NGO Registration in Bangladesh: What To Do?

NGO Registration in Bangladesh
NGO Registration in Bangladesh

To register an NGO, several rules and regulations must be followed, and certain steps to be passed. The NGO can get this license if all these steps are passed correctly.

To get an NGO license, there are some other things to know and to know about the necessary documents. Today’s discussion can help you completely to know these things. I hope you will find an easy way to NGO registration from here.

NGO Registration Process In Bangladesh

The full form of an NGO is Non-Government Organization, those who want to do social service or improve society by going beyond government regulation or government control are called Non-Government Organizations.

Although they work outside the direct control of the government, they have to manage their organizations according to the orders announced by the government. For this reason, government permission is required to operate any private organization. All rules and regulations for getting a government license will be discussed today. Follow the discussion carefully until the end to know the information required to register a private organization.

There are three different ways available to register an NGO in Bangladesh:

  1. NGO Registration Under NGO Affairs Bureau
  2. Under the Department of Social Services (DSS)
  3. Under Joint Stock Companies and Firms

NGO Registration Under NGO Affairs Bureau

The concerned NGO Affairs Bureau must do registration of NGOs. Application should be submitted along with all the documents like operation report letter of intent constitution, registration fee treasury challenge copy, etc. in specified form. After submission of application to NGO Affairs Bureau, it will also be forwarded to Ministry of Social Security and Ministry of Home Affairs for review and inspection of submitted documents.

The submitted documents will be forwarded to the Special Branch of Police and National Security Intelligence to carry out security checks on the applicant and if they are satisfied after carrying out adequate checks, the clearance will be nominated to the Ministry of Home Affairs for a final inspection. The NGO Affairs Bureau will proceed with document verification and final inspection if approved.

Under the Department of Social Services (DSS)

After registering an NGO through DSS, the NGO will be able to receive donations and other benefits within Bangladesh but cannot receive any foreign donations. Registration is done under the Ministry of Social Welfare.

Here the application process is easier and more convenient as an online application system is available. Its processing time can be as long as 7 months or more. Below is the link for detailed information and laws –

A new NGO or charity can be registered with the Department of Social Services (DSS) of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Below are the new NGO registration steps through the Department of Social Welfare step by step-

  1. Apply for registration to the authority using name clearance form, ‘Form-B’, from the designated office.
  2. Pay all necessary government fees like treasury challan, VAT etc.
  3. Assist law enforcement agencies such as the Special Branch of the Police or National Security Intelligence with necessary information in the security check after the application is sent to the ministry.
  4. Ministry will issue registration if the are satisfied after inspection, monitoring and review of your NGO.
  5. And Finally, the process of new NGO registration may take five to seven months, depending on the situation. After that your NGO registration will be completed.

Under Joint Stock Companies and Firms

RJSC is a convenient NGO registration process because there are two ways to complete the registration. First is if you need to register in a very short time then you can apply for the application and complete the registration quickly and the other is if you have enough time then You can complete your registration within the as usuall time.

This procedure has been developed under the Societies Registration Act of 1980. The procedure for registering a new NGO under the Societies Registration Act is given below-

  1. You have to get the approval of the name clearance. and fill application for registration along with all the necessary documents.
  2. Pay government fee for registration.
  3. You have to go through a security check of a law enforcement agency such as a special branch of the police or the National Security Intelligence.
  4. Finally, after the NGO is inspected, monitored, evaluated by the appropriate authority and all requirements are met, the authority will issue a registration.

Now, we will discuss all the documents required for registration of a new NGO along with other important information.

NGO Registration Forms Download Bangladesh

You must fill out a form in the first stage of NGO registration. You must complete and present this form before the designated officer, along with the required documents. So you can download this NGO registration form online.

And if you don’t want to waste time online, you can download it from the link in our article. See below. We have attached a document link here. You can download this registration form in PDF format by clicking on this link, printing it at home, filling out the form, and submitting it to the designated official

NGO Registration Requirements

Registration requires certain prerequisites. Registering an NGO must have all the necessary items and documents. Let’s discuss this.

Name Of You NGO

The first thing required for NGO registration is a good name. A good name should be given to any NGO organization. The proposal will be submitted to the authority with one original name, and three suggested names.

The authorities will scrutinize the names to see if there is any other organization in the name before and if the name is associated with any anti-state term. The authority will approve the name after considering all these issues.

Executive Members

The most important thing to running an organization is the executive members. An NGO requires a certain number of executive members to run. To register, the NGO should have at least 7 executive members.

If less than seven people, the NGO will never get registration permission. So the NGO must have seven executive members. But it must be an odd number if there are more than seven people. Nine, eleven, thirteen, and fifteen must be odd numbers. If there is an even number of executive members, it will be a hindrance to NGO registration.

