Bangladesh Traffic Rules & Fines In 2024 (Updated Rules)

Bangladesh Traffic Rules & Fines
Bangladesh Traffic Rules & Fines

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has introduced new traffic rules. These new traffic rules have been implemented from 1 November 2022. Traffic rules are a set of guidelines and regulations that govern the behavior of drivers, pedestrians, and other road users.

In Bangladesh, traffic rules are enforced by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority to ensure road safety and prevent accidents. Despite implementing various traffic laws, Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of road accidents globally, with many of these accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Traffic Rules in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has introduced new traffic rules. These new traffic rules have been implemented from 1 November 2022. All those rules have been canceled, and new rules have been issued. All these rules are given below.

  • Driving on the left side of the road: All vehicles are required to drive on the left in Bangladesh.
  • Wearing seatbelts: Drivers and passengers of all vehicles are required to wear seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Using helmets: Motorcyclists and their passengers must always wear helmets while riding.
  • Using indicators: Drivers must use their indicators when turning or changing lanes.
  • Obeying traffic signals: Drivers must abide by traffic signals, including traffic lights and road signs.
  • Speed limits: Speed limits are enforced in Bangladesh, and drivers are required to drive within the posted speed limit.
  • Using headlights: Vehicles must use their headlights at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Overtaking: Drivers must overtake other vehicles on the right-hand side.
  • Ignore mobile phones: Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited.
  • Drinking and driving: It is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Traffic Rules Section in Bangladesh

regulations. These fines are intended to deter drivers from engaging in dangerous or reckless behavior on the roads and to promote safe driving practices. All the section rules and fines are given below.

  1. Section-137: Accordingly, if a person drives a vehicle without a driving license, uses metallic number plates on the vehicle, expired tax token, number plates are obscured, bumpers and colored parking cover number plates, Then the driver or owner will be fined Rs. 200/- accordingly.
  2. Section-139: States that any vehicle fitted with a hydraulic horn shall be fined TK 100 accordingly.
  3. Section-140: In this section, it is said that if you blow your horn in a prohibited place, if you disobey the traffic instructions, if you create a block and refuse to give information, if you disobey the traffic signal, if you disobey one-way, if you make a prohibited U-turn, if you drive during prohibited hours- 250 will be fined accordingly.
  4. Section-142 says that if the legal maximum speed limit is violated, the fine will be TK 300.
  5. Section-146 states that if the offense related to the accident is committed, the fine will be 500.
  6. Section-149: This section states that if the headlight, backlight, indicator, brake light, looking glass, rear mirror, or wiper is not present or is blocked if there is unsafe loading in the vehicle, more than 2 persons are on a motorcycle. If you board and carry extra passengers on the driver’s side or the roof, if you don’t use a helmet – the fine will be TK .300.

Bangladesh Traffic Fines and Punishment

Bangladesh traffic laws are discussed above. But if you violate those laws, what else can be fined? We will discuss it below. Follow the below to know all the laws that violate traffic rules according to the rules and regulations of Bangladesh.

  • Driving without a license: If a person drives his motor vehicle without a license, he will be jailed for six months or fined TK 25,000.
  • Driving a vehicle without registration: If a person drives a vehicle without registration or when his vehicle is not registered, he shall be liable to imprisonment for six months or a fine of TK 50,000 or both.
  • Driving unfit vehicles: Unfit to drive vehicles that are prone to accidents. Driving those vehicles is punishable with imprisonment of six months or a fine of Tk 25,000.
  • Driving vehicles without route permits: Some vehicles are route restricted. from which route to which route they can drive. But if they drive violating their road permit, they must pay 6 months imprisonment or TK 25000 fine. Both types of penalties may be imposed in some jurisdictions.
  • Meter Tampering: Driving while meter tampering is punishable with six months imprisonment or a fine of TK 50,000 or both.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol: If a person drives under the influence of alcohol, he can be imprisoned for three years or fined up to TK 3 lakh or both.
  • Over speed: Three months imprisonment or a fine of Tk 10,000 for driving at over speed. Or both shall be fined and punished.
  • Horn blowing in prohibited places: In some places, it is forbidden to blow the hydraulic horn of the vehicle. For example, if someone blows a hydraulic horn in hospitals, educational institutions, etc., then in that case, he can be jailed for three months or fined 15000 TK, or both types of punishment will be given.
  • Violation of Traffic Signals: In some cases, the vehicle has to obey the traffic signals. If a person drives a vehicle violating traffic signals, he can be jailed for three months or fined 10,000 TK or both.

How To Pay Traffic Fine In Bangladesh

Traffic fines can be paid mainly in two ways. One is through an account, and the other is through a bank e-challan. You can go to the bank and pay your police case fine. But this cannot be done in all the banks; only those with specialized government banks can do it. Below is a detailed discussion on how to pay traffic case fines through Bank and Upay app.

Traffic Fine Pay by Bank

When you have the fine amount, visit any authorized bank to pay the fine. Bangladesh Bank has authorized several banks to receive traffic fines on behalf of the government. You can visit any of the following banks:

  • Sonali Bank Limited
  • Agrani Bank Limited
  • Janata Bank Limited
  • Rupali Bank Limited
  • Bangladesh Development Bank Limited
  • Trust Bank Limited
  • Premier Bank Limited

To pay the fine, go to any bank and provide the necessary information, such as your name, vehicle registration number, driving license number, and the fine amount. The bank will then provide you with a payment slip. Pay the fine in cash, and the bank will give you a receipt. Keep the receipt safe as proof of payment.

Traffic Fine Pay By Upay App

If you have an Upay account, then you can pay your police case fine through the account. For this, you have to follow your steps.

  • First, enter your way app. After entering here, scroll down and come to the payment option. You will see an option Traffic Fine from the payment options.
  • Here you have to come.
  • Click on the Traffic Fine option.
Traffic Fine Pay By Upay App
“Traffic Fine Pay By Upay App”
  • In the next step, enter your traffic case’s ID number here.
  • Enter the ID number correctly and click on the next button.
Traffic Fine Pay By Upay
“Traffic Fine Pay By Upay”
  • If your ID number is correct, all the details of your case will be mentioned here at the next stage.
  • From here, click on the Go to Next button.
  • Then at the next stage, you will see how much money you have been fined.
  • So check the information from here and click on your slide button.
  • Only then will your payment be completed.
Upay Traffic Fine Payment
“Upay Traffic Fine Payment”

Traffic Case Check Online

In today’s digital age, accessing information has become more convenient. One such area where this has been made possible is in the field of traffic cases.

Rather than physically visiting a court or relevant traffic authority, individuals can now check their traffic case status and any associated fines or penalties online. You can also check your vehicle traffic case online by following the below content.

Traffic Case Check Online Process

Fines for traffic violations can vary depending on the nature of the offense committed. Speeding, running red lights, and driving under the influence are the most common violations that attract fines.

It is essential to note that fines serve not only as a punishment but also as a deterrent for individuals to avoid repeating the same mistake.

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