubscribing any of these services, a confirmation will be sent to your mobile, and only then will you be sure that your unnecessary subscription has been unsubscribed.

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