E-TIN Verification in Bangladesh: Verify E-TIN Bangladesh

E-TIN Verification in Bangladesh

The E-TIN certificate is essential for those who are in business. They are more or less familiar with this matter. These E-TIN certificates are very much required in case of business registration.

E-TIN certificates are obtained through official registration. Basically, the number 12 is an E-TIN digit which is very much used in any business work. Know more about E-TIN Certificate Download.

E-TIN Verification in Bangladesh

E-TIN is an essential thing in any business. This is a unique number that identifies taxpayers in Bangladesh. E-TIN Certificate is mainly used to identify these taxpayers. There is a number. This number identifies the taxpayer. The E-TIN number in Bangladesh is usually 12 digits.

The E-TIN certificate provides various benefits, including business work. We have various benefits through the E-TIN certificate. So to generate the E-TIN certificate, we need accurate information. Since the E-TIN certificate is generated online or offline, it is not unusual to have mistakes in its information.

Because currently, the authorities have to work on thousands of people’s E-TIN certificates. So, in that case, it is quite normal to have mistakes in name, date of birth, and necessary documents. So you have to check your e-TIN certificate after getting it.

E-TIN Verification Process in Bangladesh

When you receive your E-TIN certificate, your first task is to verify all your information accurately. As a result, you can easily verify that the information you have provided is correct or that there is a mistake, and you can send it to the authorities. You can generate your E-TIN certificate with your correct information without any hassle.

Basically, a TIN certificate is used for our various jobs. So when you go for E-TIN Certificate, you may need that certificate in future jobs. So if you want to check a certificate, you have to follow some rules. Let’s know those rules:

You have to visit the https://vat.gov.bd website link to check the E-TIN certificate.

First Step Of E-TIN Verification

Enter the Vat Registration Service website. First of all, log in to the https://vat.gov.bd website. After entering the link, enter the Signup menu. After going to the signup menu, you will get a form. Sign up for the form with all the information.

E-TIN Verification Process in Bangladesh

“E-TIN Verification Process in Bangladesh”

E-TIN Verification: Second Step

Complete registration to check TIN. After going to the sign-up menu, you will get a form. Fill out the form with all the information.

You have to select Resident in the User Type option. Enter your name and NID number as per your National Identity Card. Select Owner as Designation.

Enter your mobile number and email id. Email id is essential here because your account username and a temporary password will be sent to you via email.

E-TIN Verification Process in Bangladesh
“E-TIN Verification Process in Bangladesh”

Then go to the option, select a question, and answer the question. This is an important job.

If you forget your account password in the future, you will have to answer this question correctly to recover the password. Finally, click the Check button on the left side. Submit if there are no errors.

TIN Verification: Third Step

Then do OTP Verification. An OTP will be sent to your given mobile number. Fill in the OTP within 2 minutes and click on the Verify button. Click Resend OTP button to get OTP again. Submit the form after successfully verifying the mobile number.

E-TIN Verification: Step Four

Log in and set the password. After verifying, a username and a temporary password will be sent to you by email. There you need to set a new password.

Replace the old password with the temporary password sent to the email. Then set a new password of your choice. Repeat the new password in place of Confirm Password.

Final Step Of E-TIN Verification

Enter the website and log in with your Username, Password. Then a dashboard will open there. Enter your 12-digit TIN in the e-TIN box in the GENERAL INFORMATION section and click on the Check button above.

From there, you can check all your information. If the E-TIN certificate is correct, you will see all the information, including the name of the person who registered the E-TIN.

E-TIN Download Process

Many people want to download their E-TIN many times. If you also want to download it, you can download it easily. To download your E-TIN certificate, you must log in the same way discussed above. So, follow the above rules and come to the checking step.

Here you will find an option to print your E-TIN information. If you want to print your E-TIN, you must press Ctrl+P on your keyboard. Then your E-TIN will be printed, and you can work with it.

So, I hope you have all the details about E-TIN and its verification process. If you have difficulty understanding, please leave a comment and write your problem. I hope you will get help. To get more online-based services, please follow our website. Thank you.