US Immigration Visa From Bangladesh: Immigration to USA From Bangladesh In 2024

US Immigration Visa From Bangladesh

America is the dream city for many people. But going to America is tough now. In the current era, one has to go through various steps to apply for an American visa.

A visa is a permit to travel or reside in a specific country for a specified period. Citizens of any other country can live and work permanently in the United States through an immigrant visa. You can quickly get a visa if your family has good citizenship.

Today I will discuss how to apply for an immigrant visa and how to do these things in detail. If you want to apply for an immigrant visa and want to know the rules, then today’s article is for you. So let’s know the details.

How to Get US Immigrant Visa From Bangladesh?

Any US citizen can apply to the government to take their partner or family member there. And if this application is accepted, you will be sent a welcome letter through which you can apply for an immigrant visa.

What to Do After Receiving a Welcome Letter

You must receive a case creation or welcome letter before making an immigration visa application. After receiving it, you have some things to do. Below are the things to do:

After receiving the welcome letter or case creation letter, there are a few things you need to do. You must log in first to see if everyone in your family has been added. If you want to add someone, you can add them again; if you want to remove someone, you can remove them from there. But it would be best if you did it first.

US Immigration Visa Payment

After completing this task that I mentioned above, you have to pay the fee. Each applicant has to pay 325 USD for this—120 USD for the sponsor and 325 USD separately for each applicant. The sponsor will pay 120 USD in advance. After that, the total payment of 325 USD will be calculated for all the applicants separately.

There are specific rules to be followed while paying the fee. You cannot pay all the fees at once for all applicants. The sponsor should pay the fee first. Then other applicants have to pay the fee. First, the one who pays the sponsor fee first, all the other applicants must calculate and submit it at once. But it may take you several days to pay for it.

US Visa Fee Payment Process

You cannot pay this fee through any Bangladeshi bank or credit card. You must pay the fee from an American bank account. If you have a relative, brother, sister, friend, or someone you know, you can pay the fee through them. But remember that you cannot do it through any bank in Bangladesh.

  • Pay now option you will find on a specific interface to complete the payment. Clicking here will take you to the following interface.
  • You must pay 120 dollars in advance to your sponsor with all your information. Then other applicants have to pay the fee.
  • Then you will be taken to the following interface and asked to enter your bank account and other details. After doing all this, your payment will be completed.

It may take you a few days to complete. After completion, you will keep the payment receipt with you. Because many times it is seen that confirmation is not available even after the completion of online payment. In that case, you can get details by showing them to the appropriate authorities.

What to Do After Completing the Payment

You can do certain things after paying a specific fee that you could never do before the fee was paid. So you can do these things after your fee payment.

After completing the fee, you have two types of tasks. This means that some forms will come from America, and you will have to fill out some forms from your home country.

USA Immigration Visa Required Documents

First of all, it does not say what documents will be required for the sponsor or the person applying for you –

You have to collect the passport, copy of passport, copy of special security card or security card number; if you take a copy, then you have to take e copy of both sides 2 pages.

  • If you have a stage ID, take a copy of that stage ID.
  • A National ID card or birth certificate must be taken, then take a copy of your marriage certificate or Nikahnama, IRS certificate, or tax document should be taken; if you have a driving license, then take a copy of the driving license. Still, photocopies of both pages must be taken.
  • Another important thing is to take a copy of the affidavit and give your original signature here.

These are the sponsor or applicant documents. You must collect these from the place that applied for you.

Along with these tasks, you must simultaneously do the tasks you have in Bangladesh. However, you must remember that you must scan these documents.

USA Visa Application Process

After filling in the above documents and uploading the specified documents, your civil documents option will open. Civil documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates or Nikahnama, police clearance, passports, death certificates, and photographs.

These are called civil documents. You must collect these documents. But remember to collect two copies of your marriage certificate and Nikahnama, both in Bengali and English versions.

Here you have to upload all the documents of civil documents. But one thing to remember, you must keep a copy of your police clearance. It will be valid for 12 months only, and you will need it for the interview.

So you must collect a police clearance certificate before going for the interview. After uploading them, the National Visa Center will review all your information and see if everything is correct.

If everything is OK, your application will be completed. But if any wrong information is given, then National Visa Center will inform you by SMS on Gmail. You will need to re-upload the information that Gmail asks you to provide.

US Visa Application Confirmation

After completing the application, getting your confirmation may take some time. But it is a time-consuming thing. You have to wait for the interview for some time, and you will be informed at a specific time and called to the interview board. So you have to wait patiently for this.

After getting the interview confirmation, you have to do the medical test. You must do the medical test 3 to 4 weeks before the interview date. You should not do this a week before as it may cause problems. So make the medical report a little earlier because, without this medical report, you will not be taken to the interview board.

USA Immigration Visa Processing Caution

There are several precautions you need to take regarding immigration visas. One of them is that no false or incorrect information can be given to you. Many extend their children’s age a little to facilitate immigration.

Never do this. If you have made a mistake, go to the registry office and correct your information. If you are caught, your candidature will be canceled, and you will not be able to go for 99 years.

So you must be careful in this case. Not only here but elsewhere, false information cannot be used, especially with age. Age cannot be reduced in any case. You have to give the exact age.

Another thing to note – if you have the date of birth, name, or any other problem with the identity card, then you need to solve it beforehand. Otherwise, you will face many problems. So if these problems occur, solve them beforehand.

USA Visa Interview

After that, your job will be to go to the interview board. Certain documents will be sent to the interview board that will be intimated to you. So you must carry these documents with you, and after the interview, your candidature confirmation will be done, and you can go.

So this is the detailed information about applying for an immigration visa that you have learned from this article, from receiving the welcome letter to the end.

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