General Members

General membership is required to obtain a registration license for NGO. Generally, three times the number of ordinary members is required as executive members.

If an organization has seven executive members, then the general membership of that organization must be 21. This way, there should be three times as many ordinary members as executive members.

Purpose Of The NGO

Before forming any NGO, that NGO must have aims and objectives, and a copy of these proper aims and objectives must be provided to the authorities.

They will scrutinize the goals and objectives and see if they are really for the people of the society or if it is involved in any anti-state activities etc., and the authorities will give permission.

An NGO must have proper and well-thought-out goals and objectives to obtain a registration license.

Documents Required for NGO Registration

Some documents will be required for registration. All these documents must be collected in advance because all these documents must be presented to the authorities before registration of the NGO.

First, the authorities will verify all these documents and approve NGO registration. Let’s see what documents are required for NGO registration.

For NGO registration, name clearance must be obtained first. This is the primary task. To receive the name clearance, the name clearance application must be made. Certain documents will be required to accept the application for name clearance. They are-

  • Name clearance application copy with three names proposed
  • Copy of board resolution regarding nomination in preliminary general meeting
  • Parishad members’ name designation, profession, address, and personal list.

Documents Required for Final Approval

Now let’s know what documents are required to get the final approval after receiving the name clearance.

  • Copy of name clearance.
  • Copy of the constitution of the organization in Bengali.
  • Name, title, occupation, address, photograph, and signature of the executive council members.
  • General members’ names, parents’ names, occupations, addresses, photos.
  • Current and future program activities are copies of actual procedures.
  • Bank statements are maintained in the name of the organization.
  • Office rent agreement for company office.
  • Copy the prospective budget and income expenditure approved in the organization’s general meeting.
  • Recommendation letter of Ward Commissioner or Union Parishad Chairman.
  • Undertaking that the registration of any organization other than the Social Services Department has not been accepted.
  • Copy of treasury Chalan along with application form.

NGO Registration Online Bangladesh

Now let’s go to the main discussion. At this point, you will know how to register NGO. NGOs are usually registered with two agencies.

One is from the Directorate of Social Services; the other is from the RJSC. NGO registration has to be completed from either of these two departments. But if the branch of that NGO is all over Bangladesh, he has to register the NGO from the Joint Staff Company.

So you can do NGO registration from any of the above organizations. But the easiest thing is registering an NGO from the Department of Social Services, as it is a very simple and hassle-free organization.

Collect the documents and papers and submit them to the local social services department. For this, they must pay a fee. To know how much fee to pay, you must go to them and find out about it.

They must submit the above documents by paying this fee and knowing the bank treasury. The local social services department will scrutinize the documents to see if they are eligible for approval.

They will send everything to District Social Services Directorate if everything is verified and approved. The District Social Services Department will re-examine whether the agency is eligible for government approval as per the decision of the local Social Services Department.

They will take some time for this. At this time, they will check whether it is really for the service of the people, whether they are involved in any treasonous activities, and consider their motives and goals.

If everything goes well, they will surely give a license to this organization, and it will be able to complete its work well.

So this is the NGO registration process. I hope you understand today’s discussion about NGO Registration thoroughly. Thank you for being with us. Stay with our website to get more services.

Charity Foundation Registration In Bangladesh

A charitable foundation or trust is a purely non-profitable association. It works for supporting the poor, promoting education or advancing medical research. A charitable foundation raises finances through donations from people, corporations, and other associations and uses these donations to carry out its charitable activities. The ultimate goal of a charitable foundation is to use its wealth to appreciatively impact society and advance its stated goal.

Charity Foundation Registration Process

  • You have to get a Memorandum of Association (MOA). You also have to collect a Articles of Association (AOA) from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. These documents outline the purpose and structure of your charitable foundation.
  • Nest Step is to apply for registration with the NGO Affairs Bureau, which is under the Ministry of Social Welfare. Now you have to submit your MOA, AOA, and other relevant documents to the NGOAB, along with a fee.
  • After NGOAB approval, you need to submit a copy of your registration certificate from the NGO Affairs Bureau and other documents to the Social Welfare Department.

Recured Document For Charity Foundation Registration

To register a charitable foundation in Bangladesh, the documents required may vary depending on the specific government agency involved, but generally include the following-

  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Bank account information.
  • Registration fee.
  • Board of directors or trustees.
  • Address proof.
  • Annual report.

Note: The required documents may depends on the nature and activities of the charitable foundation. Legal counsel should be consulted to insure acquiescence with all applicable laws and regulations.


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