Tungipara Express Bus Schedule and Ticket Price 2024

Tungipara Express Bus Schedule and Ticket Price
Tungipara Express Bus Schedule and Ticket Price

Tungipara Express Bus ticket price is 700 to 1000 TK, dependings on the AC and Non-AC. This Tungipara Express bus regularly serves people from Dhaka Gulshan and Syedabad to Gopalganj, Jessore, Narail, Khulna, Pirojpur, etc. Tungipara Express offers ticketing services both online and offline.

Tungipara Express Bus

Tungipara Express is a popular transport service on Dhaka to Khulna route. Tungipara Express also offers bus services, including regular, AC, and luxury coaches, with varying fares and facilities.

The buses are well-maintained and equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, air conditioning, and other amenities to ensure a pleasant journey for passengers which run on Dhaka to Jessore, Dhaka to Khulna, Dhaka to Kushtia, and Dhaka to Magura, among others.

Tungipara Express Bus Schedule

Tungipara Express, a well-known bus service in Bangladesh, offers travelers a convenient and reliable bus schedule across various routes. With multiple departure times throughout the day, Tungipara Express ensures that passengers can plan their journey according to their convenience.

Passengers can choose from different types of buses and book tickets online, making Tungipara Express a reliable travel companion for your journey on the route.

There are different schedules from Dhaka district to other districts of Bangladesh. Tungipara Express bus departs from Dhaka district for Gopalganj. We will now share with you Tungipara Express Bus Dhaka Schedules.

  • First Trip: 04:45 AM
  • Last Trip: 11:55 PM

Tungipara Express Bus Ticket Price

Tungipara Express offers competitive ticket prices, making it an affordable option for travelers in Bangladesh.

The ticket prices of Tungipara Express buses vary depending on the type of bus, route, and class of service, with varying fares to cater to different budgets. The ticket price for Tungipara Express is mentioned below.

  • AC: 1000 TK
  • Non-AC: 700 TK

Tungipara Express Tickets Online

Tungipara Express offers the convenience of booking tickets online, allowing passengers to plan and secure their bus travel from their homes easily.

With Tungipara Express’s online ticketing system, passengers can browse available routes, select their preferred departure time, choose their seats, and make payments securely online.

But it cannot be done directly through any website. You need to call the specific counter and book the ticket. Below are the contact numbers of all the counters of Tungipara Express.

Tungipara Express Counter Number

Tungipara Express has multiple authorized ticket counters located in various cities and towns across Bangladesh, providing easy access to ticketing and information for passengers.

Travelers can visit these counters to inquire about bus schedules, ticket prices, and other relevant information. Below are the names and numbers of all the counters in the districts where Tungipara Express operates.

Dhaka Counter Number

Tungipara Express starts its journey from Dhaka. The counters and numbers of all the counters in Dhaka are mentioned below.

  • Gulistan: 01712-72640
  • Gulistan Counter (2): 01193096110
  • Saidabad: 01196267166

Jessore counters

Tungipara Express runs from Dhaka to Jessore route. You can also buy Tungipara Express tickets from the Jessore counter. Jessore counter names and numbers are given below.

  • New Market Bus Station: 01716-745750.
  • Manihar Bus Station: 01738-718241.
  • Chatiantala Bus Stand: 01717-724657.
  • Dhalga Bus Station: 01982-444630.

Tungipara Express Counter Khulna

You can purchase tickets online and offline from all the counters of Tungipara Express in the Khulna district. Below are the counter names and numbers.

  • Khulna Bus Station: 01920-492617, 01793-137262.
  • Khalishpur Bus Station: 01793-137270.
  • Sonadanga Bus Stand: 01793-137262.
  • Royal Counter: 01793-137265.
  • Rupsa Ghat: 01793-137266.

Pirojpur Counters

Tungipara Express also runs on the Pirojpur route. Take a look at all the counters and numbers in the Pirojpur district.

  • Pirojpur Bus Station: 01744-188162, 01323-405088, 01323-405099.
  • Kadamtala Bus Station: 01722-772063.
  • Jujkhola Hat Bus Station: 01719-816573.
  • Nazirpur Bus Station: 01718-450867, 01726-605616.
  • Kabiraj Bari Bus Station: 01710-858979.
  • Dighirjan Bazaar: 01729-292982.
  • Navrasta Counter: 01724-488699.
  • Vaizora Bus Station: 01718-731931, 01811-232014.
  • Matibhanga Bus Stand: 01717-995918.
  • Saildah Bus Station: 01726-419261.

Narail Counter

Tungipara Express provides its service through the Narail district. There is a total of five counters in the Narail district. Their contact numbers are given.

  • Narail Bus Station: 01751-753757.
  • Lakshipasa Bus Stand: 01312-775276.
  • Lohagara Bus Station: 01771-176858.
  • Kalna Ghat Bus Station: 01780-280451.


Whether you are planning a journey from Dhaka to Tungipara or Dhaka to other cities, Tungipara Express offers a convenient and reliable mode of transportation with its well-managed bus schedule and affordable ticket prices.

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