BRTA Car Registration in Bangladesh in 2024 [Full Process]

BRTA Car Registration in Bangladesh
BRTA Car Registration in Bangladesh

Want to register a new car vehicle? There are several rules you need to follow for new registration. In this case, you can follow our discussion. I hope you get all the information about car registration from today’s discussion. Let’s get to know this critical discussion today.

BRTA Car Registration In Bangladesh

After buying a new car, it must be registered. Because if the vehicle is not registered, the government will file a case against it. That is why it is essential to register the car after buying it. You need to present certain documents to register the vehicle.

Sign them, pay the fee, and visit the BRTA office to register the vehicle. In this case, you will be in a bit of trouble. Since you have bought the car, you will have to face a little trouble in registering the car.

From today’s discussion, we will know what documents are required to register a car, where to go, and how much money it costs to register a vehicle. Let’s find out.

Documents Required for Car Registration

First, let’s talk about the documents. For vehicle registration, you will need several documents mentioned in the office of BRTA. As per the official information of BRTA, we have discussed those documents below.

Prescribed application form duly filled and signed by owner and importer/dealer. Application forms can be collected from the BRTA office and website.

If more than one person jointly owns a vehicle, an affidavit containing all consent is required for registration in one’s name—signature and seal in case of a company.

Suppose a financial connection exists between car ownership and a bank or financial institution. In that case, an application will be required with the registration authority on the pad of the concerned institution.

  • Copy of Bill of Entry, Invoice, Bill of Lading, and LCA.
  • Sale Certificate/ Sale Intimation/ Sale Proof (provided by seller).
  • Packing list, delivery challan, and gate pass (in case of CKD vehicles).
  • Tin certificate and proof of payment of advance income tax.
  • Copy of Bangladesh work permit and visa validity in case of registration
  • a) MUSAC-1 (if applicable), (b) MUSAC-11(a)/VAT (if applicable), (c) Invoice for payment of VAT (if applicable).
  • Drawings containing the specification of body and seating arrangements approved by the manufacturer/BRTA
  • BRTA’s Type Approval and List of Approved Attachments for CKD.
  • Body VAT invoice and VAT payment receipt (where applicable).
  • Receipt of deposit of applicable registration fee.
  • Clearance from Customs Authority and National Board of Revenue (where applicable).
  • They attested a photocopy of any National Identity Card/Passport/Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill, etc., in case of a self-owned applicant and a letter on the company pad if the owner is a company.
  • Clearance issued by Officer-in-Charge containing details of manufacturer and preparation period mentioned in the blue book in case of vehicles of defense department purchased at auction.
  • Auction-related documents and repair details in case Govt/Semi Govt/Autonomous vehicles are purchased at auction.
  • The following additional documents will be required in case of reconditioned motor vehicle registration-
    a) “TO” form (signed by the buyer), “TTO” form, and sales receipt (signed by the importer).
    b) Original copy of de-registration certificate and attested copy of English translation of de-registration (certified copy of the certificate of cancellation).
    c) In case of more than one vehicle description in one copy, copies attested by the concerned authority/department can be submitted along with the original document.
  • Inspection report of the vehicle by motor vehicle inspector.

Step-by-Step Car Registration Process

Now, let’s know about vehicle registration. After collecting all these documents, you have to go to the BRTA office along with the vehicle. Visit the BRTA office, and they will give you instructions on completing the vehicle registration process. You have to go through all the steps according to their instructions.

This way, you fill out the form, pay the fee at the BRTA office, print the receipt, and show it to the officer first. Then, you must go to the senior officer with his signature and approval.

There, you will be taken to the final stage for vehicle registration. Here, you will find all the information related to vehicle registration. You will then be given the vehicle plate number, and a certificate will be issued.

Until then, you have to wait, though. This may take some time. They will inform you of the specific time when the vehicle registration certificate will arrive. So you have to go and collect the certificate from them during the instruction.

Car Registration Fee in Bangladesh

Now let’s know about the cost of car registration. The cost of vehicle registration is discussed on the official website of BRTA. It has been said that the registration cost for medium to heavy vehicles can range from Tk 45,000 to Tk 98,000. However, the vehicle registration cost may decrease or increase slightly depending on the vehicle type.

25,000 for vehicles less than 1500 cc- 50,000 taka from 1500 to 2000 cc- 75,000 taka, from 2000 to 2500 cc- 1,25,000 taka, from 2,500 to 3,000 cc- 1,50,000 taka, from 3,000 to 3,500 cc, 3,500 cc An advance income tax of Tk 2 lakh has been imposed on higher capacity vehicles and Tk 30 thousand on microbuses.

BRTA Car Registration Check

Now, come to an interesting point. If we want, then we can quickly check our vehicle registration online. We can know all the details with only the vehicle registration number. Below, we have already given this rule to check our vehicle registration details. So, let’s see about it.

BRTA Car Registration Check Online

We can check our vehicle in two ways. You can check it online, or you can check it by sending an SMS. Now, we will know the online method below.

BRTA Car Registration Check Through SMS

Above, we know how we can check our vehicle online. Alternatively, you can check car registration by SMSing 6969 in the following rules.

  • First, type BRTA.
  • Then, put a space between them.
  • Then, enter your Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Then send this SMS to 6969.

For example, if the registration number is “DHAKA METRO GA-123456,” then send an SMS with the following message.

BRTA GA 123456

You will receive an SMS with the vehicle’s registration details in the response. However, standard SMS charges will apply for this service.

So this is all the required information for vehicle registration. I hope you learned the vehicle registration information from today’s discussion. If you want to know anything about car registration or if you want to know more about cars, then you can visit our website. Thank you.