Teletalk Minute Offer Packs 2024 – Lastest Minutes Packs

Teletalk Minute Offer Packs
Teletalk Minute Offer Packs

Teletalk, a popular telecom company in Bangladesh, wants to help you talk without spending too much money. They have different options for short and long calls.

They have some special deals for Aparajita users. Let’s learn more about Teletalk’s affordable ways to stay with Teletalk.

Teletalk Minute Offer

Some people prefer small packages, while others opt for monthly-minute packages. That’s why Robi divided our minute packs into various categories, such as weekly offers or short-term packages and the other for monthly minute offers.

Among our lowest short-term minute packs, you’ll find the 25-minute offer for just 13 TK.

Teletalk Minute Offer Pack

Teletalk Offers various minutes offer packs to its users. These offers validity is 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days. Let’s look at the table below to get all the Teletalk Minutes offers.

Offer BDT Recharge Activation Code
23 14 TK 3 Days *111*14#
53 32 TK 5 Days *111*32#
143 86 TK 7 Days *111*86#
477 287TK 30 Days *111*287#

Teletalk Bundle Minute Offer

Teletalk offers bundle minute packs to its customers and minute offers at affordable prices. All the bundle offers of Teletalk are given below in the table. Choose the right bundle for you and get the offer quickly.

Pack BDT Validity Activation Code
12 Minutes + 15 SMS + 50 MB 10 TK 3 Days *111*101#
50 Minutes + 50 SMS + 500 MB 50 TK 5 Days *111*102#
100 Minutes + 100 SMS + 1 GB 100 TK 7 Days *111*103#

Teletalk Oporajita Minute Offer

Aparajita is a women-only prepaid package. The new Aparajita minutes offer can be availed only by Aparajita women. There are three packs for Aparajita users.

25 minutes 14 SMS 13 TK

This is a small offer. Teltalk is 25 minutes in this pack with 14 SMS for just TK13. This minute pack validity is 2 days. To avail of this offer, dial *111*13# or recharge 13 TK.

80 minutes 44 SMS 44 TK

This is another SMS minutes pack for Aparajita SIM users. This pack includes 80 minutes and 44 SMS for just TK 44 for 5 days.

If you want to activate the offer of 5 days 80 minutes, recharge TK 44 or dial the activation code *111*44*# to get it.

175 minutes 97 SMS 97 TK

Every User Long Time Minute Offer. This offer is mainly for those who want a long-term offer at an affordable price.

Opporajita Cheap Rate Minute Pack Offer, 175 Minutes and 97 SMS Priced at TK 97 only. To activate the 175-minute offer, dial *111*1010# or recharge TK 101.


  • What are the different types of Teletalk minute offers available?

Ans: Teletalk offers various minute packs, including short-term and monthly packages, and bundles that include minutes, SMS, and data.

  • What is the Teletalk Oporajita Minute Offer, and who is it for?

Ans: The Teletalk Oporajita Minute Offer is specifically designed for women using the Aparajita prepaid package. It offers different minute and SMS packs exclusively for Aparajita users.

  • How can Aparajita users activate the 25-minute and 14 SMS offers for 13 TK?

Ans: Aparajita users can activate the 25-minute and 14 SMS offer for 13 TK by dialing 11113# or recharging 13 TK.


Teletalk’s minute offers are designed to make communication easy and affordable for everyone. And if you’re an Aparajita user, special deals are just for you.

So, stay connected with Teletalk’s budget-friendly communication solutions and enjoy talking without breaking the bank.

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