Apply For Movement Pass Police Gov BD 2024

Movement Pass Police Gov BD
Movement Pass Police Gov BD

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic moving pass was introduced. The government of Bangladesh implemented the use of moving passes to move from one city to another or even to move from one district to another. Through this process, the random movement of people can be controlled, and the virus will not be spread.

To track citizen mobility during the shutdown, Bangladeshi police have released a mobile app called Movement Pass. You have to apply online with all your necessary documents to get a movement pass then the police headquarter will decide whether you will get a movement pass.

Who Requires a Movement Pass?

Nobody is allowed to leave the house while emergency services are on lockdown. Only emergency services are allowed to move, according to the Bangladesh Police. All the residents of Bangladesh who need to travel outside of their homes for work, emergency medical reasons, or essential services must need a movement pass.

This includes individuals who work in healthcare, law enforcement, and transportation. In an emergency, you must apply for a movement pass via the police government of Bangladesh’s mobile app. The Bangladesh Police will issue a movement pass after examining and categorizing the data from the application.

The Process of Application for Movement Pass

Nowadays, applying for a movement pass has become effortless. We can also apply online for this movement pass. The essential documents which are needed for the application are mentioned below:

  • All you need to do is register.
  • National ID Card or Birth Registration or Job ID Student ID.
  • Pictures.
  • Mobile number.

How to apply for Police Movement Pass Police Gov BD?

For emergency assistance, we need to obtain a mobility permit from Nevertheless, people need to know how to apply for a movement pass. The pass is crucial if you wish to go somewhere to receive emergency services.

So, everyone should be aware of how to apply for movement permission. Those interested in learning more about this application process should read the entire post. The requirements for requesting a pass are discussed below:

  1. Visit the Movement Pass website ( or download the Movement Pass App to get started.
  2. Then it would be best if you did the robot verification.
  3. Then you have to click on the application button.
  4. To enter the necessary data, such as the person’s name, mobile phone number, date of birth., national ID card or driver’s license, place and destination of the voyage, the purpose for the journey, etc., click on the Movement Pass application button.
  5. Once the necessary information is provided, download this file and click the submit button.
  6. The police will use an online QR code scanner to give a pass after confirming the application.
  7. The police officers at the checkpoint will scan the code and verify the applicant’s information and reason for traveling.

Because of the server, many people need help registering for a Movement Pass. Therefore, you can register for a Movement Pass without a website using mobile apps. On April 14, 2023, the procedure for applying via mobile apps officially began.

So, immediately register for a Movement Pass with the steps below.

  1. Use your mobile device to navigate the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, you must look for “Movement Pass” online.
  3. The next step is to select the program that appears before you.
  4. Lastly, you must select the download choice.

Qualifications for Applying for a Movement Pass and the Purpose of the Trip.

The listed reasons qualify for applying for a movement pass but are not limited to these only.

  1. Retail or wholesale purchases.
  2. Provision of aid
  3. Purchasing groceries and basic goods
  4. The practice of cremating bodies
  5. Medical labor and drugs agriculture
  6. Goods supply and transportation
  7. Although the authorities will consider granting passes to the branch, journalists are not required to use “movement passes” during employment.

What Do You Need to Know Before Applying for Movement Pass?

There are certain things you need to keep in your mind before applying for the pass.

  1. A movement pass is required for movement in inter-district and inter-city during lockdown periods.
  2. Passes are valid for the dates and purposes specified in the application.
  3. The pass may only be approved if you provide sufficient documents or the reason seems non-essential.
  4. While traveling, you must maintain all COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing masks, carrying social distancing, etc.

What Happens if There Is No Movement Pass?

Moving without movement passe by transportation or foot is illegal during the pandemic. So people can get punishment for moving here and there without a movement pass. Some of the consequences are given below:

  1. You might always have to account to the police if you venture outside without a pass.
  2. Any punishment is up to the management.
  3. Possible punishment.
  4. Possibly offended.
  5. During the trip, you might be told to go back.


Q1.Can I Issue a movement pass in advance?

In one day, you can only issue one movement pass. You can use that pass on that day or any other day.

Q2.By using a movent pass, can I go anywhere I want?

No, using a movement pass is not allowed to move here and there. Only for emergencies can you go out by using a moving pass.

Q3.Is keeping a printed copy of the movement passes with you necessary?

Only that person has to keep the pass with him for whom the pass is issued. If that person uses a car and needs a driver, it should be mentioned along with the necessary information while applying for the movement pass. By this, the driver can also move with you.

Q4. Is it enough to keep the movement pass with you only for going out during lockdown?

No. You must also keep the provided mobile number and ID card with you; otherwise, the movement pass will not be valid.

Q5.Can many people move with one movement pass?

No. The person who will issue the movement pass only that person can move with that pass. More than one person with one movement pass is not allowed.


During the pandemic, moving with a movement pass is essential because it will reduce the spread of the virus so that people will be safe. As the process of getting movement pass became effortless so, for being safe everyone should be more aware of collecting movement pass.