Motorcycle Registration Process In Bangladesh

Motorcycle Registration Process In Bangladesh: Vehicle-Registration in 2022

After buying a motorcycle, we face various problems. One of these is the motorcycle registration issue. After buying a motorcycle, it seems like a hassle to almost everyone. The main reason is that the motorcycle registration process is time-consuming and cumbersome. So many people get into a lot of trouble with it.

But actually, it is not a hassle if its registration process is well known. If you know the registration process well, there is no reason to find it a hassle. Today I am here with detailed information about the motorcycle registration process in Bangladesh.

I hope today’s article will be beneficial for your motorcycle registration process. So, let’s learn about the motorcycle registration processing system below.

Motorcycle Registration Process In Bangladesh 2022

The motorcycle registration process in Bangladesh is complicated, troublesome, and time-consuming. You must need some required papers for this, which I have already mentioned below.

Remember, motorcycle registration under any person now requires the motor driving license of the owner.

Required Documents For Motorcycle Registration

For this, you need to collect some necessary documents first. First, you need to collect the various legal documents of the motorcycle from your dealer.

These include import documents approved by BRTA, your customs documents, a Gate pass, and Musak 11 invoice; This is mainly in favor of both the dealer you purchased from and the importer you purchased from, Sonali Bank treasury challan.

Then you must take a cash memo and a copy of your national identity card. You need to collect all the documents from whomever you bought the bike from. If you are interested in completing your motorcycle registration process, you must collect all these documents.

Another thing you need to be careful about is that a bit of carelessness can cause you huge trouble, and you may have to waste money separately. Because sometimes, some corruption can get you into various problems for assimilating money. So you have to be very careful about it.

Apply For Motorcycle Registration Bangladesh

After collecting all the above documents, your task will be to collect a registration form which you can collect from BRTA’s official website or their office. Your task is to fill out this form correctly. Complete details of yourself and your vehicle must be provided in the form. You have to add the documents mentioned above to the form.

After fixing all the documents, you must verify this form at the BRTA office. After the BRTA authorities approve it, the office will give you an assessment to pay the registration fee by filling out the form with your vehicle and details. After completing the work, you must take the BRTA office’s seal signature. It is essential.

After completing everything, you have to do another phase of registration. That is the deposit method. You can deposit money by coming to the designated bank recommended by the BRTA office.

Cost of Motorcycle Registration

There are variations in deposit methods, and the amount may vary according to different CCs, as mentioned below.

50-100 cc bikes weighing less than 90 kgs, the total deposit is 12390 TK

These include:

  • Registration Fee– 4200 TK
  • Digital Registration Certificate– 540 TK
  • RFID Digital Number Plate– 2200 TK
  • Inspection Fee– 450 TK
  • Road Tax– 5000 TK

50-100 cc bikes weighing above 90 kg, the total deposit is 17390 TK

These includes:

  • Registration Fee– 4200 TK
  • Digital Registration Certificate -540 TK
  • RFID Digital Number Plate– 2200 TK
  • Inspection Fee– 450 TK
  • Road Tax– 10000 TK

101-150 cc bikes weighing less than 90 kgs, the total deposit is 17790 TK

These include:

  • Registration Fee– 5600 TK
  • Digital Registration Certificate– 540 TK
  • RFID Digital Number Plate– 2200 TK
  • Inspection Fee– 450 TK
  • Road Tax– 5000 TK

50-100 cc bikes weighing above 90 kg. The total deposit is 18790 TK.

These include:

  • Registration Fee– 5600 TK
  • Digital Registration Certificate– 540 TK
  • RFID Digital Number Plate– 2200 TK
  • Inspection fee– 450 TK
  • Road tax– 10,000 TK

Another thing you need to keep in mind while depositing money is that 15% VAT will be added to all fees. So you have to calculate VAT while depositing and depositing money including VAT.

Submit Your Registration Application To BRTA

After completing these tasks, all you have to do is to submit the application that you have created to the Vehicle Registration Office of BRTA. After submitting it, BRTA authorities will verify all your documents and your motorcycle.

After completing everything, you will know that your registration process is almost complete when you reach this step. But it would be best if you waited some more time for this process to be completed properly. After getting confirmation from the BRTA authority, you will consider your bike fully registered, and you can go anywhere in the country with your bike.

Another thing to note here is that you will be called again for biometric registration after receiving the confirmation slip from the registration desk. Your photo, fingerprint, signature, etc., will be taken and stored through an electrical device. After completing this process, you will receive a message on your mobile number. Confirmation will be given.

Then let’s move on to another topic. After completing the Blue Book and RFID number plate collection process, your work will be completed after entering all your information in Biometric Registration.

Getting Digital Number Plate

BRTA authorities will contact you for Digital Number Plate and Blue Book. So check your message box regularly. Usually, within one month, BRTA authorities will inform you of the date of the issue of the blue book and number plate.

You can visit the BRTA office to collect the blue book and number plate when the confirmation SMS is sent. By doing this, your registration process will be successful, and you will be hassle-free from this registration processing issue.

So this was today’s discussion. I hope you fully understand the bike registration procedure from today’s article. If you think this article is helpful, then share this article with your friends who are also facing various problems with the motorcycle registration process.

Thank you very much for reading the article with your attentivity. You can stay connected to our website to get regular updates on various online services.

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