Airtel All Service Off Code 2024

Airtel All Service Off Code
Airtel All Service Off Code

Airtel offers the DND (Do Not Disturb) service to combat unsolicited calls and messages. By dialing *7#, customers can control their communication preferences. To deactivate DND, dial the code.

Airtel also understands the need for flexibility in value-added services (VAS). While VAS subscriptions enhance mobile experiences with sports updates, music streaming, news alerts, etc., users can easily deactivate specific VAS subscriptions by dialing *9#.

Airtel All Service Off Code 2024

Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications providers, understands the need for a seamless customer experience, including the ability to deactivate specific services whenever necessary.

With the Airtel All Service Off Code, customers now have an effortless way to manage and deactivate services they no longer require or wish to use.

Airtel All Services

Airtel offers a wide range of services catering to the diverse needs of its customers. From mobile plans and internet connectivity to digital entertainment and value-added services, Airtel ensures that customers can access a comprehensive suite of offerings.

Whether voice calls, SMS, data packages, caller tunes, or subscription-based services, Airtel strives to deliver quality and convenience. All the services from Airtel are given below.

  • Miss Call Alert
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller Tune
  • Promotional SMS
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Weather Update
  • Jokes
  • Call Block Service
  • Airtel Cricket News
  • Religious Alert
  • Mobile Backup
  • Health and Education Service

Airtel DND Service Code

Unsolicited promotional calls and messages can often disrupt our daily routines and invade our privacy.

To combat this issue, Airtel has implemented the DND (Do Not Disturb) service, which allows customers to filter and control the communication they receive.

DND Service is got by dialing *7#. Customers can effortlessly deactivate the DND service by simply dialing the designated code, ensuring they don’t miss out on important messages or calls from trusted sources.

Airtel VAS Service Off Code

Airtel understands that customers have diverse preferences and varying needs regarding value-added services.

While these services can enhance our mobile experience with features like sports updates, music streaming, news alerts, and more, there may be instances when users wish to deactivate certain VAS subscriptions. Airtel VAS Service off code is *9#

Airtel All Service Off Code

The Airtel All Service Off Code list covers many services, including voice calls, SMS, data packages, value-added services, and more.

By dialing the respective code associated with the service they want to deactivate, customers can swiftly turn it off, avoiding unnecessary charges and ensuring full control over their service subscriptions. Here is given the list below.

Service Off USSD Code
Promotional SMS *121*9*2#
Facebook Update *325*22#
Caller tune & My tune *121*3*1#
Music & Entertainment /mRadio *121*3*2#
Mobile Backup *121*3*3#
Miss call alert *121*3*4#
Cricket News Service *121*3*6#
Religious alert *121*3*7#
Health & Education *121*3*8#
News Service *121*3*10#
Weather forecast *121*3*11#
Voice mail *121*3*12#
Jokes SMS *121*3*14#
Call Block service *121*3*15#
Horoscopes Service  *121*3*9#

Airtel’s All Service Off Code allows customers to control their service subscriptions and customize their mobile experience.

With Airtel, you can easily turn services on or off whenever you want, saying goodbye to unwanted interruptions and enjoying a personalized telecommunications journey that fits your needs.

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