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Teletalk Shotoborsho Package Offers
Teletalk Shotoborsho Package Offers

Teletalk Shotoborsho Package comes with some exciting deals for the consumer. Teletalk has recently introduced an exciting new SIM package called Shotoborsho as a part of the celebrations surrounding the 100th birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also known as Mujib Borsho. This initiative by Teletalk aims to spread joy and offer numerous benefits to its customers.

Teletalk Shotoborsho Package Details

Teletalk, in celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has introduced an exciting new SIM package named Shotoborsho.

This package comes with lots of benefits and offers for the subscribers. Below, we have given the details and features of the Shotoborsho package.

Features Cost Validity
Voice Call (any local number) 47paisa/min 24 Hours
Pulse 1 Second 24 Hours
SMS (any local number) 25 Paisa 24 Hours
Pay-per-use 15KB/1paisa 24 Hours

Teletalk Shotoborsho Package Call Rate

One of the most appealing features of the Shotoborsho package is the incredibly low call rate. Subscribers can make voice calls to any local number at just 47 Paisa per minute, with a 1-second pulse. This feature is activated as soon as you activate your Shotoborsho SIM connection.

Recharge Call-rate Validity
34 Taka 45Paisa/Min 10 Days
79 Taka 45Paisa/Min 30 Days

Teletalk Shotoborsho Package (Bundle Pack)

Within the Shotoborsho package, subscribers enjoy cost-effective Minutes with an SMS rate of just 25 paisa for any local number. This rate is applicable 24 hours a day. To available the offer, recharge TK 100.

Voice Call SMS 17 GB Internet
100 Minutes 100 SMS 17 GB Internet

Shotoborsho Special Internet Recharge Offer

Teletalk Shotoborsho offers an exclusive internet recharge offer. By recharging 17 Taka or dialing *111*17#, subscribers receive 2 GB of data with a validity of 15 days. This data package can be availed twice a month.

Recharge Data Volume Validity Code
17 Taka 2 GB 15 Days *111*17#


  • How can I migrate to the Teletalk Shotoborsho SIM package?

Ans: To migrate to the Shotoborsho SIM package, if you already have a Teletalk connection (Sagotom, Agami, Bornomala, Oporajita, etc.), simply type ‘S100’ from your Teletalk SIM and send it to 888. You will receive a notification by SMS confirming your migration within 72 hours.

  • Can I enjoy the Shotoborsho SIM offers without recharging 100 Taka?

Ans: Yes, Teletalk subscribers can enjoy all the Shotoborsho SIM offers without the need to recharge 100 Taka.

  • Are the special call rates and internet offers exclusive to Shotoborsho users?

Ans: No, the special call rate and internet offers can be used by both Shotoborsho users and subscribers of other Teletalk packages.

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The Teletalk Shotoborsho Package is a fantastic opportunity for subscribers to enjoy low call rates, affordable SMS rates, and exclusive internet offers. Celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with this special package.

If you already have a Teletalk connection, consider migrating to Shotoborsho to take advantage of these exciting offers.

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