Vaccine Certificate Correction Bangladesh

Vaccine Certificate Correction Bangladesh

Today’s discussion will be constructive if you want to know how to correct the vaccine certificate. Today we have discussed the procedures for correcting the vaccine card.

I hope today’s discussion will give you a better understanding of how to correct the vaccine card. So follow today’s article carefully till the end for the vaccine certificate correction.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Bangladesh

Nowadays, many people are eager to correct mistakes in vaccine cards. In many cases, there are mistakes in the vaccine card, which mistakes become very bad with our identity card.

Because of this, we are hindered from doing specific essential tasks. Because in many cases, when there is a mistake in the vaccination card, there will be a mistake in any online-based work. Then it will cause problems in any of our work.

For this, it is necessary to correct the vaccine card. We cannot avoid all these problems without amending the vaccine card. However, vaccine card correction cannot be done quickly.

This requires knowing specific processes. Today’s discussion covered various topics and presented the vaccine card correction method. We hope this correction method will be helpful for you because the correction methods we have presented here are compelling.

Hopefully, you can quickly amend your vaccine card as per the information provided today. But for that, it is necessary to read today’s discussion carefully and remember not to miss a single point. So let’s know the ways or methods to correct the vaccine card.

Which Things Can be Correct of Vaccination Card

It is impossible to change all the information on the vaccine card at will. Specific information on the vaccine card can be changed, which you need to know in advance.

If you want to change the National Identity Card number of your vaccine card, then you cannot do that, as there is no scope to change it per the vaccine amendment rules.

You cannot change the information at these levels. However, certain information can be changed, as mentioned below.

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Date of vaccine dose
  • The name of the vaccine
  • Gender
  • Passport No

You can correct the points mentioned above if the information on the vaccine card is wrong. Apart from these, you cannot modify any other information. So if you want to correct all this information, follow the procedures below.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Procedure

Let’s come to the main discussion at this stage. We will know all the processes for correcting the covid-19 vaccine certificate at this stage. If you see the process, you can quickly convert them.

You must apply to the District ICT Officer (Programmer) with the correct information in the prescribed application form to correct the Covid vaccine certificate.

Along with the application, you must submit copies of your National Identity Card/Passport and Immunization Card/Vaccine Certificate as proof of correction information. You can amend the information on a priority basis as per the rationale and importance of your application.

To facilitate the correction of vaccine certificate information to the general public, the district ICT office has been allowed to correct the vaccine certificate.

If you are a foreigner, and there is a mistake in the vaccine certificate as per the passport, you can quickly get it corrected within 1-2 days. But for this, you must submit the necessary documents mentioned below.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Form

If you want to amend your covid vaccine certificate, you must collect a form and fill it out correctly. You can order this form from the district ICT office or the internet, fill it out at home, and submit it to the district ICT office.

It is best to download it separately, print it, and submit the form correctly to ICT. Then it will be easy for you. For your convenience, we have provided a link below that mentions the vaccine certificate amendment form.

Download this form, print it and fill it out correctly and submit it to the District ICT Office along with the required documents. The necessary documents are mentioned below.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Form

Necessary Documents For Correction Vaccine Certificate

Following are the documents you need to submit to correct the covid certificate.

  • Copy of National Identity Card.
  • Copy of vaccine card/vaccine certificate.
  • Certificate of Immunization Centre.

But note that if you have registered for the covid vaccine as per your passport, then a copy of your new and old passport must be required.

So fill out the correction form with the mentioned documents and submit them to the district ICT office, then, your vaccine certificate will be changed within the stipulated time, and you will be informed about it. After telling you, you can collect the vaccine certificate.

I hope you know how to correct the covid vaccine certificate from today’s discussion. Hopefully, by following all these methods, you can change your vaccination card or update any information. If you want more online-based help related to this, follow our website.

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  1. i already correct my name and birth date in NID. Now, how can i correct my name and birth date in Vaccine Certificate ?

    1. it’s my phone number-01754480975 or 01887742806 my name is Mr. Arman Hossain. I’m waiting for your call.

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